Reviews for Should Have
simpleplan13 chapter 1 . 2/1/2008
I like this... regrets are something everyone can relate to and I like how sweet the things you wanted to do where.. and how you end with that line is awesome.. the one line Im wasnt insanely fond of was the picture one because it seems odd that you wouldnt have any pictures of you with this person, but that might just be me because I take a lot of pictures of ppl.. anyhow great piece
That One Kid From The US chapter 1 . 11/18/2007
Very profound, yet something that everybody shares in. I recently had a similar experience yet from the opposite perspective as I'm a guy.

While my experience was with someone who was attempting to be manipulative and use me, and I was glad that I ended it before it got worse and I became manipulated or used, yet I still felt the "Should Have" that you described. Very good.

But the last line, "I should have never let you go" is often a false friend. After a few weeks or months, you realize that life is not any worse or it's even better now. (Though this doesn't apply to everyone all the time, there are many exceptions.)

Great poem, and I glanced over your other poetry and I liked click.

The part I liked the best was the comparing of the click of the phone to the click of the end of a clip of ammunition. It was creative and well written, and I'm somewhat jealous that I can't write poetry nearly as well.

Good poetry, and I look forward to reading more later.