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Rizzy chapter 2 . 1/18/2008
Jenniexb chapter 2 . 12/31/2007

hells666angel chapter 2 . 12/30/2007
oh yay!

so good! lol hope u had a nice xmas! and well cant wait for more!

Dagg chapter 2 . 12/27/2007
Wow. I can't wait for your next update. One of my choir buds is now hooked; we end up chatting about Gavin at least once a week. Are the nurses doing some necromancy on Baby? I don't know if it would work like that; use necromancy to make a sick half-vamp baby better...but you never know :D

Have a great New Year!

rockofludo chapter 2 . 12/26/2007
Yay! Another chapter! Kindof weird that none of the flowers had a note attached. What did Gavin want Dana to sense from the flowers?

I'm a little nervous about the whole 'Aidan put in a corner by the nurses' situation. You got me thinking that some shifty business is going down at that hospital. Oh, and Aidan maybe being a necromancer, wow did not see that coming.

Yeah, that (Labyrinth) is where I got the name from. I love all of the characters from that movie. But I love Ludo more because he's like a big teddy bear that I just want to hug :D
Liviania chapter 2 . 12/26/2007
Yeah, my niece is totally fine (and she looks like me!)

Necromancy, eh? Seems to be a common theme in the stories . . . poor little kiddo. So now Ariadne and Gavin can stay with Jamnis and Dana - that'll be comfortable.

WishesofImmortality chapter 2 . 12/25/2007
I totally understand why it took you so long to update... I did NaNo too, and I understand the homework issue as well... in fact, I should be starting a paper now, or it won't be finished in time to go back... Oh well. I'll just go read some more.

Anyway, this chapter was amazing. I would say update soon, but I don't want to jinx anything. LOL.
Noctame chapter 2 . 12/25/2007
Medieval-Rogue chapter 2 . 12/25/2007
You have a point about it having perhaps been a complicated time to begin this story at the end of October- but then, think what may have happened if you had just…waited. Maybe you would have been like me and totally procrastinated, shoving it further and further back. No regrets, right? _

I love how you always know how to begin and end a chapter- like an amazing writer. Sometimes you pick up just where you left off, other times you advance the time line a little bit, and whether you make it a cliffhanger or one of those ‘semi satisfied’ ones, you also end the chapters in a way that makes me love your writing.

In this case, it was picking up on the flowers and our discussion with Jamnis. Somehow, you maintain the fact that he’s a Vampire, and yet…we can see the glimmer of humanity in him as well- here he was really puzzled and worried over the flowers and their meaning. Plus he was close to Dana.

Bringing me to the imagery. Holy crap. The paragraph detailing Jamnis kissing the bead of blood on her fingertips was shiver inducing on its own, but then the detail on Dana having shivers just made me shudder all the more. It was amazing, even the unique note of the blood on his lips being a familiar site. My favorite, and I mean really- it stuck in my head when I got done betaing this chapter, and it’s in my head still without looking at that paragraph, but: “He was absently rubbing my arm and I nearly wanted to purr” was it- my favorite.

You really punched in the angst in this chapter. First there’s the frustration of the flowers- on Jamnis and Dana’s part, trying to figure it out. Then there was later, with Gavin, when each had assumed the other got a card, and yet hadn’t. I wonder if Gavin knows the meaning of peach-colored roses. I could really feel how bad Dana felt, mistaking the flowers as being from Jamnis, even though if she thought about it, it didn’t add up. I may have told you this before, but I don’t make mistakes that really and deeply affect me that often, so when I do, they really strike down- and I felt that reading Dana’s thoughts on the situation- on the flowers, on Aidan, and how the whole ordeal was affecting those she was close too (if not entirely close- like Gavin).

And you brought up the auction. You could probably tell in the beta, but I had totally forgotten about it (*cringes* that’s right- Vlad has to take a sip every once in a while… that sucks… no pun intended). But I liked the way you analyzed it- because I had always viewed Gavin as, well, as Dana thought, ‘just for kicks’, cuz he’s a freak like that. But the thought that he had really gone that long without a drink and remained…well…. ‘faithful’ to Ari like that… It definitely puts it in a different kind of light (even if he would have forsaken that blood fidelity for Ari’s twin…)

‘I had to assume that the disheveled blond wreck slumped on the couch was Gavin, or else we had a really inept burglar on our hands.’ THAT was a hilarious way to describe Gavin, and despite it’s humor, introduced just how… affected by all of this Gavin has been. And yet again, we could see, next to the glaring seventeen-year-old-humanity in him, the Vampire nature (as he wrapped his arm around Dana when she sat down and then made a ‘satisfied noise as [she] set [her] head on his shoulder’). I liked your phrase, that Dana could ‘hear’ him smile, even though when she looked at him he was rather expressionless. This may be random, but I can’t wait to see Vlad again (since we’ll probably see him before Tanner…gah)

When Gavin said, “…He stopped opening his eyes,” ….it really pounded in how much this is affecting him, paired with me wondering why Ari freaked out over the flowers, and then how she threw up later. Actually, just the description of the twin being in such a wreck- no longer so immaculate. I mean, heck, she took precise care of her appearance when she was pregnant, and now…with Aidan affected and possibly moved to another, bigger hospital… in Rosen.

You said you were trying to add more dimension to Ari’s character, and I think you have really pulled that off in this chapter. I liked the thought of Dana’s, concerning her and her sister’s relationship being different: “It existed, for one thing.” That puts it into words, a tribute to the success of what you’re trying to do in this story (perhaps a way to interpret the title, “Blood Ties”). The scene between those two on the way to and in the bathroom…I don’t know…it showed how close they are- so much more than before. It isn’t a whole lot, but it’s enough. That scene actually made Ari seem…real, not to mention a mother, instead of just being her mother’s Barbie doll.

And I LOVED that Gavin was standing RIGHT outside the door….like a little puppy dog…so cute, and sad, and touching.

The scene with Jamnis holding Dana in front of the infirmary window was really … interesting. First there was the romantic comfort of Jamnis, but then… Heh, I actually thought it was kind of cute, but very real, when Dana just lunged out, pressing her forehead to the glass to get a better look. It was kind of …weird that the nurses were kind of ‘hiding’ their treatment of Aidan, but then…there’s Dana’s confusion over the mixed auras. (By the way, it’s adorable that baby’s gonna have mech. manipulation- as long as he uses his powers for good) I’m wondering now if it’s what you told me- about the sponge and the treatment not quite working, or if it’s something more that you’ve concocted. Either way, I can’t wait to see how she and Jamnis (and Vlad) discuss it.

There’s a whole lot of possibilities from here on out, and you’re keeping much of them a lovely mystery (much to the readers’ demise). Cheers to this second chapter of Blood Ties, a success to say the least, and you’re always welcome (don’t touch the mustache) for the beta/review/etc.! I cannot wait to read / beta the next one!
j.m.burford chapter 2 . 12/25/2007
YAY! I loved the first two and now you have produced a third one. This is already starting off so well, your writing has gotten much better which is extremely good given your writing was so great with the first story.
Gayle of Genisis chapter 2 . 12/24/2007
Looks like Dana and Jamnis are going home, with two more in-tow. This story is already getting complicated. I hope Gavin will continue to be de-demonized as this story goes on... but on the other hand he could turn out to be more of a monster than I expected.
Faith Adeline chapter 2 . 12/24/2007
Ah, great chapter! I'm surprised she say gray. Hmm...Merry Christmas to you too and update as soon as you can!

Scribblesandink chapter 2 . 12/24/2007
So it looks like they'll all get to go a bit closer to Dana and Jamnis' home. I can already feel it all starting, whatever 'it' is supposed to be.

Let's see. The nurses are blocking the view of the visitors who are watching through the glass, while giving Aiden his treatment. I don't know if that's normal or not (haven't been to the hospital too many times, thank goodness) but sounds fishy to me. But heck, everything sounds fishy. Including this necromancy talent that Aiden has got mixed up with mechanical manipulation. At first I thought it meant that someone was using evil dark necromany poweres on Aiden, but I haven't really thought about it enough to figure out what it means for him to have two different powers. Of course, his father is a vampire so it makes a little bit more sense to me that he's got special talents. And didn't Michael say in the second story that he would have a lot of talent? So it's not too surprising to me.

I guess poor baby Aiden being so sick does make for good drama. I just... :(

On a brighter note, Merry Christmas, or whatever it is that you celebrate! I hope you have a warm, safe, and happy holiday!
VirginiaVortex chapter 2 . 12/24/2007
Thank you for FINALLY updating. ;)

Great chapter though. Yay!
Medieval-Rogue chapter 1 . 12/21/2007
I know- this review is so overdue that if it were a library book the librarians would be either charging me muchos pesos or chasing me with a ….large blunt object that could do considerable harm. Like a huge dictionary, or something.


HOLY CRAP IT’S THE FIRST CHAPTER OF THE LAST ONE! *breathes* It began….damn…heart-wrenchingly. After the last one ending in such suspense, this one picks up right where Blood Lust left off, and I think that’s only appropriate. Still…It caught me by surprise.

I said this in the beta, I know, but even though I KNEW what was coming- concerning Aidan – it…really hit home. You described the infant and his family’s predicament perfectly, especially the frustration that Dana has to feel because…well…she can’t do anything. She can almost do something, what with the aura sight and the hintings from Vlad at her being capable of more, but of course…none of them know what to do, let alone how to go through with it to help the baby. After all Gavin and Ari’s work to bring a living, yet half Vampiric child into the world, it’s really sad that he might not survive.

And of course….I had one of those angry reader moments when the main character does something they really shouldn’t be doing- Dana posing as her sister, Aidan’s mother, in order to spend some time with him. And yet…it was a good moment as well, honing the fact even more of how useless Dana feels in the situation.

The descriptions throughout the chapter were ….great, as well. You mentioned all those things present that make us cringe in hospitals- the antiseptic SMELL of the place that keeps you just one step away from nausia, the support equipment keeping Aidan alive, and the ‘crib’/ cage he was in. You described Aidan’s babyness well, too- the sucking of (wow) his entire fist and his motions, etc., of infancy. It sounds like crummy praise, but all the details you put in are in just the right quantity and really give the whole thing what every story needs: imagery, and you do it in your own wonderful style.

You recapped well, too- always important and yet tedious at the beginning of a sequel/triquel (follow-up story thing!), touching on the importance of Vampires in her society, her life, and the main events one may need to be reminded of. Also, I don’t think it would be too hard for someone who hasn’t read the previous stories to begin reading this one, either, although, of course, it’s better if they DO. Aside from getting the full impact of THIS story, they’re simply amazing.

And of course….I can’t help but wonder what Aidan is going to be like when he is older (hoping to all that is good that he DOES live). Will he be like Gavin (the world doesn’t need to of them, so let’s not hope for too much like daddy), or take after some Reed traits? Dana’s dad is cool, and Mikey is amazing, so…whatever the mix, he’ll probably be a handsome, nice, half-vampiric boy.

Speaking of Mikey….. Aw. If Dana felt useless, you definitely showed well how Mikey feels with all his power but inability in this situation. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that he’s only seventeen- to have been through so much, especially in the last story. (and the other part of my brain is screaming TANNER! MEET TANNER! I WANNA SE!) But then I read him doing things like hiding in the hood of his sweatshirt saying “S’not evil [to hypnotize nurses for my own good]…”, and I’m shocked he’s even that old. _ Lovely characterization that complex and lovely- just like real humans are.

Thankfully, Jamnis was in this chapter, because I was royally freaked out when you mentioned that Dana is living alone and Jamnis didn’t show up until the end of the bloody chapter.

He is such a smart, sexy Vampire. And I LOVED the paragraph on how Dana has deciphered his ‘M’ noise- because girls and guys alike can pack a lot into such a simple noise. For some reason, I found it REALLY amusing that for him, it means “I want to tell you something further but not unless you ask me, because I’m weird like that.” And I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this or not, but I think it’s remarkably unique of you to choose Jamnis as Roman. And it really fits him. -_-.

But really? HOLY CRAP THAT WAS THE MEANEST CLIFFHANGER I THINK YOU’VE DONE YET! Just…urrg…. Now I’m feeling Jamnis’ prickling tension mixing with Dana’s just dawning fear because either someone’s targeting Dana, or Gavin, or Ari, or AIDAN!

Or. It’s a certain someone coming to see an old friend. Or something.

Either way, I am a thoroughly frustrated reader leaving an overdue review of mass praise for the first chapter of Blood Ties. Amazing.

Cheers to it, to you, and to the next chapter!
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