Reviews for four foot section
Tytherpol chapter 1 . 12/1/2007
you paint the relationship of the "four foot section" perfectly.

though the title is really hard. i wish it maybe would have been just a little more directly referenced in the piece for those of us like me who are having slow days lol.

this is one of the few poems i can read and not be forced to think that it is american.

haha i think you were a little harsh on the apples and oranges, personally.

incorporating 'produce' and 'grain' back into the piece in the last stanza is really creative.

those are two of my favorite words, anyway, because they carry so much meaning but are such gentle words

i had to read "flash something unknown across my face" before i understood what you were trying to mean by it. and i still think it's a little to wordy. idk...

it just didn't really make sense that you were trying to emphasize the self, i guess.

but your writing is incredible.

my respects.