Reviews for Fairy Tales Gone Wrong
Ash chapter 2 . 6/25/2008
Using Fairy Tales as the basic essence of the story but adding the gory twist works eventhough one would think that it shouldn't or wouldn't.

The imagery you ceate with incredible use of the english language is amazing. Even a person who admits they have no imagination shouldn't fail to be able to envisage the scne you have created before them. For example words such as:

'Cobalt', 'myriad', 'profusely', 'adorned' and 'spasmodically', are a few examples.

There is one phrase i am not too sure about and this is only my opinion, considering i am myself no writer, i would not take much notice, the phrase: 'when he felt what felt like'in paragraph 12. It just doesn;t quite sound right using 'felt' in such close succession. There may have been a purpos for phrasing it in that way, and if so, then ignore this comment. It is only my opinion. In the grand scheme of this piece it is a minute thing that i mention simply because it stuck out to me when i read it.

Several phrases have been artisticaly created. One of my favourites being:

'forever alive in suspended animation'

also at the very beginning:

'hundreds of thouands of bloodthirsty thorns of hundreds of feet high'

What an opening scene setter.

I love the use of several short one line paragraphs,particularly this one:

'He was at the end'

It says all it needs to say and adds an interesting rhythm to the story. Brings it to an abrupt end as i imagine it is in the story.

I also really love the element of the blood giving life but at a cost to him. I felt (in my opinion) that this was quite a deep and serious aspect to the story? i apologise if this is not how you intended it to be interpreted.

I apologise for the length.

Abolutely amazing work, and that is the truest opinion i could give. x
Prieda Solo chapter 2 . 12/11/2007
I'm reviewing this as I read it, which means the review will be long, rambling, and might not make much sense...

Beginning: im a little nervous already by your thorns. And once again, your descriptions are to die for. I love your princes as well, they are nicely described and so easy to picture.

And this is where I go squee and literally melt into a puddle of goo over your Amazing Wonderful Blood Symbolism. Pain and blood to the thorns then taking the snows virginity D Love symbolism! And you describe it so well (much better than I'm failing to do here).

Blood trail. woah. as he walks deeper in. again, great descriptions and wonderful atmosphere. ive got shivers down my spine now.

blood offerings. this is getting just a teeny-teeny bit gratuitous here :) but still great.

"She only became lovelier and lovelier as she ruined him" Waah! I forgive you for everything! This line is perfect! wow. This is actually a bit like some of the old pagan myths. beautiful princesses, lots of death and blood all over the place.

And he dies. (do you know the french idea of 'la petite mort'? If so, this fits in really well with this). And the castle comes back to life. Lovely ending again.

Great work! Is any more on the way? Sorry for my gushingly long reviews...

Prieda D
Prieda Solo chapter 1 . 12/11/2007
shite...thats good. So beautiful, so terrifying. SO symbolic as well ( i tend to go symbolic at wierd moments) her love is slowely killing him, everything she does every aspect of love brings him closer to death. (or something)

Your descriptions are amazing. can I marry them? Seriously, this paints such wonderful pictures in my head (apart from the bits with the blood everywhere obviously).

Love the atmosphere in this. In contrast too your last piece (which had an awesome ending but lost atmosphere a bit in the middle) this kept the mood the whole way through, a sort of surreal dreamy horribleness, that draws you on despite the gore.
Osiris of the Underworld chapter 1 . 10/29/2007
yes please write more. I found it really fascinating, even though it was very bloody, but i loved it! I can't wait to see which fairy tale you decide to murder next. LOL!
Kitty Cat Turtle chapter 1 . 10/28/2007
That was extremely gory, but very good. *gives cookie* Please write more!