Reviews for Real Fairytale Ending
4NeverAfter chapter 1 . 1/22/2008
Hey it is I again...long asleep and now awakened by...What is this? A story? OH MY GOD! FROM THE MIDGET? Seriously though, it's been way too long since you've posted anything prettyful for me to read...BUT NOW YOU HAVE! WE! Sorry I'm a little hyper, as Bear had a migrane and so therefore was amounting to being no fun, and so therefore not being able to quell my endless babbling brook (ocean) of energy . But seriously nicely done I must say. The true fairy tale ending? Ain't it true enough. No one wants to see what lies beyond happily ever after...But even after everything seems to be perfect...Something always goes wrong. I mean, it's life..Oh and major kudos on the duct tape and safety pins. In my mind it symbolizes what we're all made of...Just patch work to cover up the holes and the cracks and all the rest of our flaws. And the last line gave me the shivers..Cause after so many..What do we have to lose anyway...Well in short I LOVE IT. But I figured since you love long reviews I'd leave a pretty one at your door to make up for lost reveiws . So ByEbYe! WE!