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ai-08 chapter 10 . 2/13/2008
so i'm just going to take a guess and say... Joshua's taller, but Oren's older. but who knows? :P

i flippin love those two. and allen. but aww! poor oren. ;_; *lip wibble*

i hope all turns out well for them -

and btw- i love you're ideas about magic. very original :D
jess chapter 10 . 2/12/2008
x-princessa-temnoti-x chapter 10 . 2/12/2008
Hm. I would think Oren is older, but for some reason I get the impression that Joshua is taller. How did you have them, in your mind? I keep thinking I want Oren to be taller, but...I just see him as shorter, for some reason...

And whoo! It's not too strong a spell! And I like Allen. Sorry, PRINCE Allen. And :smacks Oren on the head for cheating: That wasn't fair to the prince, psh.
Ambriel chapter 10 . 2/12/2008
Aww! I love your story! It's so cute! I can't wait to read more!

I can't believe Joshua kissed his mother! Bad! Fortunately for him his pretty mage will fix everything, right?

As for your question:

1) Who is taller?

I can't really decide who would be taller. I kind of picture them around the same height, I think. If I had to pick one I'd say Joshua.

2) Who is older?

I get the feeling Oren is older since he seems to be running away from too many things to be very young. Sometimes Joshua gives off the mature older brother vibe though so I'm not sure! D:
Renae K chapter 9 . 2/11/2008
Ops! Almost missed an update. Aww. Oren had to part with his coloured blades for a while! (Though I imagine he still looks like a bit of a dream without them). And the poor thing has to work at the palace to sort out this mystery! Poor Oren. Isn't it bad enough that he has an idiot (albeit a 'lovable' idiot) for a lover?

I'd ask you the 'whodunnit' question but I don't really want to know. I'd rather find out the natural way!

Eagerly awaiting more...
Jess chapter 9 . 2/10/2008
it was okay
Rubadub chapter 9 . 2/10/2008
What I can't figure out is how something as simple as kissing his mother's cheek could seemingly give him amnesia. I know there MUST be some reason that he should have refrained but it continues to elude me.

-scratches head in frustration-

Oh! I would like to know if any of the characters like to read steamy romance novels :0!

x-princessa-temnoti-x chapter 9 . 2/9/2008
Okay, what IS Joshua's grandfather's favorite dog's favorite chew toy?

Maybe I should show some self-restraint and not read this story for several 3-day gaps...just so I can come back and read more at once...

There's a spell thing on the castle and such that has to do with Joshua kissing his mother? (rhetorical question...ish)
Filly and Phips chapter 8 . 2/8/2008

Joshua don't be stupid Oren loves you more than the princess whore!


I like joshua's charector, even if he can be a total idiot at times.

But Oren's my favorite.

Please keep writing!
x-princessa-temnoti-x chapter 8 . 2/6/2008
:jaw drops: Aw. No. No, no, no. I'm not - wait, yes, I am tempted to kill Joshua. AND you. Gah! :death glare: Feel teh pain. My favourite is Oren, probably. Pity for those in pain.
Lerene chapter 8 . 2/6/2008
My favorite character is 's... I don't know... he just has this personality that has me liking him.

What's going on with Joshua? Why's he ignoreing Oren?
Mister Cat chapter 8 . 2/6/2008
*Glare Daggers Murderously*

My fav char... maybe Josh maybe Oren... dunno which to decide XP...

I'll be just waiting since as you already started it is useless to encourage you... you update in a timely fashion so I bear no complain whatsoever about the story. Although,...

*throws dagger at Qui* I want to stab stab you for making Oren miserable...Meanie... :P
Renae K chapter 8 . 2/6/2008
Ah, so Joshua lost his memory... Was it something the Lady conjured up? Hhm. There's some dastardly plan afoot here and she's the most obvious person with something to gain.

As to who I like? Well, Oren is gorgeous - the picture I have of him in my head is quite spectacular! And I love how cheeky he is. :)

But I think I like Joshua the most. He's just so cute and honest and open-hearted (e.g. 'pretty mage', all those kisses goodbye, etc). He just lurrves his Oren so very, very much (and wasn't afraid to show it!). Aw...

Yes, I am now a sad sighing sick puppy... but it's all your fault! YOU DID THIS TO ME!

kiki chapter 8 . 2/6/2008
i'm beginning to think that joshua is under a spell...
Simply Bulisen chapter 7 . 2/6/2008
I'm sure this is a crime, there must be a law somewhere against such morbid behaviour! I will sue you ass of when I fin the right law, if you don't update that is:P then maybe I could forgive you for writing so damn good and not updating faster then lightning:D
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