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violet-eyez chapter 30 . 10/12/2009
finally update i almost forgot what the story was is she going to go after brian or wait for andrew
chocolategoodness chapter 30 . 10/12/2009
Thank you so much for updating! This chapter was awesome! Seriously, it's perfect! Man, I really feel sorry for Kelsey. That stupid Andrew! lol! But I still want them to end up together. please? :D
OX chapter 1 . 10/12/2009
Wow great chapter ;)

Andrew seriously needs to give in here. Communication ever heard of it? Kelsey needs to figure out what she wants already sheesh.

Having said that I hope they figure things out. Andrew has proven he gets her even if he's an ass half the time. Im sorry this chapter kind of stressed me out but you are a good writer :)

keep up the good work
Daphne.Claire chapter 30 . 10/12/2009
Thank GOD i was wondering when she would dump his ass, for a while i didnt noe if kelsey would ever know that she was beingg treated like shit, she just seemed so and Kelsey's relationship was like one of those abusive relatyionships you hear about, except its emotional abuse. you would always hear about how drew could care less about her, never actually heard him say he cared. even if he was about to call her his gf, this would have happened. hes such a bastard to me. if anyone deserved a blkack eye in this story it was him.

i really hope she and brian get together, i have been hoping for it from the beginning.i also hope the drama will start to die down, its getting to the point where you cant even enjoy their happiness without having your stomach clench in anticipation for the reprecusions that follow their actions.

anyway please update soon, i really cant wait to see what happenes next.

Lola chapter 30 . 10/12/2009
oh my fucking god you are amazing. if i have to wait another eight months for an update, i will hate it but i will still check back every day because your writing is worth it. i love you characters and plots, the depth is fantastic and ridiculously engaging. you definately did this justice and i am so excited to see where this goes!
palmsaresweaty chapter 30 . 10/11/2009
wow.. it seems like an andrew/kelsey love story but im glad you put in some Brian love too...i really want them ot be together - her feelings for Brian did seem to jump out of nowhere esp when she seems to be falling head over heels with Andrew. Keep updating- i thought you ran away..:D
Le Meg chapter 30 . 10/11/2009
You know, I'm not entirely happy with Kelsey because she's making some pretty stupid mistakes, mostly because she's afraid to be honest with herself and make any choice at all-the seesaw thing is getting really old. When she's with Brian, she wants Andrew, but when she's with Andrew, she wants Brian. Clearly, at least up until this chapter, she hasn't had any idea who she is or what she wants.

That said, I think she's close to coming full circle. I really admire the risk you've taken in making a character do this tortuous circuit-instead of being strong and standing up to the bad guys and naturally figuring everything out for herself without making any mistakes that she can't immediately rectify or turn to her advantage, she loses herself. She forgets who she is, what's important to her, and gets a taste of the other side. The fact that she eventually realizes her sister has lied to her-has let her go through with everything without even batting an eye, has shown very little concern for what might happen to her-I think breaks her completely. The ground falls out from under her, and I can understand why she'd want to clutch to people who like her and see good in her. Namely, the boys. She hasn't been easy to like, and I'm still not sure that I do, but I appreciate that her situation hasn't been an easy one, and that maybe the shoes she tried to wear for it were a little too big for her.

I don't like the way Andrew or Brian treat her, however. Like she should just magically know everything and respond correctly. It's a tug of war, and it's not surprising, but even while they make her feel better about herself for showing interest in her, I think if Kelsey's going to like herself it can't be because of Brian or Andrew. So I'm glad, at the end of this chapter, that she's now estranged from both of them. If I were Kelsey, I would give my sister shit, and then I'd say my piece to my (former) friends and see if I can't at least get some ground under me again, even if it's a little uneven. At this point I think she needs to be honest with herself and with her friends, she needs to fess up to the mistakes she's made, and she's got to make it clear to whatever boy she wants that this is who she is right now, take it or leave it. She finally found some courage with Andrew and I want her to hold onto that-no more being brushed aside, no more being caught up in the back-and-forth drama going on with Brian, Andrew, her sister, and the rest of them.

It's gonna be awesome to see what the last three chapters hold in store. Like I said, Kelsey and company have been driving me crazy, but I think you've probably captured better than anyone the complexity, the shallowness, and the vulnerability of high school power-plays. It's not so cut and dry, and it's not so easy for a girl her age, with little to no experience in this kind of bullshit, to suddenly stand up and change everything. So kudos for that, and for great writing in general. ;]
Tori Hart chapter 30 . 10/11/2009
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another great chapter. You actually managed to rip out my guts & heart with this chapter. Please update soon.
Suzie chapter 30 . 10/11/2009
Awee noo! I love Kelsey and Andrew together. Gosh Brian is seriously messing her up, but I hope K/A find a way to work things out. Kelsey needs to end the game nonsense once and for all and move on with her life, figure out what she wants and move on. Great chapter! :)
cowow chapter 30 . 10/11/2009
so much drama for an afternoon in Kelsey's life. Not that I'm complaining.

don't let it be Brian please. :\


update soon! like really really soon!
klankinplankin chapter 30 . 10/11/2009
yes, an update!

i dont really like brian. argh... she ends up with drew...

.. right?
erstwhiledreams chapter 30 . 10/11/2009
I almost feel bad for Brian, but I don't (I know, I'm heartless). He's seems like he's an okay guy, but he and Kelsey just don't belong together.

I wish Andrew would get his act together. He does act very hot-and-cold with Kelsey. Even with his daddy problems, he needs to stop treating Kelsey so badly.

And Kelsey needs to stop attracting drama. Seriously, she's asking for it. I'm glad she stood up for herself against Andrew at the end; he needs to know he can't treat her that way.

Great chapter. I'm always impressed with the mechanics (grammar, spelling, etc.) of your writing. Rest assured, there weren't many errors. :) Even though they have many problems, I hope Kelsey and Andrew work their way back together. They just have to grow up a bit.
All Over You chapter 30 . 10/10/2009
do you have any idea how long i've been waiting for you to update? i started reading this amazing story over the summer and kept checking back to see if you updated, and you never did :(

but here you are with a whole new chapter that just made my heart hurt. i guess it did have to happen though. kelsey had to sort everything out with brian in order to get somewhere with andrew. but drew just had to be an ass, of course. oh, well. it can only go up from here!

update as soon as you get a chance :]
HugsNotDrugs chapter 30 . 10/10/2009
This chapter was amazing. I can see why this took forever to put up! Some parts seemed pretty hard to write. I will patiently for your next update!
Essie chapter 30 . 10/10/2009
I loved the part where she is like "oh my, i'm a hussy". gave me the cackles.

And at the end i was almost tearing up. A nice dose of angst but not so suffocating where i would have thoughts of offing myself because of it. xD
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