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gummybaby chapter 5 . 3/9/2008 update and nobody gets hurt!

I can see the plot is actually starting to move along, what with the creepy black ice and all. I'm very excited.

Now here's some cake *shoves in face* now update!
gummybaby chapter 4 . 2/18/2008
Oh, I'd forgotten how much I love this story! and yeah, that was a cliffy, which means you have to update we don't go feral and try to kill you...
behindthemasque chapter 3 . 1/26/2008
Alright- hint taken- again! Just found one typo is all

The prt where it says "and I'm getting a stitch in my sideeven though I've only been running for a minute because I've never been every athletic . . . "- very not every

I like it- especially the sarcasm.
behindthemasque chapter 2 . 1/26/2008
Real inconspicuous on the review hints. Hmm- wondering if the girl-like tendencies are intentional- would a guy really worry about his hair frizzing out, or would he (cuz this is written in 1st person) say that he blushed? Anyways- still reading- I like it so far.
behindthemasque chapter 1 . 1/26/2008
Hey- this was really good- quite humorous (she added in a mock proper British accent). The characters seem pretty human- hangovers and all.
Esquirella chapter 3 . 1/25/2008
Poor Sym!
DeidaraXTobi chapter 3 . 1/21/2008
Yay! It's so funny. Love it! I love the interactions between all of the characters so far! I want to read more. Feedback, feedback... I like nice long reviews, but lately, I seem to be half dead when it comes to them. Which is really lame, cause I love to read and I love to write, and I love to talk with other authors... (Did you notice a lot of us are lazy?) Anyway, I'm here to talk about your story! I like that there are a lot of mysterious questions needing answering sprinkled throughout, and I love the humor (cause I'm not as good at that, but I love reading it!) But I'm sticking round for more. I want to see answers!
DeidaraXTobi chapter 1 . 1/19/2008
Pretty interesting. I'd go on and read more, but I got the Golem over my shoulder waiting to play video games, so I guess I'll have to do that later. I love your writing style though, it fits with the character, and I am always envious of people who can write in first person well... (Because I CAN'T.) It seems funny and interesting. I'm definitely faving and coming back!
gummybaby chapter 3 . 1/14/2008
oh, new character...I like Medrien, for some reason he makes me think of a little kid.
Three Score and Ten chapter 2 . 1/13/2008
Oh, I'm glad I found this fic! Sym so far is a very genuine character with a lot of intruiging stuff to follow up on (how he became the guardian, the thing with his dad, Phoenix, etc) and the story seems like it has a lot of potential. I'll be waiting eagerly to see how it develops!
wittynamehere chapter 2 . 1/12/2008
Interesting. I'll be reading to find out more about the characters, this fic looks promising. Update soon with long chapters, please!

Dust Bunny
gummybaby chapter 2 . 1/11/2008
oh, I'm starting to get things now, very excited...
gummybaby chapter 1 . 1/10/2008
I like this story, you did a good job with the first chapter. I got a little confused about the living arrangement but I think I've got it figured out. Sym lives with Palla and Phoenix right? Is he in high school? If so, why isn't he living with his parents? I'll stop asking questions now...
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