Reviews for Black Haired Angel
alli chapter 3 . 11/29/2008
If the year is 2012, why is she washing clothing by hand?
Dusty-Attic chapter 7 . 11/25/2008
Please update soon! Stories such as this aren't usually so well written. Please update!
cherry617 chapter 7 . 11/23/2008
update soon
buzzgirl37 chapter 7 . 11/17/2008
Woah, I love this story. The idea is great too when you get a Nazi/Jew relationship usually it ends up either all set in the 1940s or involves some sort of unexplainable time travel so I love the idea that the world is so different. It's hard to think of the endless possibilities of what would be different if history wasn't as it was, eg. Pearl Harbour never happened then maybe this would be happening and we wouldn't know any different...anyway yeh I'm a history geek :)

So the story...Is it wrong that I find Aaron intruiging and wish that there was actually this guy out there...? Of course not with the brainwashed in to hating Jews part and possibly having killed lots of people just because he's been influenced to do so by the majority (I'm a psychology geek too...aren't I making myself sound cool :)).

I'm also intruiged by this story because I have no idea if it's going to have a happy ending or not, because in reality (the storys reality) they're not going to be excepted anywhere in this world. Tonns of senarios are bussling through my mind right now.

Anyway love the story and can't wait for the next chapter.
happyplasticpeople chapter 7 . 11/16/2008
Wow, I really loved this one! I am pretty much drooling for more!

Can't wait to find out what happens next. [ chapter 7 . 11/15/2008
Please update soon!...The tension, sexual and otherwise, is building so fast! I can't wait to read what's next.
alwaysfaith chapter 7 . 11/15/2008
Beautiful chapter. (:

It felt a little corny at the end, when she wanted to hug him, but that's just me.
bananamilkshake chapter 6 . 11/4/2008
hey! i must say this is really interesting and unique!

has been enjoyable reading it so far and can't wait for updates. great job!
happyplasticpeople chapter 6 . 10/28/2008
I love this story! I hope you update soon, I love having good stuff to read.

No criticism at all, except that I wish it could have been longer! Love love love it. [
alwaysfaith chapter 6 . 10/24/2008
Oh my god.

This is... the most amazing story ever.

I'm 50 percent german, so I feel like I'm apart of this story.. And I love how it's like 2012, not 1930 or something. Even the names are wonderful.. Very german-like. I love it.

Update soon!
LorriBetha chapter 6 . 10/24/2008
this is a fantastic story so far! I didnt want it to stop then! I have to know what happens next. You have the whole servant/master and mistress thing perfect! I keep feeling sorry for Genevieve all the time, like she's a real person. But is what this story is about true, did at one point dark eyes/haired people get killed because whenever i think of germany i think of all these blonde people with blue eyes :P

Anyways, i got off topic! This is great so far and i can't wait for you to continue. UPDATE please?
MertleYuts chapter 6 . 10/23/2008
Oh wow, just as fantastic as usual. I promise I would write more but I am just too busy at the moment. Tell you what, I promise to write a nice long review for the next chapter!
pixiedragongirl77 chapter 6 . 10/23/2008
You are a master at creating wonderful cliff hangers. xD I had almost completely forgotten about this story, and this single chapter yanked me right back in again. Well done. :) I really, really, REALLY look forward to finding out with happens next!
Olivia C chapter 5 . 8/18/2008
This story is so good...please update as soon as you can!
MertleYuts chapter 5 . 6/29/2008
Oh I just love these love hate stories! And let me tell you you are doing a fantastic job! Your characters are so very human and realistic! I love the way Genevieve's emotions read while she is dancing! It all just makes so much sense! You even do a fantastic job with the minor characters. You really make this scary futuristic world come alive! Oh please please please you must update soon!
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