Reviews for Rotations
Torn and Tattered chapter 1 . 11/2/2007
I loved the format of this. I LOVED that. and I loved the end. That was really cute.

The only comment that I really had about it was that'd I'd love it even more when you took the 'rotations' and made them polar opposities. Like when you say "the laughing world", the opposite doesn't, for me, seem to be 'loneliness'. Careful and crying didn't seem to go that well together either. It seems, from my interpretation that she was always different, and polar opposites always enhance that difference. Maybe it's just me.

Like "She loved the world

The loving world

Where everyone’s lying"

If I had wrote it, it'd be closer to...

She trusted the world

The trusting world

Where everyone’s lying"

But I really liked it. It's on my favs ~_~

~Kizzlicious one