Reviews for Joke Scrawl
Arej chapter 2 . 11/17/2007
Um...a little confused. Maybe some thinking on it will cause it to make more sense, but...hmm.

I do wonder how they know what they do about these aliens, how the government interacted with them before they knew the alien language (or had a device allowing for translation). Things like that, background info.

I will say you get a good look at Murphy and Lela, at least more than any other. The others are all mysteries to me - no physical appearance, no real substance, just their ideaologies.

You could wind this into a bigger tale, I think, if you wanted to. It has the potential. But then, I didn't write it; if it told you it wanted to be a short story, then it wanted to be a short story. If it wants to be longer, I guess it'll tell you that too.

However..I really like your social commentary, when it comes to children with weapons. 'Earth is children playing with weapons' - the concept rings so eerily true I can't shake it.

So really, really well done there.

Happy writing!

Sweet Madeline chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
"Earth defiantly did not need that." Did you mean definitely?

This story is great and easy to follow for most of the time. But when you finally reach the end, the reader is left rather confused. Or, at least I am. What happened, exactly? They left, but why? I don't really understand. You are very talented with words, though. I will say that.