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odetokingkrule chapter 10 . 1/13/2021
People like Vito with an extensive amount of wealth are first when we eat the rich
Rosco's apparent need for proof that Vito is straight is,,, just, golden lmfao
I actually kind of agree with Rosco (for the first time) about the whole Vito and the Eight Grade Girl thing lmfao that's kinda weird.. I really like the metaphor that he used to describe the scenario, though, it's very creative!
Licorice and chocolate is an... interesting combination ,':L
Ik we might never see Jessica again but she's funny lmfao, who just asks someone out of no where "what are you". How do you expect them to answer that
I'm putting "Monster Virginity" into my long list of things I'm going to start saying. Rosco reacts so violently to the first sip then takes another like, that's so relatable lmakdskdjs
I like the subtle hints through all of the characters that know/are "friends" with Everett that he's toxic in some way. His vibe is off idk how to describe it other than, as I probably quote Hank Hill, "That boy ain't right".
This chapter is fun and really helps cement in my head that Lily's Door (the band) are, like, a group of friends, versus a bunch of people who just exist. It works so well and I'm living for it
odetokingkrule chapter 9 . 1/13/2021
I could write an essay about this chapter, it's that good
"Chapter 9 of Lips Burn Caustic: Little Peter Cottontail, is a chapter in the novel that begins with Everett... blah blah... and such actions displayed shows Rosco's inherent hatred for his older brother." If we were allowed to choose topics in English class in high school, I would've written about this chapter. No, the whole damn story. No cap
I can't even think of anything witty to write along with my reading of this chapter. It's just... I just gotta look at it and think. For a really long time. It's so good?!
odetokingkrule chapter 8 . 1/13/2021
Rosco's reaction to his nightmare is so funny lmfao
Vito is so odd?! Like, yeah, he's friends with Everett, but xfhshk who just walks into every unlocked bedroom at 4something in the morning and looks at people's things while "giving themselves a tour" LMFAO I love that, it adds so much personality to him, then right after, he takes a drink from their fridge like he lives there. Oh man. And apparently watched Everett and Mason sleep. Great?!
I like how most of the people who've spoken about Mason so far either basically describe him as very weird or very unhinged, and honestly? I think it's hilarious.
Rosco's excitement at Vito's straightness sent me to the moon lmfao, it's funny how he starts befriending him 10 times faster right after he says this. Also, I really like how Vito thinks of him as his "muse" all based on how Rosco inspires him and shit. It's a cute dynamic and I love that for them
This chapter is great. All of this Mason tea is piping hot and I'm here for it
odetokingkrule chapter 7 . 1/13/2021
This chapter is such an interesting read, I know it's intended as a filler chapter, but I still really like it!
I think this is a cool insight into his mind and psyche, I'd think. Dreams/nightmares are a good way to show like, conflict and stuff in a narrative. idk what im talking abt ahfdks
The girl is spooky o_o This whole sequence is spooky af and I lvoe it, very cool!
odetokingkrule chapter 6 . 1/13/2021
"My brother, the bitch," sent me to the floor lmfao
I like how Rosco acts when he's completely alone, when no one's watching. It's hilarious
I also really like how he tries to act like nothing's there, up until the "cat" licks his face, and that's finally when he decides to flip his shit.
Mason's introduction is literally the best and worst way to meet someone new lmaooo, reading it is hilarious but living it would probably be like finding out you have a snake nest right under your pillow sheets: surprising, horrifying, and 'wtf is going on LMAOASKKSKS'. It's one of my favorite scenes of this lovely, beautiful chapter lmaidhsk
I couldn't even imagine being Rosco in this entire scenario, I think I'd either lose my shit and think it's hilarious or be as furious and confused as he is tbh
I love Vito. I would die for Vito. Vito is exactly how I am, laughing my ass off at everything and lowkey confused asdfghjkl
Rosco's taste in music is *chefs kiss* good shit. The Hush Sound smacks so hard. All of the music referenced are ***major chefs kiss, chef's make out***, absolute classics.
I love the entire lowkey toxic dynamic this entire band has with each other. They're all so different and crazy and kind-of hate each other, it's very fun to read. Also, their song/album(?) titles are very mid-late 2000s, super nostalgic.
This chatpter is amazing. It's literally my favorite so far, so much happens and Everett's "friends" are great and, I-?! It's amazing. I love it. I love Vito and his personality. I love the Rosco never-ending homoemophobia torture party. I love Mason?! I love this. Great chapter!
odetokingkrule chapter 5 . 1/12/2021
I just realized I've been calling Rosco "Bosco" in my reviews this entire time. Yikes sjklfulja
I love the way Rosco thinks of the emo kids and the way you describe each of them. Though they're all a part of the same subculture, they're all so different. And odd. And eccentric. Especially Cassie and Vinny. Oh boy.
I like Rosco's reaction to the whole "Vinny and Alex slept together" thing. It's hilarious. And torturing. Perfect!
The way all of the emo kids interact with each other is so interesting and fun to read. I also really enjoy how Cassie and Vinny, like, hate each other? But they also like each other and are friends? And are dating? So odd. So great. I love it.
I've already read this but the initial 'tea' on Everett and Mason by these emo's is just... great. It's so much fun to read and think about. What the hell did Mason do? Why do they hate Everett so much? Why did they specifically recruit Rosco? It's great!
A line that sticks in my head every time I reread this is:
"If you do meet Mason this Friday" Cassie says, leaning in closer to me[...] "Give him hell."
I like it so much because it raises so many interesting questions, all questions that inevitably get answered, and honestly? I love it.
I love the way they all speak, I love the character interactions, I love how Rosco thinks of them, it's great. This chapter is fantastic, perfectly paced, fun to read, and entertaining. I love it!
odetokingkrule chapter 4 . 1/12/2021
"gay cooties" sent me to the floor lmawednfbhdsk
I really like the references to Jeferee Star and Myspace. Idk anything about Myspace or, like, how it worked because I'm just some gay Gen Z kid who was born too late to be "in the know", but I do know that he was iconic on there. And now he's a different kind of iconic now. haha lmao anyway
I like how Bosco is lowkey invested in figuring out what Everett does in his spare time, and how Everett just pipe bombs details about his life onto him randomly. It's like a feedback loop of information. The more Everett shares, the more Bosco is invested. I guess. Idk
Bosco's homophobia is so infuriating omg but its so well written. I like how many of the characters that know he's homophobic lowkey call him out on it or just straight up use it against him, like Everett does by acting like he's showing him gay p0rn. Everett is kinda rude to him but sjhfsk I giggled at that scene lmfao
I like this chapter a lot and the way these two interact with each other. They /feel/ like brothers, pranking each other and insulting each other and shit. It's super realistic.
Also, their mom is a total sweetheart i'd die for her
odetokingkrule chapter 3 . 1/12/2021
This lunch scene is something I'd accidentally hear from the table next to me while me and my friends are on our phones and "hanging out" lmfao
Spirit Week is so fun but I can /definitely/ see how and why Bosco wouldn't like it. Teen angst, woo hoo!
I like how Bosco comes to his realization and then instantly changes his mind, despite his initial reluctance to go to the dance with this random girl he barely knows the name of. I also like how he barely tries to remember their names, i.e. "...and the girl who is probably Jamie". It adds a lot of personality to him i guess lmao
This chapter is fun, a good transitional chapter, and easy to read. I think it helps hold up the pacing and stuff. I also like the continued introduction to the social culture of his school, friend group, and the overall minute details of the "era" this is set in. Idk what im even talking about anymore tbh lmfao anyways...
odetokingkrule chapter 2 . 1/12/2021
I like the title of this chapter lmfao it's great
The way Everett treats Bosco, especially on the bus, is so painfully accurate to how me and my (albeit, 6 years older) brother were when we had the unfortunate experience of being in the same area with his high school friends; spoke to everyone but me, but almost always forced me to hang around him. It was fun yet so painfully frustrating, and the way Bosco describes it is relatable af.
I like how Bosco despises The Catcher In The Rye lmfao it's such a small detail but it's hilarious. Bosco in general is a funny, relatable, but also problematic narrator (the whole homoemophobia thing lmfao). I think it really helps keep the tone and pacing consistent, especially in these first couple of chapters.
I also really like the foreshadowing at the very end of the chapter its spooky o_o
Loving the story so far (again x10)!
odetokingkrule chapter 1 . 1/12/2021
I'm re-re-re-rereading this story for, like, the tenth time again this new year, and every time I reread it, I notice something different, or new, despite nothing actually changing at all. Every minute detail, every new realization, every new mini analysis of a character I'd already thought about for hours before... It's great. This story is great.
I love the characters, narration, storyline, plot, Everett, Bosco, the fact that Rosco and Bosco's names are nearly identical, Everett's name versus his brothers, all of Everett's mannerisms, etc etc etc...
This is better than great. It's full on amazing. I hope you still write.
AcousticLovely chapter 35 . 8/27/2015
Thank you for finishing this 3
cocorolla chapter 35 . 7/24/2015
Thank you for finishing this. This was one of my favorite stories when I was mid teens, it's nice to see it finished even if it is all these years later. Congratulations on your degree. Do you plan to write more material to be posted online? Your writing style is very engaging, I'd love to see more.
Kenya Bloodstone chapter 35 . 7/10/2015
The ending was a long time coming but well worth it. I loved this story when you were writing it years ago and when I saw an update I had to reread the entire story and still love it. Rosco and Vito are the best and I love that you ended with Rosco not leaving but trying. Thank you for taking the time to finish this. Congrats on your degree as well.
AurorA-Kojima chapter 35 . 7/2/2015
Oh god. Ohhh god. Last chapter. We got a last chapter. This is like those things you only hear about, those dreams you only dream about, like, man, the thing that hasn't been updated in years that you've read and re-read because MAN, discovering the thing in early high school made you believe there was awesome stuff to read on the internet. Re-reading it every so often since and re-falling in love with it and then WAKING UP TO 'LIPS BURN CAUSTIC CH35' is basically the most beautiful feeling in the world.

It's like, flicking back to the e-mail inbox and seeing that and not believing it and re-reading the chapter and debating re-reading the entire story, honestly, and just being so so so awesome. I'm a firm believer of 'the author does what the author does and it's their story so any ending is fine with me' and I really loved this. The confession thing. Vito, man. Vito. I'd be lying if I said I didn't ship them when reading this before, and he said the thing. The "I masturbated to a picture of you" thing, which is the real important thing, honestly.

Just. Dear God. Be still my beating heart.
lostlamb chapter 4 . 3/21/2014
I love Matthew too. His boyfriend is so freakin adorable and together it's impossible to get through their videos without dying of cuteness. I love them! And this story too since it mention him. Oops I sound like some kind of fan girl. I'm not...really. Not.
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