Reviews for Insomnia
life on rewind chapter 1 . 10/4/2007
Great writing with the potential to go far. Since it does have that potential, I’m sure you won’t mind some concrit:

Your poetry doesn’t have to be so structured – it’s called “free verse” for a reason :P Be more bold with your line breaks, go crazy with metre! You don’t have to break after every clause. Make use of breaking off incomplete sentences. Not every line has to be a sentence broken off by a comma and a full stop. Let it flow!

Loved the length and feeling in this! AWESOMENESS.

Thank you for posting this! Maybe you wouldn’t mind checking out a few of my writings too if you feel like it and liked the review? If you do, I recommend my rants. I hope the concrit helped!


[Yes, I copy/paste most of my reviews. So sue me. The concrit changes per review, and you get tips, right? Win/win situation. End of.]
alternate peronality emporium chapter 1 . 10/4/2007
Hey I know the feeling at times. it makes it even harder to sleep. Nicely written. Did you write it while you were suffering from insomnia?