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Paonis chapter 1 . 12/30/2007
Oh no it stopped.

I may possibly die.

'the silence became awkward, as though it was hitting puberty and couldn’t quite figure out where the spots had come from, and would the boys still like it?'

That analogy could win an award. I tip my hat to you. Only actually it's nearly 4 in the morning and I don't make a habit of wearing hats to bed. I meant to be asleep an hour ago... Damn you and your very long and incomplete and much too awesome story and my lack of self restraint.

Now I sleep... Unless I end up rereading Frankinlove but I'll try really really hard to like, not.
n2 chapter 1 . 12/28/2007
This story was absolutely fantastic. The description was short, just enough to keep things interesting, and the pacing of the dialogue was excellent. I love the character development and the way the romance is subtly slipped into everything.

However, I found the flow of the battle scene a little odd. I didn't really quite understand what was going on, but maybe that's just me.

Anyways, I am eagerly anticipating your next chapter. Please continue to write and not be put off by the lack of reviews [quantity is not equal to quality anyways].

A friendly reviewer who loves your work~
nonaccount chapter 1 . 12/28/2007
Oh my god! I absolutely adore your writing! I laughed and kind of spit up a little within the first couple of lines:

"'Hello, brother,' answered a cool voice.

Greg paused and tried to remember if he had joined an cults recently."

You are hillarious! Ok, enough exclamation points for now . . . maybe.

Cute, too cute:

"'You didn't tell me your brother was hot,' [Frank] said slyly, looking up at Drake with his lips quirked in a teasing smile.

'You did not tell me you had a death wish, Drake replied, walking over to join them."

and then,

"'I have no interest in whatever unfortunate creature you choose to bestow your affections upon, Drake,' Greg said."

Wow, I am just gushing shamelessly, but this is too fabulous for me too feel anything other than a tinge of what is societally required, so . . .

OMG! (yeah, I never use that, but I feel that it adequately expresses my ecstatic fangirl-like state) OMG! I LOVE Greg he is so deliciously droll!

"'I liberate property from unworthy owners,' Greg said. 'Then I transfer the property in question to the location and owners it rightfully belongs.'

'Greg steals things and fences them,' Drake translated."

"One mug was a somber grey; the other mug was yellow and shaped like a cartoon bird with a large head. Greg felt this cast dark aspersions on Luce's character." Amusing. :)

This scene also makes me wonder, how long have Luce, Drake and Frank been planning this? And is Luce the locket-person/monster that Greg "hates"? Huh, I guess I'll just have to read on!

"Afterwards, he'd been so uncomfortable sitting next to the sobbing, grief-stricken mother that he'd had to leave, and he'd missed most of the show anyway." The nerve of that woman!

LOVELY metaphor, "the silence became awkward as though it was hitting puberty and couldn't quite figure out where the spots had come from, and would the boys still like it?"

Ah, Greg and Summer together are just adorable! "Summer blushed. 'You don't look old, though. And Uncle Luce is really old,' she added.

'I know,' said Greg. 'He's way older than me. He's totally ancient.'" Haha. :)

I like this too, "The silence became so awkward that it was embarrassed for itself." But really what don't I like? :)

Again (too lazy for a thesaurus or a better brain) cute lines, Greg "grabbed one of the towels off the rack and decided that if he lived here, decorating would be his first priority. Luce obviously needed someone else around the house to tell him that he had appalling taste. That was what relationships were for."

This made me smile, yet AGAIN, "Greg followed him up the path, noting the cracked and crumbling statues scattered throughout the lawn with approval. The previous owners had been detail oriented."

Oh . . . I'm at the end, but I'm confused . . . is this NOT a oneshot? Oh, for the love of all things evil and unholy I fervently cast witchy spells that it is NOT a oneshot. . . . 'Cause if it is, I was hoping for more resolution at the end there. I mean not that I need to read, "me love you, let's fuck." "okay, stick it in me 'cause i love you too." for a story to be over for me . . . just a LITTLE bit more. Or maybe you're just implying that over time they'll get together and hey! maybe even that night if Greg becomes a big sugar slut and tries to shag Luce. Or something like that . . . . Or maybe my sweet, sweet Miz Watson you will reply to this sad little review and let me know, thereby putting me out of my misery.

There! review over. Imaginary flowers and other accolades of your desiring for you for such a loverly, loverly story.
Rylie Antyuhin chapter 1 . 12/25/2007
I enjoyed your simplistic style, although it was rather difficult to adjust to. At times, I would have give an arm or leg to have a few more sentences to describe the situation or personalize the narrative more than you had, but I grew to appreciate the story and the world you created for itself enough that I didn’t really minded at all when I finally finished reading. There’s a slight fairy-tale/fable feel to your work because of it which is rather endearing, even more so than Shub.

[You’ve disabled anonymous reviews. If purposely then never-mind.]
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