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Would not Could not in a Box chapter 12 . 11/22/2007
CakeForEveryone chapter 12 . 11/22/2007
Well I think its cute how Mattie was persistent in trying to get Erik to blame him for the date not happening. Erik just brushes him off, this was not the most thrilling chapter but I'm sure it was needed. I enjoyed it too, anyways happy Thanksgiving and I can't wait to read more!
lucretiabaine chapter 12 . 11/22/2007
Awesome chapter as usual! I really love Mattie's interaction with Eric in this one.

I'm going to try and help by pointing out a couple of errors..."alright" isn't a real word, it should be "all right"...and in the sentence “No, its border-line anorexia," you forgot the apostrophe in "it's." That's the best I can do for now.

DeletionImminent chapter 12 . 11/22/2007
You're missing a word in, say, the first sentence or so.

I considered leaving this review off here just to mess with your mind. But i'm too nice for that, and the chapter was too good for it P

Now Matthias has to sit there and go, "hang on, he got less than 3 hours of sleep cos i was hurt. oh, care!" *happy dance in hospital bed.*

and THEN there can be molestation, please _

anyways. Fun times, as usual.

I'd try to wrote more and critique or something, but i just got off work and i didn't sleep last night, so i'm signing off P

Liviania chapter 12 . 11/21/2007
Aw, that's so sweet. (And I'm sure there will be a number of dramatic reactions to Mattie letting Erik sleep on his bed.)

I also like that you are addressing the fact Burgess and Erik's jobs are in danger because of what happened last chapter. People on doctor shows rarely seem to get in trouble (or at least a proper amount of trouble) for mistakes.

Liviania chapter 11 . 11/20/2007
Man, it's awful how crappy people can be. (Too bad he didn't have some cutlery . . . ) At least someone nice came along, even if she (ironically!) took him the last place he wanted to be.

AKsnowgirl chapter 11 . 11/20/2007
You MUST update this! I've never reviewed before, namely because I'm too lazy while reading :). BUT you're stories are fantastic, they are funny and invoke emotion while reading them. Well, all I can say is I
CakeForEveryone chapter 11 . 11/19/2007
ACK! A cliffie! Well now I'm even more intrigued! Please continue!
Shy reader chapter 11 . 11/19/2007
Love it, update when you can:)
lucretiabaine chapter 11 . 11/19/2007
You're a clever one, aren't you? I'm usually review-shy, but now I'm completely addicted to this story and have been checking every day for updates, so it's too hard to resist the temptation. But you deserve way more reviews than you get for such an awesome story, so it was about time. Anyway. Eek. Poor Mattie. D: And I'd love to know what Erik's doing now. And what will happen next in general. So post those updates! Haha.
DeletionImminent chapter 11 . 11/19/2007
Does this mean i have to create multiple accounts on ficpress and reply lots so you post up new chapters ?


Cos i will, you know.

I want more! *laughs*

Poor boy. I wonder what Erik'll do when he finds out what happened.

I like to think the rage will give him strength and he'll go find and eliminate the four other ones with weaponry conceled benathe his white doctors coat. It'd be very ... revenge-ish and cool. Not to mention totally out of character, but we're blaming this on the rage, remember!


You know i love your stuff.

But hey, ti bears repeating p

i love your stuff, muffin.

post more! or... i dunno.

what will i do?

quick, i need ideas! _
alilypea chapter 11 . 11/19/2007
He'll escape. He will have to...or something. Poor poor Matthias *snuggles him close and pets him* I like that he "almost" takes pity on her because she is obliged to help him.

I wish he'd had a pen to stab those stupid buggers with, it would be much better if he could've.

I wonder if Erik will get in trouble because Matthias got so severely hurt while he was supposed to be with him.

This chapter is so very intriguing.
Liviania chapter 10 . 11/18/2007
This story is wonderful! I like Mattie, with his brains and issues. Poor intern Erik.

gothicHobbit08 chapter 10 . 11/17/2007
ah keep writing please... cliffhangers aren't cool. Seriously.
DeletionImminent chapter 10 . 11/10/2007

But, serioulsy, He let him go to the bathroom ALONE!

Surely he knows the boy needs constant attention.

Or, you know, molestation and various other hand holding activities.

(omg- the girl i live with just came home and i think she and her boyfrined are making like bunnies in the room next door. o.0 ep! I have work in the morning. zomg. *dies*)



oh god.

These guys are so cute.

And Mattie's home life? wha? The boy needs some TLC and Erik needs to give it to him. See, Erik can give Mattie love, and Mattie can give Erik love, and everything works out goodly.

The nurse and the orderly can get it on too, if you so wish.


Erik's trying so hard, too. I kinda want Mattie to recognise that and go easy on the guy, but then, if he did that so soon i guess he wouldn't be Mattie.

anyway, my dearest. I will update Changes soon, i promise.

I'm not working on Monday, so i PROMISE i will write a chapter. Hopefully it'll be decent _

love me! huzzah!
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