Reviews for On the Case of Unfemininity
Eloise.m chapter 4 . 9/9/2013
Good day, my good sir. It is with pleasure I send you my diagnosis from which you requested of me. No, that is completely accurate, sir. The work you have written completely reflects that of an insane man, and is crying out to me for my diagnosis. I could not, you see, good sir, decline. Here is your report.

From your first paragraph, it is clear you suffer from severe narcissistic personality disorder. It is a well known and documented disorder. Individuals usually have an inflated self esteem and are expectant of others to agree with their plans and ideas.

You mentioned you were moulding yourself to be a messiah of sorts. Now, narcissistic personality disorder may be accompanied by schizophrenia. I will break this news as gently as possible to you, that you may be living in an alternative realm, a world built entirely out of fantasy. Yes, that is correct. Take it in slowly. Don't do anything drastic, because I know this may be very shocking and difficult to accept, to come from a world where your kind, males dominate, and females are subjugated and under your control. To come back to the real world, the reality where females are also strong-willed, equals working alongside males, intelligent beings as opposed to the baby making machines you are used to.

But do not fear, as much as the female kind is capable and aggressive, they are in fact mirrors of your own male kind. As you rouse yourself back to logic, you will realise there is no reason to fear what is in yourself. And they are also human, kind, compassionate, accepting and understanding of others, qualities that you may perhaps come to appreciate.

I know it may be difficult, and you may question why one has to live in the cruel and harsh reality when one can just retreat into one's own ideal world. Well, this is because it is reality which you live in, after all. It is what feeds and clothes you, it is where your family and your dear sister reside. Come back to the real world, where women work in the workplace, on farms, to feed you.

Hear the cries of your reviewers. They're calling you to come back to the real world, where the grass is green and the sun is yellow and the sky is blue. And if you need help, drop me a line. You can reach me at 911.

Yours truly,
your doctor melancholia.
Admiral Bangle chapter 4 . 7/31/2013
[I am molding myself into a messiah a sorts]

That is the funniest thing I've read all day.

And you say you aren't arrogant? If you're still on this site PM me. I'd love to hold a debate with you good sir.
kuran onigiri-sama chapter 4 . 7/28/2013
"Now let your pitiful flames ran upon me! I care naught! I'm only happy when it rains anyway (from a song I heard by a female artist. Not as good as Beethoven, I admit. But she did as well as a woman could)."
As well as a woman could? Are you really that proud of being a male being? And, of course, you don't give a damn about our thoughts and opinions because we are simply too low.
You say your GIRLFRIEND is expecting. This is before marriage? You do realize you just humiliated the life and respect of the one you love.
The Wannabe Philosopher chapter 4 . 7/28/2013
One's life should not be dictated by their gender.

How old is your sister?
Kaizen Kitty chapter 1 . 6/26/2013
If you're still interested, I've written an article in response to your essay. You can find it on my profile page, titled "Now we're all Fujoshi". If you can bear with my sarcasm, you'll find I agree with you (on one point). Anyway, thank you for inspiring me!
Perisada chapter 2 . 5/10/2012
Wait! What's that? *sniffs* I...I think I caught the faint aroma of a troll!

This is so obviously fake. You're laying on the chauvinist pig vibe just a leeetle too thick, bub. Whatever, I hope you're happy riling up some women or whatever you intended to do by writing this.
GossamerSilverglow chapter 4 . 5/5/2012
You know in the Golden Ages of Greece it was considered a right of passage for an older man to initiate a younger boy in the ways of sex? I’m worried that you’re going to make a ‘new Greece.’ Sure a lot of great art came out of that era, but with good comes the bad you know? I guess my question has been answered here about your views now that you’re older. You’ll never make everyone agree with you. You say women shouldn’t read, shouldn’t learn because they don’t need to be talking with the more intelligent men, that they only need to be in the kitchen cooking and having babies. I mean, I don’t understand why you would want to be tied to a stupid person. You could never have an intelligent conversation with your spouse if she never educated herself. What would you talk about? “Get on your knees,” or “where’s my food,” can’t be the only thing you want to talk about with the woman you love. You are belittling females in how you word things.

You said “as good as a female could do,” how can you say that and expect not to get flamed? For starters I know more women who read the men. Probably 85% of the people who read this were women. I also want to say that it’s not just females that were made to procreate, men too. When you go to the beach, when you go to work, when you get a cup of coffee at Starbucks you are searching, even if you already are married, or have a girlfriend with a baby. Men and women search for each other, it is chemical—pheromones! This is one of the reasons why I don’t agree with marriage, because it insinuates monogamy. Humans cannot be monogamous, we were made for sex, look at the anatomy of our body. Your sister was afraid of you. You know that right? At first she was afraid of disappointing you because you’re her brother, she loved you, then it started to grow into fear when she started having her own ideas, her own ‘ambitions.’ And fear is just another form of hatred. It’s why she doesn’t call or text because she hates you. You like truth and evidence right? Take a course in psychology and find out how psychologically abusive you were to her, maybe then you’ll understand why she hates you. Now that it’s three years later after you posted this, if she is talking to you again, then she’s by far the bigger person.

It’s a shame that you don’t put your good writing abilities towards something else.
GossamerSilverglow chapter 3 . 5/5/2012
Wow, I did not see an Atheist coming. I went to a Catholic school where it was pounded into me that if I wasn’t Catholic I was going to their hell, which I thought was ridiculous. You know, I even had to pay more money to go to that school because I wasn’t Catholic, couldn’t argue with the other education though. I’m not Atheist, I believe in a higher power, personally, after a Comparative Religion course I found I enjoyed Hinduism most. In high school I was Wiccan, had to rebel. You wrote this when you were sixteen, do you still feel the same at twenty-one? Have you re-read your work and possibly changed your opinion, or do you feel stronger about them?
GossamerSilverglow chapter 2 . 5/5/2012
The first essay was good and all, made some good points, and some uneducated points too, but this just made me feel creepy. Like a Priest that gives his life to God, does all this good, but then everyone finds out he’s been fucking sixth grade boys that go to confession, that kind of creepy. ‘This’ made you sound like a rapist and woman beater. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were both, but don’t take it the wrong way 'my reader'. I made a comment about polygamy in my first review, but you’re Catholic aren’t you, maybe Roman Catholic?
GossamerSilverglow chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
What about the women who are infertile? Should they just die, because they shouldn’t be reading, educating themselves, or working? Based off your opinions it’s what they were made for, but what if she can’t that? Then she doesn’t fulfill that 10% (or would it be 5%) so what use would she be? I’m female, I am not a feminist, I stumbled upon this very well written essay, and I don’t take offense to anything you said because it is how you feel. I even agree with some of it, men definitely wouldn’t be mentally strong enough to take on birthing a child and shouldn’t try. I just wanted to know what happens when you find out the woman you or a buddy falls in love with can’t give you a biological child? I guess this is where being a polygamist comes in right? Oh, and a, please think of something more creative than adoptions that is if becoming a polygamist isn’t your answer.
Frozen Apple chapter 4 . 4/5/2012
I do not feel sorry for you nor think that you are a jerk. I do not agree with your opinion but it does not mean mine or yours are bad. They are just subjective. I even agree that feminism is not good because women and men are not equals completely. We are both human, after all (this is equality). But how would you now what women are created for? In that matter, men are just source of material (and only half of it) to make a child. They seem to do nothing more essential if one would look with your eyes.

Why do you think that men can enjoy their life playng football, for example, and women lack that ability because they are not safe? Men die in wars, which are dangerous, as you see. Isn’t it stupid? You can endanger yourselves but we mustn’t because our functions are to bear kids and prepare food and without us you will die from hunger. If you would look with my eyes, men mustn’t put themselves in danger because then we will cry and feel sorry wich is not good for health, especially when pregnant). Really, men are humans, too and as you cannot see where lay human rights and where lay rights of each gender, well. Only this deserves pity because you don’t think of yourself as human (I try hard to be as human as possible too, I understand you) but you should because the in other way you will never know their real nature.
Miss-You-Too chapter 4 . 11/6/2011
You sound like an idiot and alot of your points were contradicting, rude, and had nothing to back it up. I would love to debate with you because i can clearly see your having trouble formulating your ideas without coming off rude. And may i ask: woman are 10% and men are 90%...of what exactly? And please direct me to the website you got this poor excuse of a statistic from (though am sure you just pulled straight out your rectum.)
Amethyst Asheryn chapter 4 . 6/2/2011
Perhaps you would manage to convince people to believe in your "idyllic" world if if you presented them with hard facts, and opinions not set to prose so purple they become hard to take seriously. I believe I reviewed this once, a long time ago, when I couldn't articulate my thoughts to save my soul, and I've read it over several times since. Each time it gets only more ludicrous. Apart from a small reference to animals never seeking to better themselves in your first "essay", you make no comparisons that could sway anyone who doesn't already take your view. And even that isn't a good way to convince the large population of female writers on this site that they should put down their laptops and writing utencils and go back to the kitchen. Work on your persuasive writing, and maybe eventually you might succeed.

Of course, you'll never get anywhere talking to your readers as if you're standing atop Mount Everest and they cowering on the shores of the Dead Sea. I'll forgive you for being ignorant of these facts, if your level of verbosity is inversely proportional to your knowledge of the world outside your own home; however it is a clever writer who treats his readers as equals, lest they become annoyed with his condescention and leave him talking to air. Even your precious menfolk won't continue reading if you talk to them like they were children. From the reviews I've read, it appears many have already done just that.

None of this will help you if you don't have a good philosophy, though ... And yours is more full of holes than swiss cheese. Dream of your eutopia, of all the great figures long dead whom you will somehow resurrect to stand by your side. I hope it remains such a glimmer of hope when you lie old and feeble on your deathbed and are still able only to conjure it in a dream.
NinaBinaBallerina chapter 3 . 1/20/2011
Dear 'Aristotle's Second Coming' (forgive me if I laugh at the narcissistic title),

Just a little nugget of information. The X-Gene (the woman's gene) is bigger and healthier than the Y-Gene(the male gene). Generally, the Y-Gene (and i am quoting my college Biology professor) is considered the 'stupid gene', because it is tiny and contains very few elements of information. It takes more complexity of nature to create a woman.

Your essay is highly offensive and demeaning, your poor sister is obviously emotionally abused, and i pity that poor young lady you impregnated. I doubt she will stick around too much longer (that is to say if she is not emotionally abused as well). If you talked to me like you talked to your sister, i wouldn't 'mumble'. I would say take your views and shove down your own throat and see how they taste.

Oh, and you say you are sixteen? I noticed.

Considering your youth and inexperience in life, I will take this offensive piece of complete garbage with a grain of salt. You obviously know nothing of life and women in general.

I am not saying some of your points are not true. For one, men are physically stronger then women (some of them, anyways), and women should embrace being a woman.

But being a women does not include just "staying in a kitchen". Being a woman is about embracing the complexity of our thoughts, emotions, and strength. A woman has to have strength of mind, body, and soul to undergo labor and to raise a child (I would know, I've been through it). This is something a sixteen-year old boy couldn't comprehend, especially one with such a narrow mind.

In no other ways is a man superior, besides being fractionally physically larger. My mind works just as effectively, if not more so than yours. In fact, I pose a challenge. Go on, prove your wit, self-proclaimed 'Second Aristotle'. *Crickets chirping*...I thought so.
bekeyboo chapter 4 . 8/27/2010
I am not going to flame you. I have one legitimate question: Is a woman as intelligent as a man? From what I recall of your essay, you focused mainly on the fact that men are stronger than women, which is mostly true. Let's say 99% of the time. Women have better balance. But I digress.

Sarah Palin could have become president, and was a legitimate contender. Women are just as smart as men and, though I agree that women should have children, we should also be allowed to use our minds and get jobs that pay just as much as men.

Congratulations on your son. I did know that Rex meant king in Latin, I have known that since the sixth grade.

PS: I am a thirteen year old girl and I understood every word of this. Thank you for giving me something for my brain to chew on.


bekeyboo ;)
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