Reviews for A Study of Thaumaturgy
Strelitzian chapter 1 . 3/12/2008
I have to admit that I've never come across terms like "theotechnology" etc - so I'd guess that they're your own invention, or that I'm a retard...Although I have noted the presence of what you've called "theotechnology", "theurgy" and "thaumaturgy" in various novels and graphic novels I've read. Just under a different name, or no name at all - somewhat confusingly.

Anyway. This was interesting: it was well structured, so it was easy to follow it through to the end. The subject matter, if handled by a lesser writer, would have been as dull as hell, but I quite enjoyed reading this. Also, a note about your other work (that I've read) - it is incredible thought provoking, and I've gone away each time with something interesting to mull over.

Keep it up, man.
The Crazy Talk Kid chapter 1 . 2/1/2008
Your ideas are highly intriguing. I'm particularly interested in your version of Theotechnology but I have a few questions. If say, one modified Theotech armor to respond to codewords or perhaps encantations or the like to use just thaumaturgy, would it work? What would the ramifications of praying to the motor be for one who does not believe in it be for if these beings existed would they not be upset?

The prayer driven armor and djinn bound carriage are very intriguing, how, may I ask, did you come up with that idea?

I found your work through your forum page and I've been interested for a while in Steampunk. I was wondering if you could suggest any others authors on here or your own stories that involve it. I was hoping, if you wouldn't mind, reading a story of mine to give me some pointers. It's called Wars of Steel and Bone.

Lastely, I must say I enjoy your ideas, very progressive. Kdh.
Kent Edwins chapter 1 . 1/20/2008
What's this? Just some random info? Or maybe dropping hints of what's to come?