Reviews for The Art of Dressing
Imalefty chapter 1 . 1/27/2008
hahahaha this was so good! i definitely got a kick out of it.

"Hopefully, everyone takes the time to bedeck themselves..." - great line. :D

"by this i mean you'd better put on some darn underwear" - so good! i laughed so hard when i read this. and no, i wouldn't want to be mistaken for a plumber... XD

"they don't want to be reminded of how sarcastic you are or how you're with stupid." - hahahaha so good! that was an amazing line. :)

"your right leg through the left pant leg" - i think it should be right pant leg... i've never put my right leg in the left pant leg... either that, or i'm doing it wrong. XD

yay socks! i like socks. :)

hahaha, i loved your ending. so fitting. great piece - really well written. really funny. so entertaining. welcome to my favs list... :)

-Lefty (from the review marathon hosted by the review game forum - link on my profile page)