Reviews for Sanger
E. Miranda Hernandez chapter 1 . 11/15/2010
You have a very unique voice, and it fits this story perfectly. It's funny that one can feel sympathy for a creature who admits to murdering for blood, but Sanger's unwanted friendship with Lucian shows us a more human side to him. Even though he wanted to eat Lucian, we still feel for him. Overall, a well-developed tale.
chasing givenchy chapter 1 . 2/25/2009
In parts, it was very predictable and familiar, but I still liked how you played it out. Lucian is the most familiar character in literary history, and reminds me of "Little Women," but I absolutely loved how Sanger finally DOES decide to bite him, and uh-oh...

Sanger was brilliantly characterized, and the ending was touching. Especially the implication that he didn't bother lying about Lucian to Felix. The Lucian-Sanger conversations had been awesome.

Overall, hilarious and crackerjack. The language tone was delightfully droll, bored-Englishman-speech. Slapstick in places (especially with Mayor Sturgis), but it had me in splits anyway: the hula skirt and the priest episode were a highlight.
aragon asten chapter 1 . 12/22/2008
Written chapter 1 . 9/23/2008
AHA. so there is another story about these characters. cool.

[The mayor, whose house, due to some odd construction error, had been built adjacent to the gaol, was so distracted by the sneezing that he went to stay at his Auntie Bertha's for the next month.]

haha. I love your style. it's so sly!

[Sanger's trial was pushed off for a few weeks, as the judge of the village court was on vacation in Hawaii for the Christmas holiday. (He would not return until his wife, suspecting that he was seeing a mistress, grew fed up with his absence and resolved to drag him home by his jacket lapels if necessary).]

very nice details! oh crap.. I have a dinner I need to rush to soon. if I have to stop reading half way, I promise I'll be back later!


[(Aurestia, incidentally, was found two years later, happily married to the garbage boy her father had deemed an unsuitable suitor before her disappearance).]


[only a few stubbed toes (and one dead town drunk) as casualties.]

hahaha. oh dear.

["Exorcisms don't work on me. I'm a vampire, not a demon." He coughed weakly. "Your Latin is wrong, by the way. It's 'monstrum'. Direct object and all that."]

is it all right to love a fictional character?

oh no, is lucian going to die? he seems so cool!

["Mina's birthday is tomorrow; let's all surprise her by invading her house for the day." "Elfy's wedding is next month and it would break her heart if all of us didn't attend." (Never mind that Elfy was Sanger's third cousin twice removed and he had never met her in his life). "My car just died; I don't suppose you could give me a lift? Oh, and bring the whole family to my house while you're at it?" "Christmas is in ten days, and I know the kids are just dying to see one another again."]

hahaha. this is beautiful. cruella is a gem.

and oh no, lucian does die D: this is so sad. BUT SO GOOD. thank you for writing. annd... my ride to dinner arrives in only a few seconds. EEP.
slowspinningredemption chapter 1 . 3/30/2008
lol... you have a knack for summaries

i went crazy over it... meow! loved it!
Duckie Von Paigenheimer chapter 1 . 1/13/2008
Wow, so I super liked your story... is there more?

You have a real talent, gift of words, an' all that jazz. I really hope to be able to read more from you, 'cause that was just... well really enjoyable to read.

If you've got the time, I'd love it if you'd read what I've got, and let me know what you think.