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Damien-Rose chapter 23 . 6/20/2008
oh my god! ... so i finally decided to review i've been meaning to...but i was like after the next that i ran out of chapters i can review! xp Ok i have to say it again oh my god! i love how adam calls ciaran princess! i love christian and patrick and ava and toby and even and of course adam and ciaran...i can't wait for the next chapter! get well soon . well i don't know if your still sick but if you are make sure to get lost of rest and maybe eat chicken soup . chicken soup makes everything better .

Kneecap chapter 23 . 6/10/2008
*Stares through bloodshot eyes*. I think you can tell that I stayed up until 2 in the morning, just to review you :D. I felt terrible for not reviewing straight away after you went and dedicated the chapter to me, you lovely thing you .

Just before I say something useful: there is annoying little mosquito thing in here that is REALLY pissing me off, and if it doesn't stop buzzing around me...I. Will. Go. Ape. Shit. On. It.

But anyways, I loved this chapter :D. It was a nice little detour chapter :p, and I say 'detour' because, and please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't really think it furthered the plot much; it was just a 'fun night out' which turned out to be- OH THAT IS IT YOU FUCKING MOSQUITO! BACK IN A SECOND...I have returned; it will not, :D.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the fighting. Gah! That was scary! It's really quite gross having to read about Christian constantly splitting his knuckles open; can't he just try sunshine and buttercups? It'd suit him SO much better xD.

And Jack was a bit...O_o at first but now I'm totally 'woo, love you Jack' . Though it didn't slip my notice that Ciaran seems to have a male harem of people who've known him in the past and 'care' about him. But...well, I wonder: there are so many different people that knew what was going on his his life; each person knowing the same bit or a bit more. So why did no one say anything or try to help him years ago? Why didn't they call social services? It just makes me want to grab them, shake them, slap them and then scream 'HE'S BEING ABUSED YOU RETARDS!' in their faces . Grr.

"Christian and Patrick are playing Foosball while Evan and Toby roots them on."- I have, of late, decided that I am no longer going to write crummy, fanboy reviews, so now I make sure that I have more criticisms in my reviews than praise, cos it helps people get better . So the line I quoted: this really sums up a big problem I have with this story, hun. I loved the character exposition throughout the first few chapters, and I love your descriptions of the characters, but it's just the grammar that gets to me a leetle :(. I really do have a thing about grammar, that being, that I need it to be correct :s. The quote; it's just a little problem with phrasing- i.e., instead of saying "roots(sic.) them on" you should say "root for them" or "cheer them on". See? I know I'm being picky, but it's the small things that make a difference :D.

And if you really want to sort out little problems like that, then you should get yourself a Beta reader honey , cos they'll help you sort out the weak sentences from the strong. I'd offer myself, but I seem to be eternally busy :(. I'd be more than willing to after July 17th (until septemberish) though :D.

And can I take this moment to say that I'm really glad the chapters are a lot shorter, because it makes them so much easier to review xD.

Hmm, I need to finish on a bitchy note, otherwise I'll feel unfulfilled. Well, again, this is a little thing, but isn't it annoying to have to write out "W-A-D" etc. twice or more a chapter? I know it'd annoy me! Wouldn't it be easier to just use dividers? :o!

And and and, yeah, I've really been needing to say this for a while, but honey! You don't need the disclaimer every chapter! In fact, you don't need it at all! You'd have to have a pretty thick reader to read about a brand product being used (eg. a Honda etc.) and from that deduce that you're infringeing on a copyright. Really! You honestly don't need it! And as for owning a setting, plot etc. well, you don't have to tell people you own it, cos it says at the bottom of the page " Copyright 2007 Kenya Bloodstone (FictionPress ID:166013). "- see?

So save yourself time! Don't bother writing them; no one is that fucktarded that they'd ever get confused xD.

Now I'm really sorry this review's so different to my normal reviews, BUT THE BITCH IS IN THE HOUSE at the moment xD, and I DO write constructive criticism, because I think author's should know what their reader's honestly think . So again: I'm sorry I took so long to review, and I hope you don't get mad at me for this review, I was just being honest :s, and it has taken me at least half an hour to write, which makes it gone twentyfive to two in the morning now :O! So I need to go!

But despite what it may seem like: I DID like this chapter, and I hope you get...less ill soon! And UPDATE SOON! (I was blates gonna say that xD). Night!
pfeiffer chapter 23 . 6/8/2008
evan, ciaran and christian dancing was so hot! WOOT!

poor ava...

glad you're back... hehehehe

i'm looking forward to them going back home and ciaran facing his family...
Exia chapter 23 . 6/8/2008
Oh my god your back I'm so happy I was getting worried but I'm happy your with us again -x-

Great Chapter as always keep coming...Take care

Love John -x-
Sierra chapter 23 . 6/8/2008
yay. bout time silly!
Carlette chapter 10 . 4/16/2008
Yum, I love spaghetti and garlic bread! *drools*

Aww, they're too cute! *stares at them*

Oh God... I hate math!

“Are you offering?”- mwa ha ha! Now Adam is being a tease!

Wow, I'd feel so overwhelmed if I were in Ciaran's place. I hate missing school only because of all the make up work to do.

NO! I don't care what Patrick says! Ciaran doesn't treat Adam like a puppy! Adam does all that on his own! Gosh... now I'm pissed at Patrick!

Okay, I hope someone punches Patrick in the face again! He's being a real bitch!

Yay! I'm so glad Ciaran is standing up to Brent! Good boy!

Okay, good, Patrick is hated anymore.

Lynn seems pretty cool _

hahaha, yeah they do tend to get interrupted a lot.

I finally read more than one chapter a day! I'm still really sorry about my lack of reviews!
Carlette chapter 9 . 4/16/2008
So it's NOT his father? His uncle is a creepy psycho?

Oh I see... just a twisted friend of his father's.

What the crap? I hate Rob! What is he, a sex offender? How did he get inside the house?

Whoa, his brothers are actually showing concern? Well, I'm glad they are, but where were they when he needed them?

Aww :( I don't like when Adam is hurt.

And wow, I wasn't expecting Christian to punch Patrick.

OH GOD! What's wrong with Ciaran? It's not really fair to not let Adam or any of his other friends know what's wrong.

Well I'm glad his father is going to let him stay at Adam's! Shouldn't they press charges against this Rob guy? I know my mom would be killing someone if they were doing stuff like that to me or my sister.

LMAO! I've had a similar experience at the Doctor's. They called me Charlie instead of Carley. I was pretty mad because it happened... about three times, but years apart xD

That stupid Rob... I hope something bad happens to him!

LMAO! Again with the Sara Ryans xD

Aww they're all blushing! How cute :)

Haha, Adam is mad that Ciaran is paying attention to the cute doctor. And I really think Christian is more into guys than girls.

HOLY CRAP! 96 lbs? DANG! Feed him! Feed him a feast!

haha! Christian, we all know you think the guy is hot. No use in denying it.

AHA, so he admits it! hehe.

“Do you know how wrong it is that you and your girlfriend check out guys together?”- LMAO! That's hilarious!

AHA! So Adam admits it too! Well I guess I should too... yes, he sounded pretty hot xD

hehe, for some reason I found it extremely cute when Ciaran asked for a cookie and a nap. *Ruffles his hair and he flinches*

I am happy Ciaran wasn't raped. I'd have to kill Rob personally. If that were at all possible.

So yeah! I should have more time to read this! I got my wisdom teeth pulled on monday and my face is swollen and I look like a chipmunk. But at least I get to read this! xD
Kneecap chapter 22 . 4/16/2008
I've finally finshed it (well, up to chapter 22).

Yay yay yay! It's fantabulous! (Not a word but I shall use it all the same). Oo, and thanks muchly for your reply post! I'm starting to get the hang of things here now :).

I think Adam is, inevitably, my favourite character. He certainly possesses rathe a lot of endearing qualities.

other than to say I love it, I'm not sure wht else to say :s. I'm kind of feeling quite down 'cause I've spent the last 3 days reading it and now...I have to wait for the update :(. But I can wait...just not long.

Thanks again x
Kneecap chapter 1 . 4/12/2008
:). I've only just got this account so I'm trying to figure out how to work it...

But meh! Your story: I'm only at the end of chapter 10 so far, but I think it's great . I really like the characters and the storyline. :). I think there are a few spelling mistakes here and there, but we all make them *shrugs*.

Anyway. Really good so far! Hope to read the rest of it soon...

Oo, and I just put on my first story I think O_o. Don't expect anything amazing if you read it...:(

Thanks for your story; it's ace!
Carlette chapter 8 . 4/7/2008
My GOD I am SO sorry I have been so bad with my reviews! You always review mine and it makes me feel so bad!

Anyway, from now on, I'm going to review as I go! So hopefully that should make up for my lateness!

HAHAHA, Ciaran looking like a wannabe gangster? I don't think his outfit sounds too bad. Don't care much for baggy pants though. But what can he do? They ARE hand-me-downs after all. Adam should go shopping with Ciaran! Then they could get freaky in the dressing room! hehee... okay, sorry. That was very pervish.

Yay, I'm liking Adam's father now!

Grr, Ciaran's brothers are irritating! Do they have some psychological issues going on? One minute they tell him to get out and they fricken beat him! Next, they're pissed that he's not at home! Seriously, freak-o's!

AH! I love that Shakira song! I used to listen to it all the time! I have that CD somewhere... have no idea where it is now though.

Ooh, Ciaran's got some moves! I think Adam's turned on now. *fans Adam*

Aww, Adam is embarrassed! He's so cute!

Ciaran is such a little tease!

Short? 6,0 words? That's not short at all! Well, at least not to me, since my chapters are always around 2,0 words.

I would love to read the next chapter now, but I have to work on a history project. I'll be sure to get to it tonight though, no matter how late it gets! I don't care!

And especially since I fear for Ciaran's LIFE! His fricken FATHER is there! *panic attack*

Oh and I have NOT forgotten about my fan art for this! I swear I'm still going to do it! Part of the problem is not having a working scanner *scowls*

Anyway, I'll try and get to the next chapter tonight!
Ty Taco chapter 22 . 3/28/2008


It is so long.

Anyways [part un]

It was absolutely amazing!

I'm terrified for Christmas though.

It's kinda obvious that his dad is either announcing marriage or pregnancy.

I haven't decided which yet though.

Rob better keep his hands off him though.

Anyways [part duex]

I think you should have Addi go with him to the dinner.

That would be fun.


Anyways [part toi]

You story is phenomenal.

Absolutely amazing in EVERY way.

Update ASAP.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chapter 22 . 3/28/2008

Great chapter, just as brilliant as the rest of the story is :)

Loved it all the way through. Can't wait to find out what happens at Jack's.

And just an observation; you really like the word 'mewl', don't you?

I've nver heard anyone use it in this context before, but it really works :)

Please upadte soon :)
yayawhynot89 chapter 22 . 3/27/2008
lol hmm I think I might have to go buy some Tofutti fudge pops haha oh and I love Ciaran so much his character is so adorable I just hope he's ok and that Rob keeps his handsies to himself...and if not I think he should get his arsed kick :D lol more please
Ty Taco chapter 8 . 3/27/2008
Your story is amazing.

I'm only on chapter 8 though.


I will finish tomorow.

hpfreakout chapter 22 . 3/27/2008
Loved it!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter. I'm not quite sure I want to know what you have planned to happen at Jack's, but I'm hoping it's good. Which it will be, of course, because you wrote it and therefore it's required to be amazing.

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