Reviews for Done
RedWheeler chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
I thought it was interesting that you brought this back, it gave me the chance to actually read it. Last time, as I told you, I was kicked off before I got the chance.

And I really don't know anything about the sitation that ultimately created this song, but I do get the themes that are prevelant in the lyrics.

My favourite lines were: "I guess I'm the bad guy, 'Cause I'm just sick of trying. How can you be so selfish, When other people are dying!" I sort of got the impression people are getting heated up over really stupid reasons. XD Which we just spoke about yesterday when I wasn't very impressed.

Anyway, I noticed one mistake while reading. You had a "your" confusion, it should've been "you're". Other than that, splendid job!