Reviews for Broken and Mended Bond
portabellaprincess chapter 13 . 1/18/2008
I can't wait for the lemony yaoi chapter! Looks good. Don't keep me waiting too long! ;)
CalliecoKat chapter 13 . 1/17/2008
Another fabulous chapter. Man I have so many thoughts filling me head for what could be in the fabulously sexy threesome scene. I can't wait to read it! Oh, I caught this while I was reading the chapter, “Just don’t go into the attack tonight.” I wasn't sure if you meant to do that or not. Just thought to let you know that you put attack instead of attic. I look forward to the next chapter!
Happybunnygrl chapter 12 . 1/13/2008

Please write a threesome yes yes yes

THat would be so cool and crazy

I want to know wat reiji would say

yes or no

keep going
CalliecoKat chapter 12 . 1/12/2008
THREESOME! THREESOME! THREESOME! Liked Kagumo's, "Wow that came out so wrong." That was hilarious. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
Koneko Plushie chapter 12 . 1/12/2008
A threesome with these three would be rather interesting to read. *thinks* Yeah... Whatever you feel is right. Nice chapter, it came together nicely. Keep writing!
nomy chapter 12 . 1/12/2008
im up for a threesome..but... i think that maybe it will complicate things more?yay more angst!..but ..i dont know..maybe you shouldnt do it..but in the other hand, you should do it! aah i dont know! i just love reading your story.. !thats what i know...
portabellaprincess chapter 12 . 1/12/2008
Do the threesome! _
portabellaprincess chapter 11 . 1/7/2008
Nice. Very nice. Looking forward to the Uke revenge night! Was a little surprised by the secret, but maybe that will be an opportunity for another yaoi moment!
portabellaprincess chapter 3 . 1/7/2008
How sweet. He locked up his little orphan all for himself. _
portabellaprincess chapter 2 . 1/7/2008
Wow. How old are they? I'm sure this was a very intense scene and you did a very good job with the descriptions.
Happybunnygrl chapter 11 . 1/6/2008
*The crowd goes wild*

This story is like OMG!

When I got to chapter 11,

I was like NO! Wheres

chapter 12. Im going to have

to print this out and let my

friends read it! there probaly

be all hot and bothered lol

Anyway continue with the story )
nomy chapter 11 . 1/5/2008
great you should put more S and M maybe? but if Gensho want a Uke may want to make him strip tease while doing the putting Renji in a hot situation and making Gensho tease him to the can bring the more animalistic side of Renji...

but great story and i hope update soon enough..!_~
CalliecoKat chapter 11 . 1/5/2008
Yippie! You used my ideas! I feel so loved! :3 Good chapter. Love the cat ears and tail you threw in. And the detail in the bath was so vivid I felt like I was right there. That was really cool. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
nomy chapter 10 . 1/4/2008
come on update soon please~~! i want to know the secret and is he and alcoholic? hurm angst coming soon ..i can feel it..hahaha..but never mind my over imagination thing just UPDATE SOON!
CalliecoKat chapter 9 . 12/28/2007
Oh my my my. How I wish I had stumbled upon this story earlier then now. I just finished reading everything you have posted. And I am absolutely in love with this story. You're chapters are entertaining and good at keeping your audience's attention. Bravo to you. The introduction of Gensho's friend was quite interesting. Very nice plot twist. So far my favorite scene was the date on the roof top. That was a great romantic gesture for Reiji and Gensho. Takano reminds me a lot of some of my girlier friends, her little antics make me crack up laughing. Can't wait to read the next chapter! Drop me a message when you update!
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