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Guest chapter 22 . 5/14/2019
Guest chapter 8 . 5/13/2019
I absolutely love your style of writing! its so fluid and poetic 3
CheckerboardBunny chapter 25 . 3/28/2018
So...forgive and forget, huh? Shame on you, Tyler, for not giving a proper apology lol.
Delanotte chapter 1 . 1/3/2016
I know that this story has been complete since 2012, and it is now currently 2016... but that doesn't change the fact that this is a beautiful prologue. Wow.
sydneyyyy chapter 26 . 8/24/2015
i came into this hoping for a fluffy, cute romance, but what i got out of it was a beautiful coming-of-age story, set in a place and time that was and still is very much my world. because seriously, can i just say how amazing it feels to read a story set in AUSTRALIA on fictionpress?! as a sydney girl, everything from Muck Up Day to the Board of Studies to the fear of getting an asterisk as your HSC result were things that I could so eagerly, painfully relate to. damn, year 12 was so, so great, and i didn't expect to re-live it so vividly on Fictionpress of all places. it's because of this that i think that i ended up loving these last few chapters of your story the most: the way you captured the devastating exhilaration of graduation; the overwhelming uncertainty of your future; that crippling fear, yet dizzying thrill. being reminded of that time will never fail to make my heart ache. i looked at your last update date and realised that that was pretty much around MY high school graduation date, and i'm kind of glad i didn't read this back then because i probably would've bawled my eyes out LOL.

the epilogue had to have been my favourite chapter though, despite its length; it was open-ended, yet hopeful, and so, so relatable. because who hasn't had that sudden omniscient epiphany of their own lives? of realising that somehow, somewhere along the line, they'd sunken into a mundane normalcy that they'd never intended? and then that grateful realisation that at seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, you might still be lost, you might still make mistakes, you might still feel as though you had nothing to offer to the world, but at the very least, you still had /time/. you still had /youth/. you still had /life/. it's that short moment with noel having the sudden urge to go to ecuador in the middle of the night with tyler that makes this epilogue so brilliant in its simplicity and so heart-achingly relatable. and i can imagine that, long after this story has ended, these characters will still be living their lives, and will never stop learning and growing and living and loving. and really, that's the best kind of ending anyone can ask for, in fiction or otherwise. so thank you (for these uncontrollable feels lol). 3
SuckerForDelena chapter 26 . 7/19/2015
Hey there!


That was amassing! Loved it! You are such a talented writer! The story was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Absolutely perfect! I don't think I have read the story that made me so obsessed! I read it till two in the morning and then slept and woke up at 8 and started reading again! How did you do that? Each and every chapter left me wanting more! And let me tell you a secret, I don't read long story because I always tend to loose interest after some time but THIS! It was so addictive that I couldn't pull away! I am so grateful that you shared this with us! THANKS! THANKS, SO VERY MUCH!

Also, when I read on FictionPress, I feel like many people don't develop their character, or feel like there's something missing, but with this story there was nothing like that! There was everything! Love, hate, drama, angst, romance, HUMOUR (which I believe is very hard to write...idk why...I just think it is...), it made me cry and that is a really tough job, so congratulation!

I fell in love with THE DILLON and obviously NOEL! The other character I loved were George and Noah! There were so fun to read! And oh, yeah, Chas! Especially the party scene! It was so...funny! I also loved the bond Jet and Noel had it was good to see that she remained by her side when everyone left! I always love BFF type of things! And yeah, how can I forget Timmy? He was so cute! When he was missing because he was looking for them I was in awe and sad at the same time.

The relation Noel and Noah had was awesome to read. It was fun, I wish I had a brother like him! It really made me smile, their barter...and I can swear my heart broke the most when Noah and she fought! More like Noah busted at her! I was so furious with him them! Why couldn't he have given her chance to speak? I was seriously thinking he was out of his mind at that moment! How could he think she would choose Tyler over him? I know she "disappeared" with him, but Noah was her brother! No one could've replaced him! And he should know that! I was so so relived when they finally made up and went back to normal. Probably even more than Jet, George and Chas!

I really loved the way all three of them tried to bring Noah and Noel back together! And the TOMATO SAUCE incident was epic! Total cliché but totally worth it! George was awesome actor, but I think when Chas offered to take him to the sick bay and he stopped him and asked Noah to come, that was what outed him. Though, I loved the situation! I was laughing and worried at the same time!

BTW, George had bet that Noel and Tyler will get together, no? What I am wonder is who bet against it? I mean it was as clear as, like George put it,"Neon sign" so, who would be stupid enough to bet that they won't get together?

And yeah, I have to tell you one thing. Sometime I felt like all the boys had a crush on Noel! Chas and George! They were both,"Anything for you, princess..." And I had a feeling one of them was going to get down on one knee for her and I was so relived when that didn't happen! I liked their friendship and I was so happy none of them did anything to sabotage it!

And this is gonna be a surprise, but I also like Emily. I know, I know, an I a retard? No, I can assure you I am not. I know she was a bitch, she did horrible things, and she totally screwed up. But in the last few chapters I liked her character, she was a bit less bitchy...? Maybe that was the reason. OR maybe that she gave Noel hope that she can be with THE Dillon again! Yeah, it totally was that fact! She may not have done it in a civil way, but she did it anyway! That's what count, no?

Tyler was one of the most amassing character in the story, the only one who topped him was Noel, but I will go to that later. So, Tyler...I don't know what to say about him...he was so different. I loved him from the start. When he and Noel shared rare moment of vulnerability, it was good, but I loved their fight more! They were so fun to see. I really liked the fact that she was the first person he opened up with. I don't think I forget will their epic scenes. Like the one where Noel went to him to asked him to start dating her and he was like "No" without even hearing what she had to say. Then when he called her at two in the morning. And them going sailing with Timmy. The hospital scene! It was so cool! Noel suggesting to dance naked to get their attention because he was getting more and more sick by each passing moment. That was so...thoughtful...Haha...

I really liked Noel's character! She was magnificent! Always the energy bomb. Wanting to help everyone. Not too selfish. Lifting up moods. It's was a hell of a ride to read the story from her point of view! If it had been someone else it may not have been so fun! Her thought and reactions were awesome!

So, that's all! I am done. And I know there's a very big chance that you will never read this review (as you haven't been here for around 3 years), but if you do, please tell me you didn't fell asleep half way!

I wish you would start writing again!


mmmm9m9m9m9m9m9m9m chapter 26 . 5/28/2015
I Loved this so much! Thank you!
LittleBlackFish chapter 26 . 4/27/2015
Probably, you will never read that review. But, well, this is the first story since ever that pushed me to write a review. I had to write it because you created Tyler. And I realized, I would be exactly like him if it weren't for my best friend. Took her away, and I'm apathetic. I'm always there, trying to socialize, to befriend people, but it's difficult. Exhausting, also. Sometimes, whene my mates ask for something, I don't have the force to speak. I gesture. I feel like they will never like me, or understand me. My best friend hates to socialize, but she can. She's good at it, in her own (twisted, maybe) way. I'm not. I'm weak. Other than my best friend, I'm happy with few other people. And I see my mates, a large group, always happy with each other. Understanding each other. And I can't.
This isn't even a review. It's my blabbering. Maybe at least I have to say something about your story: it's fantastic. Other than the nearly perfect grammar, your ideas aren't in contrast with each other, you didn't fell in obviousity. I can't say how much this story meant for me.
Neomeris chapter 26 . 11/28/2014
Well then, this will be horrendously long, but it is the only way I, the reader, can thank the author for an entertaining book. So, bear with me!
I enjoyed reading this novel; it was a pleasant, easy read.
The grammar and spelling were quite good (apart from the occasional typo no one is exempt from, I wasn’t distracted me with frowny faces and efforts to figure a cryptic word out), while the punctuation, admittedly, wasn’t as good – I noticed you forget very often about commas in addressing a character (ex: Ch. 24, “’Say how much you like it Tyler,’ Susan says.”, while it should be “’Say how much you like it, Tyler,’ Susan says.”), but otherwise it’s fine. On the other hand I liked your vocabulary and use of it – your descriptions are neither too elaborate nor flowery and it suits the tone of this story. Also I appreciated the seamless transition from Dillon to Tyler – we never quite notice, but in the beginning he’s referred almost exclusively as Dillon, to be slowly substituted by Tyler.
You’ve done a good job on the pacing of the story – the details are important moments of development and often amusing tidbits of “comic relief”. I have to admit though, imho, the ending and reconciliation of the main characters felt a bit rushed, probably because you’ve narrated it mostly by omitting a lot of time in the interim.
The dialogue was interesting and engaging, even if sometimes it felt a bit artificial to me – too witty and structured. People fumble with words and concepts in real life. What I liked the most were actually the silences – like in real life there are things we sweep under the rug, because talking would be too painful/dangerous/scary.
The plot in itself reminded me of “Mean Girls” and the premise, while clear from the beginning, was well executed. IMHO, the “charity for the homeless” was a bit unfinished and abandoned not to be mentioned after the “freak out” – I was expecting more angsting (totally a word!)) about both their cause and Tyler from the heroine; I also didn’t really like the whole “they-might-think-I’m-gay-and-disown-me” premise, but needs-for-a-fake-girlfriend must! Oh, well. :)
Now, what I loved in WotW were the characters – well-shaped, with their own distinct voices and bright personalities. Their quirks are endearing and their flaws realistically annoying.
I absolutely loved Kendall, whose quiet intelligence gets shunned by her desire for popularity. from a spineless spy/traitor she returns to being the girl who’d be disgusted by such behaviour and confesses the locker set-up even if she must realise how damaging to her scholarship it should be. Strangely enough I also really liked Emily, who isn’t the cartoonish Regina George, but a self-centred, arrogant, shallow, cunning, vulnerable (somewhere veeery deep) girl who misses her friend. Em is full of pride and unused to compromise but she’s also capable to learn from past mistakes. Hey, give me a redemption arch (as it is hinted) and I’m happy!
Dean&Jet portray a realistic “opposites attract” couple, Chas is the classic Dumbo, who is more clever than he pretends to be. With my love of all things angst, I got hooked on the enigma that is George. He’s a lonely, boisterous boy aspiring to be a poet. WHY? What led him to that? What happened to this seventeen year old that he started reading and loving poetry? He’s so ready to help Noel and her hare-brained scheme only to be friends, he seems sincere, loyal and possibly quite insecure (the scene where he needs the reassurance that Noel and Co are still his friends even without O.E. made my lip wobble for a second!). You made me wonder about him – trust me, it’s one of my best compliments. :D
I loved your portrayal of Timmy and the spot-on observation that kids are cute especially when they return to their home at the end of the day. Otherwise…
As many YA novels, this one doesn’t excel with a Good adult. Noel’s parents might be nice people, but horrible care-givers. Although I really liked when you remarked on how Richard is careful with whatever he said, being a lawyer (and how it irritated their mother) – it gave him the most substance as a character apart from his role as “absent father”, in my eyes. However after Noel’s escapade with the sudden attention to the children’s lives, I just wanted to know “how long will the shock last?”. Besides I expected more anger from Noel, who is quite resentful, at her mother after she returned from Canberra.
The Dillons are not much better as role models. Samuel is hateful and I couldn’t help but compare him to Lucius Malfoy))) I did enjoy Susan and I thought Tyler’s resentment of her was due more to her being his mother’s replacement rather than her bubbly personality. It was realistic, which is great!
Greg Dillon: charismatic, acidic man I’d hate SO much were we to really meet, but who comes off well on paper.
The trio: Noah is nice. Messed up, but a genuinely nice boy nonetheless, who loves his family and is devastated when it’s torn apart. He trips and stumbles, but ultimately he’s on the right path.
Tyler: arrogant, resourceful and pragmatic (ready to use a girl to trick his dad, without compunctions about using his money to build a life of his own choosing), cynical – a plus in my books; I adored him for his admission of using Oscar Wilde’s quotes in the “wit vs. quoting” dialogue – and lonely. Also messed up by an abandoning mother and absent father, but without a twin to bolster his confidence (instead, he has the jealousy issues related to having a younger half-sibling everybody seems to prefer). The best thing that happened to Tyler, imho, wasn’t Noel, but finding friends. We begin with him being aloof and lonely but Noel’s idiotic thirst for revenge had a positive side effect – it helped TWO people form friendships (George and Tyler both), solid and reliable (since George’s remark when he was pushing Noel and Tyler for a reunion towards the end strongly implied that he, and the others, was still on friendly terms with Dillon even despite the “break up” debacle). Maybe this is what he actually needed: being appreciated, respected, supported instead of abandoned and villainized.
Aaaand Noel (who I presumed was named after Christmas, rather than Noel Gallagher). Now this is another case of enjoying a portrayal on paper, while being aware that if I met her I’d slap her. Hard.
There were a few rants from both Noah and Tyler about her and what I never quite understood was why they apologised to her every time: I agreed with every word they uttered! The girl IS condescending, egocentric, with a bit of a superiority complex (“It is my decision to make” says Noel about a plan everybody has made an effort to execute…), prone to over-reacting (but she IS seventeen, so), blind to her faults, prideful, stubborn. Like Emily she can’t really forgive or ask for forgiveness. She also is NOT as clever as she likes to think she is.
But, she is also amusingly sarcastic, stubborn (i.e. determined), capable of compassion (on the rare occasion she puts her heart into it), loving with all her soul – she pretends to be uncaring whenever hurt, but in reality she’s hoping against everything for a happier outcome (her brother is the opposite, he broods and then accepts the situation at hand); this way when her mother comes back Noel, queen of denial in the form of “I-don’t-care-about-mom”, is hurt even further, only to cement the impression I had after she was wounded by Emily’s evil shenanigans even when our heroine professed hatred for her ex-BFF.
I liked your style – easy, almost colloquial – and the many references to pop culture. The first person narrative was well chosen: this story is about Noel, the focus is her full of hope attitude and romantic high jinks – the plot both follows and flaunts them – and as it’s the story of a well-off teenage girl, it feels natural.
Finally, this was a nice story with a not-at-all-complicated plot. It seemed a straightforward novel to me, it didn’t make me think, it didn’t make me cry or captivate me in suspense at the edge of my seat, but I don’t think it was supposed to. Instead it left me with a soft smile, and the feeling of something pleasant, which is as good an outcome as any.
Thank you again, for dedicating your time and efforts to writing this story. I wish you lots of inspiration for anything else you might want to write one day.
villannous chapter 26 . 6/29/2014
This story just improved with every chapter :) Starting off, I was unsure if I wanted to keep on reading because the beginning chapters were a bit convoluted and hard to follow in their composition, but as the story progressed, the writing definitely improved (or maybe I just got used to it but I'd like to think it would be more the former :P) I really loved Emily as a character, especially since she actually reminds me of myself, which probably isn't a very good thing come to think of it haha... Noel definitely was a bit too over dramatic and moody for me but I suppose that made her realistic hm? _ Lovely story and I really enjoyed reading it! :D
pagestogo chapter 26 . 4/24/2014
I don't even know if you're still checking this thing, but I must say I've spent all evening reading this story and I must say I really, really enjoy it. It's sweet and fluffy and basically exactly the kind of cute thing I've been wanting to read. So thanks for writing it.
(I haven't been on this site for a long time and reading this now has inspired me to get back to writing stuff).
xxSongBirdxx chapter 26 . 3/14/2014
aw this was soo sweet a really good read
crazydaisyyy chapter 26 . 2/8/2014
crazydaisyyy chapter 18 . 2/3/2014
I strangely adore all of Noel and Tyler's lovers spats oops I mean arguments. get together already, you two!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/1/2014
say, even though I think that if Kanye had heard him, he'd probably never rap again for fear of inspiring more people to such heigh

Wait ok I'm sorry see I reviewed before I read that part so please don't think I'm slow disregarded that last message
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