Reviews for Lights
Piewithpancakes chapter 1 . 3/17/2008
Hey! This is Pie (the fan who couldn't review earlier, so I sent my review through Froststar11). My comments earlier still hold true. I really like this story, especially your descriptions. This story looks like it took a bit of time to write. _

Froststar11 chapter 1 . 3/3/2008
Hi! So, my friend (whom we call Pie) read this and fell in love with it, and sent me a link. She wanted to leave a review, but didn't have an account, so I volunteered my account to her. First off, let me say that it was very well written. You certainly have a way with words~ I like it!

(here's what she typed for me to put on here:) "Pie says: After I read it, I waited for a second before slowly looking up at my ceiling. This was a truly great story in a makes-you-keep-glancing-over-your-shoulder kind of way. I've read a lot of horror, so not much strikes me as very, well, striking. Your story is one of the gems among the cheesy rhinestones. _ ... *slowly looks up at ceiling again*