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moongazer7 chapter 16 . 6/25/2010
Nice one! It's gettin exciting! Nice! Lets see now... I love the contrast between Raven's character when they are at work and when they are not. I think I much prefer the Raven when he's not training Jett. In fact I'd do anything for that Raven.

For a moment there I thought Jet would have to climb the tre... But Raven's intense. God, I wouldn't last very llong with him. He'd probably hate me as a student. but I like the whole thing with the bullying at the end. I was so scared for Jett. Poor Jet. but, still Suil to the rescue! Nice! I love that! I always thought that was nice. Suil's so kind, and he seems like a great friend. I liked the part at the end how he plans and plots to run away to, and Suil is pretty darn smart.
moongazer7 chapter 17 . 6/25/2010
I always, thought that was cruel of Raven. Poor boy. but I guess he made up for it at the end. I thought that it was kinda cruel that He didn't really give jett much time to celebrate. That was something else though. Poor Jett having to do more. I hated him at this point when I first read this story. I thought, what a heartless guy. He's got to give Jett a break sometime.

What a strange game of Tag though. I'd hardly call it tag. hahaha! but poor Jett having to collapse at the end. Hm... well... poor boy though with Iern and the rest of them bothering him. that was a pretty close call. Nice scene you created there though.
moongazer7 chapter 18 . 6/25/2010
Maybe you could expand the medic ward seen more and also your two weeks Maybe pick a few days to go in to more depth. I actually want to see the progression. It's interesting. Maybe also with the surprise too? I'd like to see Raven's reactions.

This chapter seemd a bit rushed, so... Not as paced out as the others were.
moongazer7 chapter 19 . 6/25/2010
Now this is something! I was so excited towards the end. I never saw it coming not like that. I was almost feeling the pain when he got that bracelet off. Ow...! that must really hurt him... Oh no! I was so... so... much in pain for him but also hoping that he'd escape. Nice little stunt he pulled though. that was interesting. I thought it very clever. I wonder what would happen if Raven had caught him. I liked how boring and casual it was and then it suddenly got so much more exciting!
moongazer7 chapter 20 . 6/25/2010
Now It's the Raven who's being attack? TSk, tsk! You cruel cruel author. Who next?

Anyway, I enjoyed how it was about both Raven and have a good mixture there. Poor Jett though with his hurt arm... Hm... He's is in a bit of a with a hurt arm. No fun at all! I like how the boys reacted. I thought it was good. glad they are willing to help though. *shiver* if Raven caught up... that would really mean trouble. It's pretty exciting though. I was really cheering for Jett at this point.
moongazer7 chapter 21 . 6/25/2010
This was a nice chapter. I enjoyed the gang and there consideration. It was very much probable. I liked the suspicion. If someone wasn't suspicious I'd be wondering... The gang sounds troublesome. I was wondering the first time through if this was going to mean more trouble or not...
moongazer7 chapter 23 . 6/25/2010
Your imagination did run very wild indeed! It was very dark and terrifying. I was holding on to my chair the whole time. I felt like screaming for help and was scared. I wasn't sure If Jett was there or if I was. I feel very sorry for Jett. I felt sorry for him... I was hopin that he'd make it out safely. I felt afraid for him. I liked the unclear speaking and the way they spoke. It was very good. It added to the story even more! I loved how they tried to burn him.
moongazer7 chapter 24 . 6/25/2010
I don't see anything wrong with this chapter. I actually liked it! Wel, Jett's changing! Aw... I'll miss the Old Jetty dearly. he was so Naive and cute. I liked how he did things and his character. The rebellious nature was quite the thing. That was my favorite part of it all! This one is a moving chapter. Raven seems a lot better here that Jetty's not antagonizing him.
moongazer7 chapter 25 . 6/25/2010
Part one is already over? I'll miss it especially Jetty. I liked that little Jett. Well, I like the whole description with the flying. I liked how you detailed it. I could feel it. It was quite something. A big change. When I first read, I was quite shocked at the differences. He seems more, quiet. This egeagerness to learn in this chapter on the first reading was shocking. It seemed interesting. A big but nice contrast. I was really in to the thing I wanted to see how this new Jetty would progress. I liked the whole idea of going to the front. It was very creative, exciting, and a good idea!

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moongazer7 chapter 26 . 6/25/2010
the action begins eh? well. right... I love the name monster of darkness. I think that's creative. I also like the whole ordeal with his tale I think it was quite good. It's like Jett to exaggerate. that tale was good. I think also the surprise that everyone was in was great. I enjoyed the unbelieving nature of the other flyers. It was very good. I think if they didn't do that It'd be harder to believe. I also loved how one of the first thing Raven wanted to do was play tag. that was also very characteristic.
moongazer7 chapter 27 . 6/25/2010
War time! Yay! The exciting part! good one! I am going to enjoy reviewing these. I always thought these were the exciting chapters. I couldn't detach myself even If I wanted to. I enjoy how Raven likes to plunge Jett in water. I always thought that was interesting. I liked the references to swimming. I always thought Jet would be a good swimmer. He did live in the wild after all. Hm. Nice, actual lessons again! I like those, especially with this Jett. I like the admiration and the fact that he looks up to Raven so highly. I like How he does it in the lessons. I like his questions now too.
moongazer7 chapter 28 . 6/25/2010
I enjoyed this one. A lot going on which is good. It's a lot to think about and keeps the mind at a whirl. It's stimulating. I enjoyed how you covered TroKas and the Kairg all in one chapter. How you come up with all these good names I'll always wonder. They all sound good, so original, and nice! I like the name RaSkevvor. Do these characters have a last name anyway? I thought the Kairg scene was good. This was our first impression after all, and you did it well. I could see the place and the people well. It seems like a very dangerous place more so then troKas. does someone in particular own TroKas anyway?

Oo, and Jet with a sord! Neat! Nice Jetty finally gets a weapon of his very own! I liked his training with the Harris guy. It was fun to read. Poor Jett though. It's funny to see him not good at something again!
moongazer7 chapter 29 . 6/25/2010
I thought when I first read this, Yay! Combat at Last! It was good though. It was very well written. I enjoyed the action, clashes, and the actual fight. Jett hurting people is got to be the favorite image for me. I like how he was so new at all this and his conversion so soon, but he was still so good. I thought they would not let him fight so fast. I wasn’t really convinced that he was ready and capable. Chapter 28 really spoke volumes. I thought they would keep him at the tents and not let him fight. I thought his unconfidence helped you though. I really thought it was interesting how he didn’t take the advice given to him by scares. I thought that was pretty darn characteristic of Jet.

I also liked how thorough your descriptions were. I thought that It was really the reason this chapter was so good and came alive so well.
moongazer7 chapter 30 . 6/25/2010
Haha! Maybe you should! I love the high Jet…. It was very amusing. I swear the first time I read this, I was almost on the ground. I didn’t think I could breathe. He acts just as a little kid would. I love it. I feel sorry for jett though. Raven’s so impatient., but then again I wouldn’t be much nicer. I sort of agree with Raven. I love his Raven snores thing though, that was pretty darn funny. I also like the thing where Jett was saying how cool his eyes were.

I love his episode of throwing Jet in the water. And dirty dish water too… I love how he also steppes on him to drain the water. A little cruel perhaps, but that’s the best Raven can do I suppose. I love How Lydia is so motherly. Her objections seem so needed there, and you really begin to agree with her. She’s a nice one though, very motherly.

His phone conversation was an excellent performance from Raven. I thought that was pretty darn cool how he spoke to the elders. It was quite impolite, but great at the same time.

My most favorite part besides the last was the first. I thought that was pretty cool how Raven was in the beginning. I like all the contemplation and thinking. It really shows his character. My favorite part of that scene though was his fatherly side coming out. You could really see the deep love and care he had for his student. You really start appreciating how good of a teacher he is.
moongazer7 chapter 31 . 6/25/2010
Aw…. Wish he didn’t have to. It hurts so bad and it’s so painful. I like the innocence. I am sure Raven has to disagree in everyway though. I would too If I was there. I likes how he tells the truth. It’s nice, relaxing, does the job, and is interesting. I think it’s great. I always thought Raven is a good storyteller. I was surprised at how nice the tale was. I like how most of the chapter was a story. Hm…. Maybe Raven would be good at writing? Though I can’t completely see him sitting there writing. He’s way to much for combat to like anything like that.

I also like the beginning. How he forced Jett to stay and eat the bar. I feel sorry for Jett. The thing must taste horrid. I also like the snore reference and the giggle.
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