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moongazer7 chapter 32 . 6/25/2010
Sometimes I wonder If that is comfortable at all. The flyer suits sounds kinda uncomfortable to sleep in. I liked the whole chapter with him being ill. Kinda time. I don’t like Jett to be ill, but, it’s good for the story. I like Aday, makes me think Aday would be a good father and mentor. Talking about mentorship, I’ve always wondered if you could train more than one student if you wanted, and how many.

I like the reactions in the kitchen tent. I thought you really showed how ill he was. Aday seemed a little rough there.

Oh, yeah, and when Aday had to read the note to Jett I got thinking: ?Can Jett red?
moongazer7 chapter 33 . 6/25/2010
I just realized all these were guys. Is there even such a thing as a woman flyer or soldier in TroKas? I liked the beginning how he did the whole upper body exercise, but then again I thought that he couldn't? Hm... I liked How Jet wanted to group Aday with Gray and Raven. I like Boomer. Poor guy. wish he could be less noticeable. I liked the whole recrutement and tag game. I enjoyed it. It was both fun to read and exciting. I again liked your description so... I could really be there and feel the exileration and wind.
moongazer7 chapter 34 . 6/25/2010
I am glad I went back and reviewed all the chapters. I forgot to read one, this one.

I enjoyed it. It was definitely a darker chapter. It certainly gave off that type of mood. I like it especially on these missions. I thought you did well. I enjoyed the dinner with RaSkevvor. I also liked discovering what he looked like. another layer of characterization on RaSkevvor. Now, this is getting thick and exciting. You also built Fent well. I enjoyed the talk on the ridge. Gray was so funny. He's always such a character.
moongazer7 chapter 35 . 6/25/2010
Good chapter! I enjoy how you really got in to the action. I like how you make Jett take them out. Jett to the rescue eh? Now, Raven's going to be proud of you, my friend. I liked how easy you made taking them out seem. Then, even when he was weak and hurt, He did 4 and 5 okay.I am glad you made him weaken. This does give him a reasonable flaw. I liked the beginning of this and how hesitant and confident he seemd.
moongazer7 chapter 36 . 6/24/2010
I liked the scene with Ravenand Jett. I liked the fact that Raven acted so fatherly and kindly to him. It was a very sweet scene indeed. Gray is a different story though. I’d expect nothing else from him. His performance was pretty standard. I like how Gray called Jett and It and a Brat.

I liked how you kept changing POVs. And they were all great transitions too. I think my favorite scene though was when that medic was talking to Raven. It was pretty darn funny.
moongazer7 chapter 37 . 6/24/2010
It was definitely a good chapter. It’s nice to see the others again. It was definitely very reflective and we do see how they all see things. I think this is exceelent.

Who’s the fiance? And, can flyers and soldiers visit their families then? I thought they couldn’t.

I also like the RaSkevvor part. I liked his suspicion. I enjoyed how he investigated and thought.
moongazer7 chapter 38 . 6/24/2010
I like the name Syk. It’s funny. It does go well with sick. Hahaha! I enjoyed the whole thing with going back and forth between the elders and Jet. I think the Jet scene was pretty good. I love it that Gray has to try to teach Jett again. God, that must be frustrating. But then again Gray was pretty funny to the readers. Didn’t do a good job though. I was always thinking through out this chapter how much better Raven would have been telling this. He was a good storyteller after all, He demonstrated it well.

I liked the part with Raven. He was quite the character at the meeting. I liked the out right disobedience. And, most of all his determination.
moongazer7 chapter 39 . 6/24/2010
I definitely like the name Camera. It’s an unlikely name, but hey, who said a guy couldn’t be Camera? I wonder If he enjoys taking photos? Hahahahaha! I like the ending of this chapter though. You really bring up some good things we can all think about. I like how you mentioned that he looked weak but he was actually quite good. I liked the loud flyer. He sounds perfect for Iern. Iern needs that kind of guy anyway.

I loved how you talk about Jet and his thoughts. I thought that was a good reflection of the war and how awful it was. This was good as he was in the middle of the action. I think having someone’s thought from the thick of the battle is great. You get to see this stuff first hand.

I think it was another lesson well described. Raven does very well as a teacher. Perhaps a bit tough, but nevertheless, a great one. I think Jett needs that kind of teacher anyways.
moongazer7 chapter 40 . 6/24/2010
Poor Jet. He is already hurt and He's working hard. It looks like he's already worn out. Honestly though, It's hard to side with either Jett or Raven. I get why the guys doing it, but... The good thing is, Jett doesn't hate Raven for this. It all sounds pretty bad though.

Oo, exciting. The city is going to be in some deep trouble. I like it. I enjoyed the plotting. I like this part because while we do see the Kairg we never see them in action from there POV. This is a nice bit. The Kairg sounds much more nemenacing and they seem to plot much harder.
moongazer7 chapter 41 . 6/24/2010
I thought the chapter being from Mostly Suil's view was nice. It was informative as well. I like suil and I am really liking him at this point. I still don't like Iern all that much but I don't have an opinion on Craig either way. Maybe you should develop his character even more? I enjoy how Suil is all concerned for Jett and goes immediately to check out what's with him. I like Suil's determination and how he would let nothing get between Himself and Jett.

Jet must really hurt. I really feel sorry for him now. I think it was clever How we see Jet through Suill's eyes. We really do feel sorry and can give our sympathies to Jett. I tend to start feeling more depressed, sorry, upset, and sick all this is happening to Jett. It's rather depressing. I like this POV.

I like how fast it goes but you feel sorry for Jett. He's already asked to be seen in front of the counsel and he just woke. Hm... well...

Also, this chapter made me really wonder when you kept the relationhship between Jett and Raven Hidden.
moongazer7 chapter 42 . 6/24/2010
well, when I first read this I was gripping my chair really tightly. I was wondering througout the last bit of the last chapter and this one what trouble Jett was in. I thought Jett was in some sort of trouble. I liked the way He talked to the elders. I like the fact that he filtered out his words. I did enjoy how he thought them out. What was most interesting was the Ravia part. Now, that was funny.

I am glad he's going along with raven, respecting him, and keeping his secrets.

the last bit was sad. the description of the fallen city and the Kairg Plotting is horrifying. I enjoy The whole scene with Raven and RaSkevvor though. That was interesting. I enjoy how RaSkevvor was showing his son around to the technology. We got to see both there views.
moongazer7 chapter 43 . 6/24/2010
I thought the breakfast episode was funny and abnoxius. It was nice to see something as funny as a food fight of sorts in the middle of a tense story.

Syk creeped me out in this chapter... He was... No...

I like the different POVs with the training. Lante's pretty darn harsh. pretty much a match for raven. I like Lante though. Iern was somthing else. He irritated me a bit like usual. His smart mouth didn't help things.

Oh, no, the fun begins! someone's kidnapped!
moongazer7 chapter 48 . 6/24/2010
I love how action packed this chapter is. It's worth the time to read and review. The packed action and the whole content of the chapter was what made it good.

but then, again I couldn't ever have guessed for anything else. don't ask me to guess an ending to a story because I'll most likely be very wrong. I don't get foreshadowing after all. I just don't know. Me at guesswork is really really weak. Then the actual ending shockes me, like, really? No... so...

I enjoyed the return. I liked how he was in a hurry to spread the news and then collapsed. I thought that was good and characteristic of his later self. I love his determination. but then... I always did. I thought that suil's concern was lovely. It's very characteristic of the guy. I also think with the scene about Jett coming back I also liked how they all tried to stop him but it was unstoppable. everyone was pretty much characterized excellently.

I also liked how solemn and ready eahch were. The whole indecision oof the teen just seem to fit in so well and properly. It did wonders. I liked how they thought it over quite a few times.

I also liked the secrecy between Jett and Suil In the middle bit there. That was also really good.

Well, the ending was great! I really enjoyed it and thought it was quite the ending! It was quite creative. As I said I never expected it to go that way. i liked how calmly and slowly it went at first and then suddenly at his oath. I really liked how he swore not to TroKas but to be a good flyer. I liked the reactions as well. I thought it was very exciting. I was cheering for him, hoping he'd get fre of them, and that he wouldn't have any thing to stop him. Also, that he didn't suffer. I liked how fast they swooped down on him.
moongazer7 chapter 49 . 6/24/2010
so this epilogue was good! It followed the ending well! I loved the fact that he got away well. I was cheering for him the whole time. I was hoping they weren't on his tail and that most importantly that he doesn't get caught. I certainly didn't predict this either.

I like how it took place at this city. I think it's good and characteristic of Jet to come back and look for Raven. It's interesting to see how the ending is at the place of the climax.

I liked the discriptions of the forbidden zone again. it was again really good. I could imagine it once more and feel the dread and coldness of the place. I still love the dialect they use! Your forbidden zone was as good as ever. It gave me the same feeling it did the first time which is great! and, I am glad Raven survived, made it, escaped and made it far away! I just hope his bleeding don't hinder him too much.

I love the whole thing with the baby. That was so cute. Aw, It's too unfortunate that the baby had to die, but I couldn't imagine Jett with a kid. That'd be bad. I enjoyed how he encountered another living person. It was good how the other person avoided him at all cost. It just comes to show how bad the war was. I also think that was good how he acted. It gives us a lot of information.
moongazer7 chapter 50 . 6/24/2010
Yes, indeed! I love the new story
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