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Guest chapter 19 . 1/1/2014
You should be honoured by my lateness!" Chas says, pointing his finger downwards with every word. "That I would even show up to this fake shit!"

Wait wait wait a minute did u just quote kanye west I bet you did that shit on purpose lol
CherrySlushLover chapter 2 . 12/12/2013
Haha, lol. I'm head prefect and I'm sure no one wants my position :D
Pantu chapter 26 . 12/3/2013
This was a really nice story, it made me laugh and think and definitely made me a little bit nostalgic for my last year of school. You wrote really nicely and your characters were interesting and believable and even the side characters were nicely rounded.
This definitely reminded me of gossip girl (which is a compliment), it had that upper class opulence air about it which you captured without the story and characters seeming really ostentatious and full of themselves.
Thanks for sharing
- Pantu
Awesome Guest P chapter 23 . 11/2/2013
I love Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalik! If you like that song you should listen to Skylar Grey (Love the way you lie and the clean version of Where'd you go). I also love this story. During Chapter 22 I kept thinking about what would happen if Noel committed suicide. I would love to see all the drama that would ensue. I know you're thinking like WTF was this psychotic bitch thinking killing off the main protagonist? Suicide would be totally off-character! The thing is, I'm a drama queen with a love of tragedies ( I rarely read them for fear of dehydration when I sob my heart out, but when I do I adore them) and I kept wondering about how Noel could have such a strong will as to not completely break under the pressure.
I also love how you portrayed each character so fully, most authors would make everyone absolutely perfect angels along with some minorly shady back stories, but you didn't! You displayed all the flaws and mistakes each character could make (except Timothy of course), nice job!
Anyways I would really appreciate it if you'd consider writing an alternate ending. You probably won't though so I'll just privately write one in my journal to sate my thrist ( Now you're wondering why the hell did this girl write this whole rant for then!? And how did she get from the topic of songs to the topic of suicide? I just wanted to let you know how I felt about this fanfic. And BTW I think I have ADHD.) Oh, and I might have just ate 3 whole candy bars while writing this, Halloween was just a few days ago you know.
mird199 chapter 26 . 10/4/2013
Lovely ending! This really was quite an amazing story. I feel like I've said everything about it that I want to in all my other review, so I'll keep this brief. You made me laugh, and you brought me close to tears. Teenagers are sort of complex, and you represented them here. It was easy to disregard any cliches because of the way you wrote your characters - so individual, so troubled, and so deep (compared to others stories out there).

I just have to say again: I sure as hell loved all the HSC references. They sealed the deal for me.

Thank you for being brave and putting this out there. And congratulations on finishing it - that can be no easy feat. Well done on creating some really unique and memorable characters. Best of luck for all your endeavours!


mird199 chapter 25 . 10/4/2013
Aww :)) This chapter made me a little teary - mostly because I relived my own high school graduation. No matter how bad or good those years are for everyone, they shape you. Particularly in Australia, because we're there for a whole 6 years. We go in there as children and come out as men and women. The sad part is missing the people you aren't friends with - the funny people who would start random class discussions, the mix of people from different groups that you would end up sitting with and talking to during your free periods, the kids you played handball with. It just kind of leaves this dull aching feeling.

I'm thrilled about the ending! Yay! There is hope in the world! And the little run-in with Emily was fitting. I'm glad it was in there.

And now for the epilogue :)
mird199 chapter 24 . 10/4/2013
It's good to see the tensions easing between everyone. George's antics are hilarious. He reminds me of one of my no-so-close high school friends, and that really makes me smile like an idiot.

FIngers crossed for a happy ending for Tyler and Noel. No pressure or anything, but a part of me may die if Tyler returns to his robotic form (Ok, so that was a little dramatic). Both of them have just come so far.

I feel like more needs to happen between Noel and Emily. I'm pretty sure I know where their relationship will be by the end of this story, but it would be nice to have some sort of conversation between them to reinforce what they've been through and what will happen from then on out.

Kudos to Noel for her excellent impromptu speech. Maybe it was a little cheesy at moments, but it's pretty damn hard to do something as spontaneous as that.
mird199 chapter 23 . 10/4/2013
Wow! This chapter was fantastic. One thing that really amazed me was the fact that Emily actually apologised - and Noel never did (or hasn't yet). I guess they've both learnt that revenge is futile.

I'm really hoping that the Marlow family is making amends - so far they seem to be, except for Noah and Noel. I have new respect for Kendall. She had so much to lose (considering she's a scholarship kid), but she did the noble thing anyway.

I did agree with Emily when she said "you always have to have people doing what you want". It is so true - particularly when she practically forced Noah on Emily as the Christmas party.

I'm apprehensive but still sort of excited that this is coming to an end. Not much left to go!
mird199 chapter 22 . 10/4/2013
Oh no!

Wow, that's a lot of drama to take in. Nice work on this chapter :) This is kinda random, but I just realised that Noel is kind of a critical person (I mean with Tyler, Kendall, Emily, Noah, her mum... basically everyone).
mird199 chapter 21 . 10/4/2013
Wow.. Finally some real Tyler/Noel action! I hate to think what they have to face when they come back. This whole trip seems surreal.
mird199 chapter 20 . 10/4/2013
Wow, Noel and Emily... those two really know how to destroy one another. I kind of feel bad for Emily right now - videos online like that can't just damage your own reputation, but your future (in terms of employment, uni, references, etc.) She seems like a cool person, who messed up, and the way everyone reacted to it was insane, which sort of turned her into a manipulative bitch. Am I making sense here? 'Cause I don't think I am.

I wonder what will happen in Canberra? The last time I went there was in Year 6 (you know, the Parliament-House/Questacon/War-Memorial camp extravaganza that many students have probably experienced).

Tyler seems to have adjusted to craziness in general.

Shez :)
mird199 chapter 19 . 10/4/2013
I was certain that Emily was using Kendall! I must be evil, but I really like the end of this chapter. I'm glad Emily got her comeuppance. Though I must admit, I think that was very low of Noel (possibly even lower than Emily - though it beats me why anyone would got out of their way to hurt the person they like). Oh well, it all makes for good drama.

Can't wait to see what happens next :)
mird199 chapter 17 . 10/4/2013
I think the most interesting part about this chapter was the conversation between Tyler and Noel about the rich and the poor. You so rarely get to hear from the side of a rich person, that it's easy to automatically assume that they are selfish for not wanting to help the less fortunate. It's so easy to say that every problem a rich person has is a first world problem.

I liked this chapter, because it really made me think. I've been immersing myself in a lot of Marxist stuff lately (E1 and Modern history), so it was eye-opening to see things from the perspective of the privileged. I will think again before I cast judgement on someone who is more fortunate than I.
mird199 chapter 14 . 10/3/2013
This was an interesting chapter. I foresee some Noel x Kendall friendship in the near future. It's nice to see what kind of background she comes from. I'd figured Noel was rich (with the penthouse and all), but I just didn't know exactly how rich she was.

It was a little strange to see Emily's 'dirty' side. I reckon Tyler's getting slowly unhinged. His dialogue has changed from "look at my astounding vocabulary and my ability to quote from every successful nineteenth century text" to "I sometimes speak like a normal human being".
mird199 chapter 12 . 10/3/2013
Gasp! The ending of this chapter was one of those moments where, if I could pull it off, I would have said, "Oh no he did-n't!" I definitely did not see that coming. I'm sure because of this little accident Tyler will have to put up with a lot of crap. Poor Noel. Seriously, just... poor Noel. I've never broken a bone in my life and I sure as hell never want to.

I can't decide if Kendall is just misunderstood, Emily's proxy, completely evil, or actually kinda nice. She seems really fake to me - but maybe that's the way Noel sees her? She reminds me of a couple of girls I used to know in school mixed into one. I feel like she will do something very important very soon.
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