Reviews for Aiming High: Academically Speaking
Showers' Inc chapter 8 . 10/19/2007
One of my favorite FictionPress stories mixed with my all-time favorite playwright? Awesome! Can't wait for the next installment! I look forward to it.

And poor Adam. Hearing what happened made me feel so sad for him! Poor guy. Anywho, great job HLF, and I'll be looking for the next one! Great Job!
Showers' Inc chapter 4 . 10/11/2007
Good chapter, as usual. By the way, thanks a lot for the review on my story. Really nothing to correct you on. You have a great writing style and you're really good at grammar and all that fun stuff. So I guess all I can say is keep it up and I'll happily keep reviewing for you!

I'm pretty excited about the next chapter, too. I'm pretty interested in finding out about Adam. You've made him a really sheltered character, so I'm curious about him for sure. Can't wait to see what you have next time around and great job!
Showers' Inc chapter 3 . 10/7/2007
Yay, I had a chapter posted just for me! Greatly appreciated. Sorry I didn't review until just tonight. Long weekend and I was away from the internet. But I was plenty happy to come back to it!

I hope you get some more reviews, HLF, you're doing a good job. Still keeping along your storylines from the beginning and stuff, which is hard to accomplish. But keep it up, you have a supporter here! Lol.

See ya at the next update.
Showers' Inc chapter 2 . 10/5/2007
Yay! You started the new story! Seriously, SO happy to see you back! I've been checking your page every once and a while to see if you posted and you did! Awesome! Love the story as always. Keep it up.

Favorite line so far: "Cassidy wrote about killing a sportscaster." I wonder who that was? It literally made me laugh out loud.

Can't wait for the next update!
Twilight Starr chapter 1 . 10/3/2007
Good start.

All the names are confusing. There was at least six of them. I can understand since at the end you mentioned it was a series. I would suggest that you give a little more explaination about who is who and what their personality is like without overwhelming the reader with information.

Good luck with writing, this story, and life.

Have a terrific day.

~Twilight Starr~