Reviews for you are not an addiction, your an addition
Faith Adeline chapter 1 . 10/29/2007
I like it. Even when you're on a coke binge, you're a good poet. Great description, good poem. Keep it up.

creepy kiss on tuesday chapter 1 . 10/29/2007
good coke binge. not lovely coke binge, but good coke binge.
by His blood chapter 1 . 10/29/2007
when i'm emotionally fucked up, i can barely get out two words, and you wrote this while high. it just makes me wish i could write like this anymore.

but enough twisted jealousy. this is gorgeous, as always, and i love it. 'i dig my nails into your november-sunburnt shoulders' - for some reason i like the image of 'november-burnt' better, but the line is still beautiful. 'and leave flakes of green nail polish in the bruises i press into your upper arms' - beauty and violence, and it's so raw and so gorgeous and you write it so well.

'i memorize: / the hollows of your cheekbones' - the format is flawless, and i love this line. '& the calluses on your feet' - the poem would probably flow better and have a stronger effect if you deleted the line 'you have long toes, i tease you mercilessly.' the feeling and rhythm of it just doesn't seem to fit. i like the word 'mercilessly' there, the image it sets up, it seems to belong with the rest of the poem.

'you tell me stories about happy endings when i ask you for lies' - brilliant(ly) broken beautiful, and i love it. 'and you wear complexes like piercings and me,' - absolutely gorgeous. so much beauty in this, so raw and powerful and just perfect. '(lover/love (h) er)' - the format is amazing, and the meaning is incredible. 'you wear [them?] like the Mozart you're pretending to like / and we scream,' - amazing. 'tired of drawing misery on our feet with worn-out tattoo guns' - absolutely amazing - i love it. and the ending - 'we scream.' so powerful, so brilliant and so incredible.

except for that one line and a bit of awkward placements, this is absolutely flawless. it's still gorgeousbeautiful, and i love it, just like i adore everything you write. stay strong. [and stay careful.]

alison .