Reviews for Saprotrophic
xLilly White chapter 1 . 3/11/2008
This... this is something.

What kind of something, I'm not sure I can properly define, but... I LOVE it. It's somewhere between a lyrical puzzle, theatre, and poetry, maybe. Everything's technicolour and raw and I can see it all happening, feel all the metaphors like they were somehow tangible- you've constructed a pretty fantastic imagery, and every single word weaves into the other with the perfect sounds, the perfect rythm.

How did you do this! I was reeling at the beginning, and at the end I practically had my mouth open, wanting to know how this sort of magnificent writing is possible. You've created a genre all by yourself, and it's really refreshing, though the reader's got to really get into it to understand the events happening, who's feeling what and why - but then the reader feels completely immersed in that exploding colourful world of yours, and there isn't a better feeling, imo.

WHY HAS NO ONE REVIEWED THIS PIECE OF MAGNIFICENCE! Ignorant schmucks. Well, this sure as hell is going up on my faves, because I've never seen anything quite like it and I think I've never enjoyed something as much. :) Keep at it!