Reviews for Knight in Shining Armor
consequences chapter 2 . 2/9/2012
this story was so good

erasmuss chapter 3 . 7/23/2010
Ah I really enjoyed this!

It's really gritty and sharp. You really capture the bleak, dirty atmosphere, and I just love Mango! Despite it being a single chapter, it's clear you've put a lot of though and history into these characters. The only think I would have liked to have seen more of is Lucien s and Mango's relationship as friends, before Mango decides to try and seduce them.

The POV changes were different, but you did them well and they really work for this story. Normally I'd have to frown upon first and third POV so close together, but somehow it stings the narrative up so perfectly, fitting all the pieces together. It gives a fuller scope of what is going on, making it both internal and external. I don't think I could pull it off quite so well ;)

I have a very (very) vaguely similar character to Mango (called Skittle, lol). That might eb the reason I liked Mango so much...might not. I just really enjoyed his character. I want to know more about him and squeeze into his head space. He's just so compelling and captivating! I want to know all his motivations, all his thoughts, all his feelings...

My only question is, why have you got the same chapter up twice, and the ending up three times?

I think you could also work on your summary. This story is wonderful but the summary kind of falls flat.


aControversialSecret chapter 3 . 6/21/2010
OH its so sweet

people cant write good prostiute stories any more so I really think it's amazing.

mango's hair sounds awesome!
FemoralGlyph chapter 1 . 12/1/2009
-le gasp- Is Mango-kun gonna be okie? –flails- That flamboyant little rainbow BETTER stay alive! –tears up- M-m-maango!;A;

-cough- On with the review!;3

As you can plainly see, I LOVE Mango-kun! –fan squeal- And, because of my terrible sadistic mind, I love him even more because he got so terribly hurt! –cuddles passed out bebe- Ouh!X3

Okie, and Marv? Don’t even get me started on him! I can clearly see that he is the main villain, though by default because in reality he’s probably just a guy trying to get his fix and make it in the world, BUT STILL! That comically named sonofa bitch mofo should really get himself shot in the chest! –peer pressure vibes towards author- but, on the other hand…-mumblemumble- That lovely little panda-loving scene between him and dearest Mango-kun was quite tasteful and DEVIOUS! –stares at screen and drools- That…-mumbles again- t-that bastard…? –can’t make up my mind anymore-

I was a little ‘eh’ with the switching from first to third person with Luci-kun’s point of view, but I suppose I got used to it, y’know? I’m just wondering why exactly you couldn’t pick between the two, or why you just decided to use them both?:0 –interested-

Pshaw, AND, I thought that Luci-kun was totally hating on dear Mango-kun because of their little fling! The guy was the cause of Mango-kun’s near death! He should fel the GUILT! –mumblemumble- Because it was his fault anyway for bein’ all drunk and stuf. –flops-

Anyway, this story is so sad and it confuses me and Mango is a total beast-muffin and I love it! –more fan squealing- Subscribing to your updates! Crank out another story for me!;D But more depressing! –wiggles panda fingers- I have said it! It MUST be true! –giggle-

-smooch- See ya!:3

HoneyCoveredKitten chapter 1 . 12/8/2008
Oh wow. I am one for a good romance. I truly love how you were able to write a Yaoi so well. I personally love yaoi and yuri. Why? I'm not sure. Oh well. Great job on the story. You need to keep writing. Please do. I enjoyed it so much and want more of it. Kinda like Mango wanted Luci and Marv. Great job!

~Honey-Covered Kitten~
Upendi chapter 1 . 12/7/2008
my god you steal that headline!

hey i liked the other story better
moonlace chapter 1 . 6/23/2008
This was adorable, in a twisted kind of way. Great work! :D I love your style of writing. It'd be great if you would write a sequel or some more chapters for it.

I love your story! x3
killaccount chapter 1 . 1/30/2008
I'm guessing this was a one shot? Though I wouldn't mind if you continued it... anyway, I enjoyed reading it, though there a few issues with tense changes and things like that.

I liked how it was more dialogue oriented than description, that's always very easy and clean to read.

Good work, keep writing!