Reviews for Artistic Melancholy
chasing givenchy chapter 1 . 2/25/2009
Nice to see Sanger again. Leila was delightful and believable, and Sanger fishing her out of the pool was really sweet.

I love the constant attack on literary clich├ęs, especially the ones in Leila's internal monologue. The Viscount was brilliantly bleeaargh, especially how he jumps out of a window to save her. The family portrait was incredible, and Eggbert and Cruella ... eeks. And yeah, I'm beginning to see Cruella de Ville's resemblance to a vampire ... speaking of which, isn't Aunt Cruella too fat to be the usual brand of vampire?

The ending is a bit cheesy, but I like the modern flourish to what would have been otherwise hopelessly period. (Granted, the setting of "Sanger" and all that.)

I hope you write more such vampire shorts.
Written chapter 1 . 9/23/2008
what a lively, delightful piece! I just read the whole thing and forgot to take notes as I went along, but you'll have to forgive me. I'll try to go through and find what I noticed.

Okay, so I thought your take on vampires was quite funny, to be honest. love how she's writing all that purple prose and it's so very cliche romantic fiction stuff. and then AUNT CRUELLA. hahah. I love that name.

and then the part with Felix, where he claims to be the grandDAUGHTER is quite hilarious. oh dear.

the viscount IS very much like that jane austen character from p&p! haha, that cracks me up.

[But really, Leila thought, if my life were a story, I would totally believe this was a plot device contrived by the author so she could get to bed on time.]


sanger is funny, I like em.

["In addition," the Count continued, "You will buy me the strongest pair of industrial-strength earmuffs you can find, out of your own pocket money, and present them to me at Yuletide."]

bahaha. I love the way he delivered that line, too. class! ps, yay, he's married to mina :D? I just remembered who mina was. I think. right? oh dear.

the end is very cute. I like how she finally gets her inspiration, and just like her grandmother said, it came from real life! haha.

cute. I loved it, if you can't tell.
loves him chapter 1 . 3/19/2008
What a lovely and endearing story. I really enjoyed reading about Leila and her 'experience'. You did a great job on fleshing out Leila as a character and the interactions between her and her queer family are amusing to no end.

A side note, I laughed when you compared the Viscount to Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice because I was thinking of the same exact thing when I first read his line of dialogue. :)
Duckie Von Paigenheimer chapter 1 . 1/15/2008
So I was very pleased when I started to read this, and found Sanger. I find him a positive delight to read. To be honest, the car thing seemed random to me... but whatever. I liked it. I liked your references to Shakespeare, etc. That was clever.