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Faith Adeline chapter 13 . 9/22/2008
Good chapter. I feel bad for her, seeing as how Mikey is sorta just shutting her out. And I love Vlad. Seeing a vampire say, "Okeydokie," was hilarious. I literally cracked up. Gah. He's still my fav. hahaha. And Avery! Gah. Can't wait to see what happens with that. Keep it up and update soon!

Scribblesandink chapter 13 . 9/22/2008
This chapter was a welcome gift after a long-ish day. Had pest control coming into ALL of the apartments today because too many people had been complaining about bugs in their apts. Spent the day out with a friend. Came home and by the time I found out I wasn't supposed to clean the cupboards and put anything back, I had already put back about half the kitchen. So I pulled it all out, then sat down to see this chapter!

Okay, that was long, probably not something you needed to know, lol. I'm hoping for a little more action soon! I like the action stuff! And Vlad...he still acts like a teenager sometimes. Or Dana's younger brother. And for Michael's sake, I really do hope that Tanner is gay! He needs someone, a friend at the very least.

I absolutely LOVED the ending to this chapter! Lol, Avery's really going to get it now! I can't wait to see what happens next!

And lastly, yeah, it's almost November. I looked at my calendar the other day and realized I needed to pick a plot soon.
RaelynRayne chapter 12 . 9/22/2008
I have greatly enjoyed reading all three wtories so far. I find myself looking forward to reading them. I cannot wait for the next chapter to be up.
Jenniexb chapter 12 . 9/6/2008
its getting more and more interesting by the second, keep writing.
For What Its Worth chapter 12 . 9/3/2008
Well, it had to come out sometime. SOMEONE in the psychic community was bound to tell Little Brother. Though I would hate (okay, maybe I would actually find it very entertaining) to see how Michael reacts when he learns what Nathan was killed DOING. About long is he going to be allowed to remain smug? Gavin has never struck me as one who willingly takes any gip.
Medieval-Rogue chapter 12 . 9/1/2008
What made me smile in the first scene in this chapter was Dana’s…bluntness. It’s refreshing to have someone skip over the drama that seems to appear in a world of Vampires (or, really, just between two male vampires – Jam and Vlad). And yet, sometimes that boldness can get her on the wrong track – like how Vlad was close to figuring out the aura dilemma before she tried steering him off onto another path. I could definitely tell that she felt stupid for that, and it adds to the chapter’s emotional dynamics. It’s great, though, that Vlad doesn’t seem too set back by it.

I also enjoyed the interaction here between Jamnis and Vlad, and really just the exposition of Vlad’s character here. The colored pencils, especially, while a small detail, was a tough way to remind us of Minerva and her impact on Vlad’s life (or…unlife). And of course, hearing Vlad call Jamnis “Lover boy” was hilarious. Similarly hilarious and downright cute was Vlad’s excitement over this scholarly yet serious dilemma, especially his simplification of Walker’s explanations. Which, by the way, definitely helped reinforce or just reexplain what’s happening with Aidan. I really liked that he could compare it to Avery’s condition of magic lust, not just because it’s a good analogy, but because….hell, they share some of the same genes, and definitely a similar situation. It clearly puts a spin on things.

Speaking of which, I kind of had a realization in this chapter when Vlad said that Aidan really was half-Vampire. All this time, perhaps because I’ve been jaded with my own story and its half-vampires, I just ….assumed that he was. I never thought that he could be just a human, even though I knew a bit of the process – they kind of…shocked Gavin’s genes into being alive. It hit me in this chapter that ….well….they hadn’t thought Aidan WOULD BE a half Vampire child. Just a human kid with really dated genes. He really is one of a kind. And the hybrid joke was especially hilarious to me, jabbing at movies like Underworld, much as I love them (and even my own story, hell), and all their matter-of-fact seriousness and acceptance of hybrid species existing. It just… This is DEFINITELY not a cliché Vampire story, doesn’t follow norms already set in urban fantasy or otherwise, and I love you for that.

Kind of returning to Vlad, I liked the note about his popularity…or rather, the lack thereof. I’ve spent so much time reading through Dana’s head, loving every minute of interaction with Vlad, that it’s hard for me to imagine anyone (aside from Jamnis, because …he’s a silly Roman and a Vampire) not liking him. Then again, I guess it’s expected that they wouldn’t take a 100-year old Vampire very seriously regardless of his profession or skills. And yet….this could be his legacy, or a stepping stone to many prominent studies. There is Walker, five or six times his age, claiming he knows how to fix Aidan’s problems, and then here is Vlad, well on his way to figuring it out for himself. Hell, I have a feeling he will probably find a better way to do than Walker (and we STILL have yet to find out what his price is…). Vlad WANTS to figure this out, and I love that he wants to do it because of his scholarly nature, not necessarily for competition or to prove himself, though those and/ or need to help out the little baby in question have got to be more than a little motivating.

On a different note…I liked that you brought Haliburton into all this, because previously he seemed like…an ancient figure lost to the notes of history, not a possibly still “living” expert on auras, etc., and one so closely involved to our characters (six degrees? Try two: Dana to Minerva to Haliburton). It was enlightening, and makes a bit of me wonder if we may find Haliburton before the story is through.

And the second scene was just…. At once it was kind of like a subplot continuation, concerning Dana’s brother’s social / love life and the characterization there (holy crap I did not expect her to tell him Nathan was dead-dead). And yet it was also a way to detail some more of the dangers in this world of magic, most immediately in Dana’s vicinity or circle of friends/ family: Jamnis definitely understands the severity of a shifter with problems controlling his changes in the middle of the city. It’s a scary thought, like werewolves running loose every full moon, especially if they’re the “unconscious when they do it” kind of werewolves.

Mikey’s call….it, of course, made me really happy that he and Tanner were hanging out in the first part, but part of me, as I voiced in the beta, does wonder and worry that he might be just….reacting emotionally and sexually to being around Mikey. I don’t know much about Tanner or shifters, or what he and Mikey were up to, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m definitely on the same page as Chance and Sakura: Tanner’s having trouble managing his shifting, and it isn’t good for him, and potentially harmful for others, too. Here, as in the rest of the chapter, the descriptions were impeccable. Tanner stumbling against Mikey, whimpering, and the gold wash that came when Dana’s aura sight flicked on, all honed in on the situation’s severity. I really should have expected that, like I said, since it’s been a while since we’ve seen through that kind of vision in her perspective. With such powerful details and magic in this scene, I can definitely understand her fascination and half-desire to watch his change.

The rest of the scene, while mostly slowed down, was still beautiful. Mikey showed some of his feelings for Tanner, even though he was trying his best not to (arguably, that’s what showed them most), Chance popped up (we haven’t heard from him in a while, and it was nice to revisit his character – can’t wait till the wedding), and of course, two big things. One, Dana and Jamnis’ cuddle / talking time: Jam’s relaxed nature in light of Dana standing up to his jealousy and the contract’s end, and OMG “I haven’t earned you back yet.” Perfection. Two, however, was Dana finally fessing up to Nathan’s death. It was….absolutely amazing that he feels close to being over the Vampire, because it makes his death easier to cope with and means he’ll more readily take on a healthy romance (TANNER)….but….dang. That clearly hit him hard, and his reaction was a great way to end the chapter: Dana feeling emotionally drained enough to fall (I bet acknowledging his death to Mikey will probably help her to get past the memories more), Jamnis ready to catch her because he had heard every word, and Mikey running off into the woods.

Wonderful chapter, and I’m sorry it took so long to get to reviewing. You’re in college, as am I, so I’m sure you understand, but I really do wish I could still be more prompt with this stuff. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter and the ensuing events. We’re about halfway through, I think, in the story, and the plot just keeps thickening!
HeatherLee chapter 12 . 8/26/2008
good chapter, poor mikey! BE NICE! anyway, i dont understand michael's reaction to dana asking him if he liked Tanner. i thought that it was implied that he liked him that way...maybe i looked too into it. anyway, keep writing!
Faith Adeline chapter 12 . 8/25/2008
Great chapter, I really enjoyed reading it! I can't believe she told him! GASP! haha. Keep it up and update soon :)

Lady of Confusion chapter 12 . 8/25/2008
the chapter was great! omg..omg! she told him! UPDATE ASAP!
chornoykot chapter 12 . 8/25/2008
Wow, great chapter! There was a lot packed into one,but even though some questions were answered, I have a LOT more now. Wonderful writing as always! I cannot wait to find out what's going to happen next! Please have the next chapter up soon, I'm hooked and waiting for this chapter put me into some bad withdrawal XP
Scribblesandink chapter 12 . 8/25/2008
Maybe I have 'the eye' Hm? Lol. But seriously, poor Mikey. I think he still loves Nathan and was reasoning with himself. Sometimes talking things through out loud helps to straighten out thoughts and feelings. I guess he would also be feeling hurt that his sister would keep this from him because he's usually able to tell when somethings not right and they protect each other. He didn't have a reason to think that it was a lie because it was so believable and everyone was saying it. I'm hoping that once he thinks about it a bit he'll be able to see how everyone was trying to protect him from being hurt. I honestly feel that they should not have lied about it, but can't blame anyone for wanting to spare Michael. I guess we don't find out until the next chapter if the secret made the actual truth worse or easier for him to bear.

Awesome chapter! And I'm curious as to what it was that made Tanner so agitated, although I'm guessing that it was probably the new moon that had something to do with his change.
VirginiaVortex chapter 12 . 8/25/2008
This chapter was really, really, really good. I mean, all of them are good, but this one was especially terrific. I have no idea why, just that it is. Whatever you did with this chapter to make it so perfect, keep doing it.

Good luck with college; I'm sure you'll need it. Though I'm in high school, I'm basically taking all college classes (Advanced Placement), and they are already hard (it's only the second day)!
I'mAFairyPrincessLookAtMeDance chapter 12 . 8/25/2008
You really like tortuting Mikey, don't you? First the contract with Vlad, which she lied about, and now the truth behind the Scot-Nathan fiasco...I have to feel sorry for Dana, too. The only person who could figure out and fix what's wrong with her nephew is either missing or evil. Now she has to deal with a problem Shifter, a possessive boyfriend and a brother who can spontaneously set things on fire. I wonder when she'll get a break and come into her own?
Medieval-Rogue chapter 11 . 8/8/2008
While rereading this, my background music was a thunderstorm track (an hour long) that really emphasized the impending rain in the first scene. It helped me tune in, but definitely did NOT damper my excitement at seeing SIREL again! How could I have forgotten how amazing she is (the “welcome-back bash” comment was priceless)? And I suppose I never told you how much I long to ride a sports bike (technical term for crotch rocket), but that’s immediately what I pictured Sirel riding, and admire her doubly for it. If you’ve ever mentioned that she rides a motorcycle, than I had forgotten, and it was nice to be refreshed. Most importantly, though, you’ve nailed the best friend-mentality between these two. There aren’t enough words to explain how perfectly you’ve done in that area, but I could definitely tell within the first few paragraphs, yet again, how close these two are, no matter one or the other’s absence.

Just as good as that is the relationship between Sirel and Avery. Mainly because Sirel is the type to force him to confront his rare sulky situation (yet, things are always pretty dramatic betwixt Gavin and Avery). Sirel knows that Avery’s just too proud to just get in touch with his family because he’s gotten into this centuries’ long habit of holding a grudge against his son. It’s a small, small part of the plot, but good nonetheless; tense and realistic, but hopeful. And Sirel’s plan for dealing with it is so…random, devious, yet acceptable. How can anyone NOT love her?

There was some small mention of Mikey being in the honors program that made me think of something. I wonder if Dana actually knows about how her brother and Tanner are clicking, or if she’s just glad he has a friend. Part of me thinks the big-sister aspect means she would know, but then she’s proved to be very…umm….not observant sometimes. Maybe too much is going on with Walker and so she can’t guess what’s going on…so whatever the answer, it’ll work. Just curious, as I HAD thought she knew.

In the second scene…well, I’d almost forgotten how much I love Eirene (here, the “creative bartender” line was hilarious and...provoked my imagination plenty). Her vamp side clearly showing (the blurred speed when she intervened with Walker, playing with her fangs) just displayed how powerful she is. And, dare I say it? If Sirel ever became a Vampire, I think she’d be remarkably similar to Eirene – at least they’d probably get along.

And on the flip side, Walker was very unlovable. Well, in the “I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him even if he were strapped down by Eirene’s best” way. Literarily, the descriptions of his calm nature (which eventually fractured under Eirene’s actions – PERFECT), the “Cheshire-cat” smile that gave me shivers, and even the fact that he has this indentured servant. That itself was a brilliant and unique twist to things, especially things in the Vampire world. Adding onto that, I loved the reminder that this IS a world of vampires through Dana’s thought, not wanting to bite her cheek and draw blood in their company.

It seems a small detail to note, but it caught my eye: recapping Nathan’s attack on Dana through her discomfort in Hell’s elevator….was great. Especially when juxtaposed with Dana explaining her bullcrap story to Gavin and his subsequent whirl of thoughts on what to do on the subject. I think they should have told him the truth long ago – that boy has GOT to be tired of being jerked around and deceived. (Oh, and the small Catholic group of Vampire hunters in Ireland was a great detail as well, further setting up the mindset of this world you’ve created)

But perhaps my favorite part of this whole chapter was the debate over necromancy. I mean, necro death, but truly, necromancy would, yes, be the manipulation of life. Death is just an event. That’s like….graduationmancy, or birthdaymancy, or divorcemancy (for some reason I skipped marriagemancy). It’s just a big event that changes the life, which is ….something I don’t think anyone has ever tried to think about. BRILLIANT. That notion, in combination with that of psychic genes and Gavin’s (or was it Walker’s?) point last chapter about science. You’re bringing debate into the plot, or at least the dialogue, in a way that I love and just can’t praise you enough for.

Finally, the chapter’s ending was ….very mutable. Not to mention enjoyable. A suddenly horizontal Dana being kissed into dizziness by her Vampire boyfriend, tired of waiting just after creepy Walker left? The last line definitely left it up to you, with no complaint from the audience that is, where to begin the next chapter.

This is a lovely chapter, again, bringing something reminiscent of philosophical debates (only with the subject matter being the confusing metaphysics) to Blood Ties. You’re eternally welcome for the review, and I look forward to seeing the next chapter.
Liviania chapter 11 . 8/6/2008
Go Eirene!

Hmm, I never actually wondered about Gavin's past that much . . . and now I do. But Walker obviously didn't change him . . . hunh.

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