Reviews for Realm of Shadows
lianoid chapter 1 . 6/9/2010
Excellent first sentence. I really like how sudden it is; really caught my attention.

Damn, this piece is good! This is much different from other things that I’ve read by you, but your amazing talent still shines bright. I really like how different this is actually, and I like the sort of snappy sentences. They’re short yet powerful.

I live in my own realm, and my story is a complicated one that starts at the end.

-This is a beautiful sentence. Oh man, excellent work with this.

As Nix and myself leap from the rooftop...

-How strange that I came across this at this point. I’m naming one of my characters Nix.

But oh monsieur I kid you not, for here I am, part of the undead and just as sure as you are reading this I can stand in sunlight.

-Oh my goodness. I LOVE this line. Hot damn, this is good.

O, the last line gave me shivers. Overall this was beautifully done. The only question I have, is why he’s so easy to kill. I’m guessing he’s one of the “lower-end” vampire hunters, and it really doesn’t make a big deal; just thinking aloud. Fantastic piece. Really, this is great. I’m glad I checked this out; I’ma hit up some of your older one-shots like you requested, so bear with me. It might take a week or so before I get around to reviewing more, but believe me they’re coming. :)