Reviews for Epitaph for an Exoskeleton
Oracle of Destiny chapter 1 . 10/18/2007
I liked this song quite a lot - it has a lot of potential and you have successfully worked around issues such as rape and include the seriousness of the sitaution. Good use of imagery too - I had a clear image of what was going on in my mind.

OK, I've got two possible answers to the questions that you have included in this song:

1."Is it possible to feel lost and found at the same time?" - Well, my answer to this is yes, but in some cases in life. I could think of sex being one as you are caught up in the moment and losing yourself in your partner. And once you have shared a climax and slowly getting back down to earth, you feel so tranquil and you feel like you have found yourself again due to the shared intimacy in the act.

2. "To be raped and to be happy?" - Hmm, this is a tough one really as there is some ambigulity in that. Well I think it depends on the individual myself. Some of the victims of rape move on in their lifes after plenty of soul searching (and sometimes therapy too) they continue being happy in their lives. However on the other hand, others can't handle the fact they have been raped and that it effects them not only in their relationships with their partners but their perceptions too.