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Life's Unexpected Turns chapter 14 . 9/22/2012
Another wonderful story by an equally wonderful author. What are people doing instead of reading this? Great story!
Fumiki chapter 14 . 12/2/2011
This is a very good story! I was kinda worried at first if Li come back in the middle of Set/Lucas relationship, but when Set found out Lucas is Li, I danced around in happiness XD It's a little sad at some point (speacially that part when Li fucked Set for the first time and then leave him alone) but it's happy ending!

Thank you for taking time writing such a good story like this :D I'm really enjoying it!
i-wish-i-had-wings chapter 14 . 6/9/2011
first of all: i loved your story! it just had this flow..

as you said (or wrote) there are some grammar mistakes, i'll point out the two i remember (i read this in one go so i don't remember the other ones) ok, put is always put, never "putted" since it's an irregular verb. there were some more of those. um and if you use "didn't" the rest of the sentence has to be in present tense, never past. god, that felt awkward..just don't think that i'm a snooty bitch for saying that, please? 'cause i really, really liked your story and i'm going to start reading one of your other ones straight away ) thank you very much for sharing it!
lostrealmsdreams chapter 14 . 10/1/2010
OH MY GOD! LOVED IT! In the beginning, I was like, wow...Lucas sounds so much like Li...what a coincidence. And then when Elsi was all like "he has some big secret" I was like OMG! He IS LI! Lol, it was great though. -
bobby5155 chapter 14 . 1/9/2010
There were a lot of tense issues, some awkward wording, and wrong word choices through out. In particular I noticed you said own when you meant owe and tights instead of thighs.

I also noticed you censored some curse words, which struck me as odd since your story contains explicit scenes; which is not an issue, just something that stood out to me.

But I loved your story, that's why I decided to point out the slight grammatical errors. Your plot is so well thought out and original that is unfortunate that the grammatical errors detract from it.
ireadtoomanybooks chapter 14 . 11/18/2009
HOLY DOOLIE *fans self* I just realised there was an error in the last chapter, and two or three in this one, but I just skipped over them coz...well... you know, you just write too well :D Love it!
ireadtoomanybooks chapter 6 . 11/18/2009
"a little light headed as he lay quietly, enjoying the fifrm, warm chest his head was resting on, the strong heart beat" fifrm firm
ireadtoomanybooks chapter 4 . 11/18/2009
"“Elsi, beat some sense in him and pack those blasted cosmetic." cosmetic cosmetics :D
ireadtoomanybooks chapter 3 . 11/18/2009
"The only things he did discovered was his growing attraction toward the blonde and that Lucas had the ability to annoy him up to a point where Set was afraid he would crack." discovered discover "It’s not on the intrenet so you’ll have to do the input here.”" intrenet internet "He was never attracted to any of his ex-girlfriends like that. Maybe that was the problem He liked things to go slow and smooth and he didn’t like to get attached too much." problem He problem. He. Love it :D Li is Lucas, isn't he? Oh... I hope so, but I kinda don't...
ireadtoomanybooks chapter 2 . 11/18/2009
"If dad and Helen working together wasn’t scary enough, than brochures of Japan combined with Helen’s words" than then "is a manual of instruction you’ll find useful. Lucas’s courtesy. And I think that’s everything.”" instruction instructions? Lucas's courtesy courtesy of Lucas "Set quickly climbed up the stairs. Today was one of Li’s sleepovers and Set was always looking forward to some spend time with Li, with his beautiful, gentle, nice Li.

Today was one of Li’s sleepovers and Set had always been looking forward to spend some time with Li. With his beautiful, nice, gentle Li." Just a repeated sentence "“Because he’s a woose and your doormat and has no self control whatsoever.”" woose wuss; your you're; has have "Since that night Li stopped to spend his sleepovers in Set’s room." Li stopped to spend Li stopped spending. Okay :D Be warned... if you want me to stop, you'll have to tell me or I'll keep having field days *dances madly*
ireadtoomanybooks chapter 1 . 11/18/2009
"“Dovn, dovn.” Set fidgeted in his brother’s hold" Don't know whether the dovn was deliberate or not.. coz I would think down :D "The blanked was kicked away, " blanked blanket "His dad’s high whimper had the ability to cause deftness, so care was always recommended" deftness deafness "The phone in his father pocket ringed." ringed rang "Set gently shushed his father’s complains, got up and stepped toward Aton, who had shut the phone close." complains complaints, and you repeated the thing at the end: who had shut the phone closed... probs shut the phone :D "So for so good, for him that is. " so for so good so far so good "And besides Helen arranged a lovely private room for him, that had to cost her a bungle." and besides helen and besides that, Helen; bungle bundle? "That’s stupid. Did you consider that lives of your family?" that the "but the funny thing was that he has no even once mentioned him to his family except to Aton." no not "“Good. I’m before the hospital. " before... did you mean outside? "Set was sitting in the Duncan’s car, listing to his bitching" listing listening "so he they don’t spot you. And they say you can’t learn things from the movies." so he they so they OR so he doesn't. HOLY DOOLIE... I had a party with this one :D
mousegirl05 chapter 14 . 7/13/2009
Hello again! I must admit that I read Geb’s story first, and really enjoyed this look into his brother’s life. It made the line ‘You’re the man and I’m your bitch’ so much funnier—which I thoroughly enjoyed when I hit on it in ‘Better Late than Never’. Again, engaging characters and a believable setting. I am a little curious how the nickname Li was bestowed upon Lucas. Was it because Set couldn’t actually say his name when he was younger and the name just stuck? I know that happens because one of my cousins completely renamed our whole family when he was little. *laughs* Anothing success!
darkamphibian chapter 14 . 6/7/2009
HaHA! Finally got to read the whole thing! Lots of determined clicking & re-clicking to get past the pesky error msgs (FP's issue - not yours!)

Thoroughly enjoyed this...and good to see the background on our boys :-)
AlwaysTheNegativeOptimist chapter 14 . 4/24/2009
SO GOOD! Its just really good. .
ngt chapter 14 . 12/11/2008
loved this story.

cute characters.
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