Reviews for Poetry for Those With No Road of Hope
Ever The Great Fool chapter 1 . 1/17/2008
Nice poetry and stuff down here, alot of effort put in, although it is admittedly a little too long. I'll probably finish reading everything once I have the time. Also, I liked the "Tobacco-Bag Man", it was interesting, and I do enjoy speaking with strangers sometimes, they could have alot to say as well.

Personally, you're right, we do have our own share of troubles and stuff, an inevitable part of our lives. I probably had depression about half a year back, thankfully it's subsided. Reading the stuff you've put here is pretty good advice, alot of learning points for me. I was always a victim of teen angst anyway (Read my poems and almost 90% are about angst, haha).

Anyway, good job, keep it up.
purple x pen chapter 1 . 1/17/2008
i think you have a lot of insight, and your poetry is beautiful, i liked some more than others though, personally I've dealt with my own phases of depression by having faith, i think following a religion helps a lot, because it gives you something to believe in, especially if the religion you follow makes sense to, otherwise its just pointless (I'm a Muslim btw).

i also agree when you say that sometimes it's easier sharing something with a complete stranger rather than your own, like this site for example, here our words are valued and not laughed at, we find empathy here, which is what most of us are searching for, someone who understands.

Im sure you'll make a great father btw, or atleast do it to the best of your ability, its something that keeps me going too, to be a good mother, even though i dont want it right now, i still want the opportunity to raise a child, and that keeps me alive, as well as the thought of all the people i might hurt if i take my own life, it's not worth it, because i think suicide is selfish.

as for your views on 'gayness' i sorta understand what you mean, but i dont hold it against homosexuals for being the way they are, i blame the media, its my theory, i believe that there are som many labels and we are so brainwashed that the moment we think a certain way or feel something we make ourselves believe we are part of the 'catergory' the media made for us, simply because we fit teh discription, therefore i despise labels, what is so wrong with being different, why do we have to catergorise people? so a guy likes fashion, does that make him gay? its the media, and unfortunately i cant put this across as well as I'd hoped but thats the best i can do for now.

wow this is a long review! but i hope you appreciate it, over all i think this was beautiful, i agree with a lot of what you write about and can relate to it, im happy that you survived life and admire the way you look at it, everyone has a story and i think yours should be shared so i'm adding this to my favourites, good luck with everything and i hope you're successful one day, remember success is a self defined term )

i really enjoyed reading this, brilliant!

PS: have a look at Spencer Johnson's "the present", im only 17 and i benefited a lot from it, its a really easy read, also it would mean a lot to me if you'd review some of my work and let me know what you think, it's probably not mature enough for you, but i'd really value you opinion )