Reviews for Lips Burn Caustic
sweetmonikisses chapter 34 . 9/20/2013
awkward moment when the fanfic im writing has almost the same opening lines...
Toolazytologin chapter 34 . 5/30/2013
I still dont understand this story. I dont understand this story. Probably because I have a habit of scan reading if the story is really good..or if im really tired.
I dont understand how you havent finished it yet.
Its been two years . TWO YEARS. For some of your readers. Im not sore because obviously. I'm a new reader. Complete it please...Please?
wow chapter 1 . 4/21/2013
I feel like you should get this published. I would certainly buy your book. It is, quite obviously, a masterpiece. It's just so insightful and psychoanalytic regarding the teenage mind. Rosco goes through such an evolution. I'm kind of weeping at my own lack of eloquence in writing this review. F it. Find a publisher.
Jeanette V chapter 34 . 8/23/2012
Oh my goodness! I have actually read and reviewed this story from another account before, but it has been so long! I just spent the last three or four days re-reading this story and it's just as amazing as I remembered! Every character has made an impression. They are all so real and well-written. Of course I love Rosco and Everett, but I have to say my favorite is definitely Vito. So much has happened! These last few chapters were especially sad... even though Demen wasn't in the story much, I still found him very interesting and I loved every scene he had with Rosco. I'm still wondering what made him decide to end his life, but then I never quite understand what goes through someone's mind when they make that decision.

And that fight between Rosco and Everett... D: Aww... I knew something like that was bound to happen between them, but it still it made me a little sad. It would be nice to see them have a nice brotherly relationship but then I honestly don't know if that's going to happen.

I'm sort of in disbelief that there will only be one more chapter after this! You've managed to make us so attached to these characters that it will be sad to see it end. Sorry for this crappyish review, but words seriously can't describe how much I've fallen in love with this story!
SolelyForFaves chapter 34 . 6/22/2012
I thought you said there was one more chapter... please put it up and finish the story!
Emilia chapter 34 . 3/23/2012
I've read this story, I don't know how many times, waiting for the next chapter to appear. It is well organized, creative, and the plot is forming nicely. I can't wait for you to publish the next chapter, the anticipation is eating me up.

Something an author always has difficulty with is creating a character that the reader can identify with. Rosco is a tough nut, but you know what? I identified with him anyway. Several of my friends have read this story, and they related to him as well, despite his unique personality. Congratulations.
Max-Ashworth chapter 34 . 10/10/2011
Once upon a time, like 2 years ago or some crazy shit like that, I added this story to my favorites...


I feel like this is story of my life. But I am so so so happy I found it again, even if I came back on the penultimate chapter. It's as fantastic as I remembered. More so. I don't know. I shed a tear for Demen and I don't even know why. This story is just so good. I'm actually a little sad to see it end.


AurorA-Kojima chapter 34 . 10/2/2011
Oh my god this is amazing.

I love the characters, the writing, the plot...
gleee chapter 34 . 9/23/2011
Ugh I have the urge to print all this out and shove it in my pocket so I can pull it out whenever I please (except I have a feeling I'd need quite a large pocket...)

THIS is a story that is going to stick with me for years to come, well it kind of has already really. You can just feel how well the characters are developed, we might not know the full story, but we know it's there and my gosh it is freaking amazing to read.

The RoscoeIzzy debacle was, I dunno half expected? Maybe it's the gaps between updates that make it seem like their relationship was getting...unimportant? I'm not sure, but hell Vito is there and Izzy giggled too much (I may be slightly pissed at her for waiting that long to tell him. Yay irrational irritation at imaginary people).

Ty. The perfect enigma. You have no idea how much I want to know what is going on in that fluffy head. I'm getting a 'kid with aspergers who is constantly high' feeling, but lord I have no idea.

Also, the fight.

Fuck that was good, so raw. Reconciliation between them would have been ridiculous, Roscoe cannot evolve that quickly, and things can't be accepted just like that.

Also I am more than willing to aid you in anyway possible.

Devil's Playground chapter 34 . 9/17/2011
Oh wow, it's going to be crazy having this finally end. Honestly, out of all of the stories I've read on fictionpress, this is one of the few that really stuck with me - over YEARS of time, which is crazy. But yeah, I love this so much. So well-written, so memorable, such great characters and an awesome story!

This is a hell of a chapter! It *did* seem a little rushed, but it was still very well done and as awesome as usual.

It's crazy thinking about how the relationship between Rosco and Vito has changed so much from the beginning of the story. Their friendship progressed in a really realistic way, and I absolutely adore the bromance they have going now. They make a really great duo.

I really didn't expect the Izzy/Rosco break up. D: Ohh, man. They were adorable. Still, it's definitely realistic; relationships don't last forever, and I prefer this more practical approach as opposed to a "happily ever after" sort of ending. The break-up dialogue between the two of them was really well written, and I love how Rosco deals with it by trying to crack jokes and stuff.

And Ty as Jesus... way too perfect. Holy shit. xD I laughed out loud at the scene with the little girl bursting into tears. So good!

And aaah, the Everett/Rosco scene, so good. Their whole conversation and fight was so emotionally charged and thought-provoking and really well written and aaghgh. It really made me think about their relationship and everything that's happened and I want so badly for them to have some sort of reconciliation, but they're such different people that it just seems impossible and ohman. I will always and forever love Everett. T_T

I'd be more than happy to give you whatever help you need with the last chapter. Feel free to hit me up on PM, or message me on AIM at kristyn KHAOS if you need anything.

Can't wait to see how this lovely story ends up. Update as soon as possible please!
Balliett chapter 33 . 7/11/2011
i like that you start it off with the good ol', look-at-yourself-in-the-mirror introspection. it seems fitting, considering rosco's character development. and, HOLY WOW, EVERETT GOT A HAIRCUT. i feel like this is a new stage in his development now. haircuts always seem symbolic to me in that way.

funeral scenes always make me sad. the way you describe demen's parents through rosco's eyes is beautiful and heartbreaking in a quiet way. perfect. also, when he realizes that he really doesn't know anything about demen. just, makes you think, you know? there's gotta be a lot we don't know about people, and then we only really wonder about it when they're gone. ):

narcissa! i like her. just thought you should know that. and vito. always strange, always kind of mysterious. i think he's probably my favorite. i really love those darn enigmas.

"I remember Bo. He's sitting at the end of the pew, isolated there, hopefully unable to comprehend the world, giving him the ability to be bored enough to where he starts thinking about video games or action movies and forgets about my silently crying mother." several things i like about this. for one, rosco wants bo to remain innocent, which warms my heart. secondly, this is just one of the several states of being at a funeral, and i like the way you've portrayed everyone at the funeral. it's realistic. thirdly, it paints a picture and doesn't need other details to do so. it kind of just comes together in my mind.

the pastor is a little, uh, awkward? but it fits the story, i think. and dfkhlsfgh more we-really-knew-nothing-about-demen. awesome. also, holy crap, i totally just wrote a story where the main character's name was leland. :O

it really is unreal, finding out his name was will. WILL. it's so boring and normal, and i'm sure you planned it that way. that whole little rant that rosco directs to demen/will (i was thinking of trying to mash those names together but could only think of wemen and dill, so, nevermind) is fantastic. love it, love it. especially that last, long sentence.

i think this whole chapter has humanized demen greatly. and i like that. i like how you presented him as this really strange, kind of creepy character and then gave us the other side of the coin too.

narcissaaaaaa is lovely. the three of them make me chuckle. they're so animated, even if they're made up of words, imagination, and emotion rather than flesh, blood, and bones. a beautiful ending scene. looooooove it.

ALSO. TOTAL BREAKFAST CLUB VIBES AT THE END. tell me i'm not crazy for seeing that parallel there.

CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING! i'm not going to bombard you with too much questions, but you should totally tell me about it sometime. how was it? how do you feel? C:

wow, i can't believe it's ending. it must seem just as unreal to you, i assume? you've been working so hard on this. you've done really awesome with this fic, okay? no matter if you want to rip it apart and rewrite it all. it's just amazing. keep on truckin' and get 'er done. (:
Balliett chapter 32 . 7/11/2011
you have some kind of magical power when it comes to characters. I LOVE THEM ALL. bo is so precious! i just want to pinch his cheeks and feed him cookies. and rosco is still as easy as ever to relate to, in my opinion. he's so human. i feel like he could honestly just walk off the page and be a real person.

also, holy crap, demen. alive and then dead again. that's crazy. but i think what rosco said about destiny/fate and demen in the last chapter was just reinforced by it.

siblingship can be this weirdly comfortable kind of relationship. i mean, most people can act their absolute worst around their siblings. i'm not close to my sister at all, but the revelation rosco made about bo - it's something i understand, and that's where that relatability factor comes in again. you've portrayed their interaction so well. you keep it real, you know? C:

oh, god, the impending/current drama does not seem like it's going to turn out well. i like that rosco is protecting bo from it though. he's come a long way from the beginning. he's fictional, but, damn, i am proud of the dude.

you are too awesome. :D
Balliett chapter 31 . 7/11/2011
holy balls, it's been way too long. life gets all up in your grill and then it's hard to find time to read. it's been months, right? bleh. i just kept putting off reading anything for awhile, let myself indugle in more mindless pleasures. buuuut now you get three shiny new reviews from me. awesome, right? (:

first off, your writing is still as pleasant as ever in this chapter. i'm kind of excited to read the next ones and see how/if it's changed, you know? it's always an interesting transformation to see. but, uhm, yeah, very pleasant. you've always been really good at mixing insight with humor but keeping it all within rosco's voice. it's just awesome. and there are moments where i'm just dklfhdsglhk-ing because of pretty lines you seem to toss in so effortlessly. like "The wind made him fall the wrong way, and from then on, every person ever involved in his life was just a reverberation of that fall backward." or “Now it's just him with all that rainbow hair shaved off, sitting in his car in the middle of the night, speaking in a continuous train of shocking humanity.” so pretty and brilliant. YOUR IMAGERY MAKES ME SO HAPPY, IDEK. :D

oh, their little freakout is so them. funny yet emotional too, beneath their crazy and strangeness. the way you’ve developed rosco over all this time, all this writing, is great. even after all of these months of not reading this fic, i still feel attached to him, to vito. your characters are just love.

overpass jam time was not lame. it seems like fun. also, two of my closest friends absolutely adore brand new, hehe. oh, oh, oh, speaking of music. i was listening to a comet appears by the shins while reading this, and it fit the mood of this chapter perfectly, at least for me.

it’s kind of great how this story manages to reel me back in so quickly even after i haven’t read it awhile. also, you’re super great. (:
Posed to Death chapter 33 . 6/17/2011
This is possibly one of the best stories I've ever read on this site. It's been amazingly funny and in depth, impossibly addictive, and flat out mezmerizing. The growth of the characters is so damn flawless I'm crawling out of my mind awe. The way not everyone ever is always present, and people come and go like driftwood is really relatable.

So, um, Vito and Ty are love. Wow. I love everyone, but those two are amazing. And of course, Rosco. He looks at the world with his hands covering his face, peeking through his fingers.
Devil's Playground chapter 33 . 6/6/2011
Gahh, another excellent chapter. You are so good at handling all of this emotional stuff without making it overdramatic, it's lovely.

I love the changes in Everett. He sounds hot as all hell, I'm just sayin'. And I felt so bad for him in this chapter. D: My poor babyyyy.

I felt bad for Demen as well, having so few real friends show up at his funeral... :c It's a very sad thing to think about.

The pastor's lines were all effectively awkward and fake-seeming, I really liked those and Rosco's snide reaction to them. Spunk. Pfft.

I also really liked the revelation of his real name and how it was such a big thing to everyone. ESPECIALLYPOOREVERETTOMG.

For some reason I was really, really hoping for some sort of interaction between Mason and Everett here, so I was a bit disappointed that it never happened, but... that's probably just me, ahaha.

"We wreck shit." - Perfect line, perfect ending to the chapter.

I'm so so glad that you came back to this story after all this time and that I came back to read it. I love this story and I'm very excited to see it come to its conclusion. I hope you update soon! :D And congrats on graduating!
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