Reviews for Clementine
Nine Types of Normal chapter 1 . 5/27/2008
This was one of the saddest, sweetest things I've ever read! Is it bad that I like Andromeda? I hope not, because I simply adore her! The writing was alright and the ideas wonderful, but you could have put a little more thought into editing it, because it sometimes finds itself lacking in fluency.

Here are some things that stuck out in my mind:

"Black breeches, black boots, black blouse, black knee-length boots, even a black mask. His hair wa s a dirty blond, and drawn back into a small black ribbon at the nape of his neck, his skin was pale, and his eyes behind the mask were grey."

-Have you seen (or read, which I haven't yet) The Princess Bride? Because that is SO Wesley!-

"Not realizing that they were alone, they discussed what had happened."

-'Not realizing that they weren't alone,' you mean.-

"frighteningly low neckline"

-Like Clementine, like Andromeda.-

"Delights in not telling..."

-Artemis Fowl much?-

Keep up the good work,