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Minzy chapter 31 . 11/16/2009
I remember reading this before, and then I stopped for a while, and now I've come back to it! Ahh so much drama.. I was actually kinda hoping she would end up with Brian hahaha but it doesn't look that way now xD

Can't wait for the next chapter!
erstwhiledreams chapter 31 . 11/15/2009
It's so sad that everyone is so miserable. :[ Talk about drama. I'm not envious of any of the characters. Do teens really have this much drama to deal with during high school? I mean, I am in high school, but my life in no way is drama 24/7. I don't know how they could that way with so much stress and drama with everyone around them. :]
ThisGirl chapter 31 . 11/14/2009
Wow, lovin' this story. I can't wait to finish it, keep it comin'. :]
Stahlut chapter 31 . 11/13/2009
Wow that's a lot of family drama, I can't say I ever had that prolem, and we have a big family lol. But I really enjoyed it, Kelsey is setting some things right, though I do feel she's growing. I love this story lol.
DuchessYappingDog chapter 31 . 11/13/2009
Hmm, I'm excited for the next 2 chapters! Although this chapter wasn't as drama-packed as the last two, I still enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!
cowow chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
I'm glad that Kelsey's finally off the squad. :) But, I'm kinda hoping for some retribution for her. hm. Hope we'll see some of that. haha

I find Kelsey's parents funny, haha, I can't imagine the things going on in their heads when they decided to put up this stunt.

Can't wait for more Drew! (I like that he sent Robert to check on Kelsey, so sweet. Would've been better if he went though, but where's the drama in that?)

Update son! :)
starry eyez chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
Andrew and Kelsey or Kelsey and Brian? Easy..

I think that Kelsey and Brian have no business being together. She's responding to being needed if anything else. Everyone hopes to be the one to save or somehow change the bad boy that no one else could get close to. She'd eventually get bored though and realize that isn't enough.

Her and Drew have history and chemistry. If anything at least he's a challenge and actually gets her. I'm not saying he doesn't have his problems but I hope he'll come around and figure things out. Robbie is too good for Sandy and im sorry to say that nothing she could say or do at this point in the story would make me think she's anything more than a selfish self absorbed little witch. I literally cringe when she is mentioned. Ive known too many like her to be able to tolerate her childish antics. I seriously hope Robbie smartens up before the end.
Jeivy chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
Hey! I'm a new reader and I loved your story. I can't wait for the next one. Good luck
All Over You chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
the beginning of this chapter is so... heartbreaking. kelsey is obviously miserable, which makes me miserable, but i understand that it had to happen. it had to happen so she could get at least a semi-fairytale happy ending, right?
violet-eyez chapter 31 . 11/12/2009
is she gonna do anything to get andrew back?
colormerealist chapter 30 . 11/11/2009
Oh my!

First off, I just wanted to say I LOVELOVELOVE this story with a passion.

I'm really for Andrew...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that him and Kelsey end up together because if they don't I think I'll just cry :/ I don't know, something about the way he's all mysterious with her and closed off...makes me like him even MORE lol!

I just don't think her and Brian belong together...but then again, that could just be me.

Anywho, PLEASE UPDATE SOON! This is seriously one of the best FP stories I've read in a while, and that's refreshing.
Stahlut chapter 30 . 10/22/2009
OMG I cannot believe it took me so long to read that, that was just so completely unbelievable. I can't believe the end at all, what they said and everything, it's juts so exciting. I hope you update as soon as possible.
CynicalRomantic09 chapter 30 . 10/22/2009
It took me a few days, but I finally just finished all of this. And it sure has been a roller coaster. It's a little different than most high school "bet" stories or whatever and that's what makes it nice.

What also makes it nice is the fact that you have me so confused over which guy I want Kelsey to end up with and that's not really happened before with a story on fictionpress.

Sometimes, I still don't entirely trust Andrew because he's the closed off guy. He can school his features with the drop of a hat and become totally indifferent towards Kelsey and that's completely frustrating. There's times where it seems like he genuinely cares about her, but other times, it's like he's the same old Andrew from the beginning of the story. He never really acknowledges their relationship in public and I think that's the biggest drawback and it's no wonder that it makes Kelsey so confused about her feelings. It would be enough to make any girl confused with how hot and cold he is. But at the same time, my heart holds a secret love for guys like Andrew because in stories, anything can happen and they can step up. I can't help but love the cliched guy changes because of girl. It makes for a nice escape from reality.

And then there's Brian, whom I surprisingly never really hated. You wrote him in a way that gave off the right vibe, that said he wasn't the asshole he was made out to be. It would have been far too easy if he were to have turned out to be the bad guy just like Kelsey thought him to be. And I love scenes with them. They have a different kind of chemistry than Kelsey and Andrew, but it's there. I guess Kelsey and Brian's chemistry is...sweeter, maybe? It's almost like there's an innocence involved with them. He's completely taken with Kelsey, or at least he was, and you can see that he's different with her. And it just really sucks that Kelsey went running because Andrew said "jump" when she and Brian were finally getting somewhere. Gah!

As for the whole "revenge" thing, I kind of wasn't surprised that Kelsey backed off of it. She let herself become far too involved with the new crowd of friends and she never really seemed to be all that into it, either, once she made the squad. It was like she was fiercely determined to get back at Brian and maybe even Tara, but then once she caught a glimpse of the popularity, it was almost like she was afraid to lose it, like if she were to go after Brian and humiliate him the way he "humiliated" Sandy that she would lose her new world. And that's perfectly understandable when you have a teenage girl that was practically invisible to the popular crowd for most of her life.

But what I didn't see coming with the abortion thing with Tara's mother. That was a nice twist since the Tara-liking-girls thing wasn't completely shocking to me. The clinic thing, though, was. But if her mother didn't want to have anymore children, why didn't she just get her tubes tied when she decided that? Unless she didn't know until she was pregnant again? That was the only bit that kind of confused me.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see where Kelsey stands now. Mora and Jessica aren't speaking to her because of her secrecy, Brian's understandably angry with her after the Andrew debocle, she just walked out of Andrew's life, and she's essentially isolated herself from Sandy. It doesn't seem like the next chapter will be holding a whole lot of good for Kelsey. Wouldn't that be kind of humorous if she found comfort in Tara? Lol. Oh the irony.

Oh and speaking of walking out of Andrew's life-THANK YOU! As much as I kind of grew to like Andrew, I was very happy that she finally stood up for herself with him. I was very much cheering for her when she put him in his place. He kind of deserved it.

Enjoyable story. Thanks for posting it!
The Latest Plague chapter 30 . 10/13/2009
wow. amazing chapter... I've been waiting for this. WHY IS SHE NOT WITH BRIAN? i love him! I've loved him since the dance. There is such chemistry between him and Kelsey. Brelsey Forever! lmao i feel like a 13 year old again. lol
thepalechick chapter 30 . 10/12/2009
I am so glad that you posted a new chapter. I have always enjoyed this story...good characters and the plot is more interesting than most. I have been bothered by Andrew's sudden change of heart and his motives in general for a while this twist with Brian didn't bother me all that much. While you have not always portrayed him as the nicest guy...he has at least been upfront about most things. I look forward to more.
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