Reviews for Bloom for Me
Harry2.0 chapter 26 . 8/30/2008
*Hoists glass of champagne up in the air* NOW THIS, is the way to propose and to end the story! My hat is off to you my friend, and I look forward to many more stories from you in the future.
PDXWiz chapter 26 . 8/30/2008
Neat chapter title, making me wonder what's up. But then I noticed that the story description on the author's works page said 'Complete'. It's complete? Omigosh, omigollygosh! I actually cried to think this was over... I don't think I cried this much over your writing since Susanna died... Your characters are so incredibly REAL to me!

Wow, that dress sounds pretty...

I agree with Rudolf...if Hanna did that, she should do this for a living! have a way of exercising Rudolf's

Yup, you can't be late for Briella's matter how much she turns you on, Rudolf! LOL...

But that's an interesting analogy...Louisa as Cinderella, Rudolf as Prince Charming, and Kristen as the wicked stepmother, with Magga and Camilla as the wicked stepsisters (although Magga found redemption...)...LOL

Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot Christian and Leslie were here, since I just read a chapter with them in the other story on their home island a few months earlier...LOL

Probably better than most of the stuff for sale at Ellströms, too...heheh.

Oh wow, an organdy dress...those are so beautiful...her dress is lovely, too!

Yup, Leslie doesn't have to be graceful about being 'Your Highness' back home, that's for certain! She just has to be Miss Leslie...

Christian and Leslie are so right together. But so are Rudolf and Louisa, too...

Pretend you are Toni to deal with the media crush if you are having difficulty doing it on your own...brilliant!

Seeing dust being stirred up from the marble by the helicopter...LOL, Leslie!

Holy cow, indeed...FOUR helicopters?

Hm, I've never heard 'holy paradise'. But I guess holy cow probably came from India's sacred cows...unless perchance it was all about Swiss cheese...cheese comes from cows, so holey cheese must come from holey cows, and later the silent e was dropped...

What did Christian say? Holy what?

Oh, I see...holy poop... Thanks for the help on that, Louisa. Good slug, Anna-Laura!

Weddings should have festive moods, and I'm glad this one is getting really festive! :)

Wow, LOTS of attendees! Wish I was there, too! LOL...

Don't wave or say Hi Mom...LOL, Rudolf! Good one... But I hope that her family is watching, or at least taping. I'm sure Roarke is taping this, both to see Leslie and Christian as well as former islander Michiko and see if Rudolf and Louisa are a couple... Hey, this is a great chance for Adriana to hang out with her family, at least after the wedding ceremony, after the reception.

Yah! Cousins! And she gets to meet Elli... and I hope Christian and Leslie get to meet her as well!

I think it was really sweet to invite the Lagnebrings and Sjöbloms, and probably really good public relations for the royals as well... I do agree that Elli will probably get to be good friends as well with Louisa.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Too bad you didn't bring your autograph book, RUDOLF! LMAO!

I'm glad Christian is giving Gabriella away, and had given Ceci away and best manned for Gerhard. He'll probably best man for Rudolf, too-unless he gives Louisa away (if Louisa's folks can't make it...), in which case, Gerhard would do the duty.

Yah! Natalia is the flower girl!

"Wosie up! Wosie up!" How cute! LOL!

Hm, lavender for Magga...

Oo, Liselotta's dress sounds pretty...

WOW! BEAUTIFUL dress for Gabriella!

What a GREAT ceremony! Again I would that I could have been there... On to the reception!

Heheh...good thing he makes her look so good dancing. But I'm sure she'll get dancing lessons before they get married.

Yay! A cute lil Anders scene!

Oh~! A small box... Is it... Can it be... ?

AH!H!H!H!H!H!H!H! HE DID IT! HE PROPOSED TO HER! OMG, I am crying! Happy tears! her to remember that they kept Roald and Adriana away from each other for a month... Well, maybe they could run off and elope and make it a done deal, then have a royal wedding later...hehehe

Cool...New Year's Wedding and a honeymoon on Leslie's island...probably in the same place the two of them honeymooned in, and Roarke as well...

Wow...but it's over now... And there are too many unfinished threads! Yes, what did Anna-Laura talk to Christian and Leslie about? Gregory? And what will happen with Kai and Anna-Kristina?

I'm so sad this is over. This is probably the best story yet of everything you've written...well, maybe except for Christian's bio and the story which hooked me into your writing, 'bout a guy named Peter...

Gordon, humbled by your excellent writing...
jtbwriter chapter 26 . 8/30/2008
Bravo to Rudolf and Louisa! What a proposal! And I love

the way Brella and Daniel reacted-just right! This was such

a vivid, real story-thanks for a great ride! I look forward

to the sequels!:)
jtbwriter chapter 25 . 8/27/2008
At last! LOL! Rudolf finally listened...and his heart

let him hear Louisa's sorrow and grief over loving him!

And she..growing up is hard to do...but she has!

Love the humor of the cats..but Rudolf's desire and

Louisa's response..sigh. Very hot-and loving! Thanks!

Now what happens?:)
Harry2.0 chapter 25 . 8/27/2008
Well, its good to see that Louisa and Rudolf have worked things out! And, they found out why he never got the messages, and why she never got his! And as for the cats, that was sweet! As a former cat owner, and still a cat lover, if you treat a cat right, they WILL love you for all times!
PDXWiz chapter 25 . 8/27/2008
Okay, great title...and you left us at that incredibly intense what happens?

Oh no, not again...Rudolf, you turkey...

Hahahahaha! Do you have any idea what kind of a jerk you can be at times? Nobody has ever said that to him except his family! ROFLMAO! What a thing to say to a crown prince! LOL!

Gawrsh, but this fight is amusing...

Great fight, and now the truth will out...they'll get past this fight, and things will get better! Wu and hu!

LOL...he lives in a pile of rocks? Way to get on his good side, Louisa!

Powerful scene between them in the conference room...oh! He called her söta...great sign!

Hm, wonder what Leslie and Christian are thinking about their absence...



She loves him because he cares about living things and he has strong family ties and he doesn't have such a huge ego he wouldn't take a chance on her and he's wonderful and real and flawed (in a good way, meaning he isn't a paragon or anything)...

Yah! She's going to Gabby's and Daniel's wedding, and meet Anders...wu and hu!

Yeah, she only has a few friends, and only Rudolf is likely to call and leave a message, since she works with the three girls and Hanna knows her schedule... Her parents would set up a time to call and talk on the weekend via email, and for that matter, Toni probably would as well.

I'm sorry Kai, I wish it could have worked out better for are truly a great guy.

Oh, Magga made Gudrun happy, that's right...she did all the right stuff no matter how hard it was...

Poor Anna-Kristina...

Oh, did she see Kai? (fingers crossed...)

Oh wow, yes it is him...and they seem to be making a connection... :)

Neat conversation :)

Oh crap, they aren't allowed to connect at all...

Yes! The connection is made after all! Wu and hu!

I hope Anna-Kristina won't be too upset because Kai got hurt, since it means Rudolf will be happy, once she finds out what happened. Ironically, it's all Camilla's fault in the first place, but at least she will get married with Kai and he and his girls and she and her girl will live happily ever after, along with Louisa's cats... Well, at least I hope so, anyway.

Heheheh, yes, I guess he could very well have been driven bonkers by the answering machine dilemma...we'll see soon enough!

LOL...right, she thinks he heard her place was on fire and he wants to rescue Cinnamon and Chocolate...(activates the eye-rolling emoticon)

That's right, he hasn't met the cats. When they interacted on the island that Christian and Leslie live on, they were in Minnesota. If he ever visited her apartment, it was before they came out of quarantine. Typically, she waited downstairs for pickup...

LOL...yes, they should hiss at Kristen...LOL

It's nice to see Rudolf so giddy; we've never seen him that way. It's a good look for him.

Oh that's right, he didn't visit her place before this. And she hasn't visited his suite in the palace since the remodel.

Wu and hu! They like him, and they just met him!

They'll probably surgically attach themselves to him for life...LOL!

Oh, the system WAS shut off. Did Camilla or another intruder working with her do that?

Mystery solved!

Wu and hu! Another trip to the castle...for a wunnaful lovefest!

Hehehehehe! Let him try the loft out...!LOL!

Sure she has done something other than him on tv...LOL

HEHEHEHE! The cats are proprietary about Louisa after all...yup, back to the palace! It will be nice for her to share breakfast with everyone...

Yes...his door moved...LOL

Bigger suite, beautiful view, and a wonderful person to share it with...

What a wonderful scene you wrote between the two of them...

And another cute scene in the morning...

Oh boy! I guess the next chapter will be the wedding...that is, the weddng of Daniel and Gabby... but what to do about the wedding of Rudolf and Louisa? Another chapter or two down the road. Besides, her family has to come to see it, including Toni's family.

Unless you are going to pull a fast one and have them get married in a double ceremony with Daniel and Briella...LOL

And perhaps Kai can come as a guest of Anna-Kristina?

And while we're at it, why don't Magga and Gudrun visit Leslie's home and have the Lord Mayor of the island marry them? LOL...

Then later, you can do Kai's story over her much the way you did Christian's (after having already introduced him in the other stories with Leslie)...

Great, great, wonderful chapter...thanks ever so much for bringing them back together in this pleasant way...

PDXWiz chapter 24 . 8/23/2008
Great chapter...I enjoy the double meaning of the title-which princess could it be? Unfortunately I managed to go through and delete the first half of my review...but I restored most of it, I think...

I'm so glad Anders made it, although I'm sad his siblings couldn't make it. That was a shocking ending for his mother...and rather like the classic fairy tale, where something always seems to happen to the mother...

I enjoyed the dialogue between Magga and had me going, I forgot that she might say something to Magga about Louisa and was afraid she was going to break up with her. And she virtually did-'accept my friend or lose me forever'...

Another good scene with Magga and Rudolf, and I'm so glad Kannitha's gonna be out on her butt...the little blitch!

And a touching moment between Magga and Kristina...

I've also realized how appropriate your story title is: On the main level, there's Louisa's blooming into womanhood; second, the blooming of her relationship with Rudolf; Rudolf's (and Carl Johan's) blooming plants; the blooming friendships between the Enstads and the Sjöblom and Lagnebring cousins; the blooming relationship between Daniel and Gabriella; the blooming relationship between Louisa and her VAFS friends; and of course, the blooming of Magga as a lesbian and her relationship with Gudrun. Totally amazing work here...

I love the phrase 'half a dozen helicopters jockeying for space in there'. I use my phrase 'butterflies the size of Manhattan', but I like yours better. :)

Wow, the outfits Christian and Leslie have on sound as beautiful as they are matching...

Cool, all the couples are going matching...oh, to see this in person...

Darn, I'm sorry that Anna-Kristina's romance, as it were, with Gunnar failed...he seemed like a nice guy. But alas, they were mismatched as much as Rudolf and Camilla...

Poor Rudolf...I hope he makes it through the night!

The hotel sounds wonderful!

Good historical tidbit about the lobsterbacks! I haven't heard that word in a long time... :)

This is going to be are setting it up very nicely :)

Yum...chicken cordon red potatoes...lingonberry jelly..yum! Plus a nice salad.

Good...she decided to confide in Leslie and Christian, after all. Wonderful! Of course, it won't be any easier, but sharing something as deep as this does um...spread the burden out...well, maybe it does make it a bit easier...

Any brilliant solutions, oh all-knowing uncle? LOL

Wuh oh, speechifying...makes it longer...five speeches, then dancing...

Abdominal velociraptors! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Another great so-o-o-o-o need to get published! LOL!

LOL...Christian and Leslie have to go as well...LOL...

Go, Magga, go! You can do this...

Arranging a meeting of international mediators or a tryst of lovers from feuding families...I think Shakespeare would appreciate this!

Hm, maybe she has trouble being coherent around Louisa because she was subconsciously attracted to her...without realizing it?

Wow! She's talking to her! Naturally her presence tends to flummox the heck outta Louisa...but she is willing to apologize for her I have said at least a dozen times in regards to her (maybe a dozen...LOL), there's hope for Margareta yet!

Yea! Leslie's talking to Louisa as well...

'Those damned velociraptors have mated and had enormous litters'...OMG! That's hilarious! ROFLMAO~!

YES! SHE DID IT! SHE PULLED IT OFF! Now she can (I hope!) live happily ever after with Gudrun...well, at least clandestinely...

She did it! She worked a fantasy herself (getting Rudolf and Louisa together in one spot), now didn't she? Granted, she had help from Aunt Leslie and Uncle Christian, but it was her idea...

Oh I hope it works I hope it works I hope it WORKS! Yes, Rudolf will be annoyed at her meddling, but with everything turning out for the better...

Yet again, another fabulous chapter! Thanks again...I loved it! Especially your new, improved expressions to replace butterflies in the stomach...LMAO!

jtbwriter chapter 24 . 8/23/2008
That was fantastic! Love that Margareta finally got her

act together...and really changed for the better! Now...

please let Louisa and Rudolf act like way or

the other! LOL! Thanks for a very welcome update! Now

Harry2.0 chapter 24 . 8/23/2008
Well, it sounds like Margereta is taking some of the advice that she has been given lately to heart. The only question is, will it take or not? Louisa has been stomped on, thrown out, and made to feel like leftovers. Its going to take A LOT of work to bring this Rose to bloom again!
Harry2.0 chapter 23 . 8/20/2008
Sounds like both Rudolf and Louisa are having second thoughts about their breakup. And its good to see Leslie and Christian here for this big party! I know that they have lives on Fantasy Island, but still, it does the heart good to see them here as well!
jtbwriter chapter 23 . 8/20/2008
What an evil cliffie! LOL! Here Rudolf and Louise are

finally going to be thrown together...Kai and Rudolf's ego

not withstanding! Please don't leave us hanging...this

is such a rich story-thanks for the long-awaited update!

Now what happens?:)
PDXWiz chapter 23 . 8/20/2008
They say it’s your birthday…happy birthday to ya!

Yeah, it makes sense...your monarch has a birthday every year, but only gets married once or twice (Henry VI being the notorious exception!)

I see Rudolf's been making good time on his projects (even if, Camille...had delayed him a bit.

I'm glad he did the planting of trees at the Viking Block...that will DEFINITELY draw more attention to his projects for the Arboreal Aggregate, because that is the most popular tourist attraction in the whole country! Even more reason to want to go see it in person, alas...

I see he is demand as a speaker. That's an excellent use of his time, even more than just appearing at some lame charity event. (I'm talking here about just standing around and talking to the other guests, the kind of thing that Camille excelled at; giving speeches on the international lecture circuit would undoubtedly be a good source of income for himself and Christian, but they aren't that kind of speaker.)

Wonder who banged on his door...before I scroll up and look, I'll guess...Roald?

Oh, I see, it's Anna-Kristina...and Leslie and Christian are here! WU and HU! (...fires off a few cannon in celebration...)

I know Christian's life is elsewhere, but I always enjoy Christian's interactions with the family at the castle. Too bad one of those strange 'timestorms' can't sweep the island up and move it to a spot near the Coral Island group; that way we could have lots more interaction...

Darn, no trips...I understand why they couldn't come, but I'm gonna miss 'em...and the rest of Lilla Jordsö will miss them, too.

Hm, wonder why Rudolf hung back a bit? He'll probably tell Christian soon enough, if his uncle doesn't ask him first...

Yah! Weaned at last...and I'm sure they'll calm down a bit, once they are alone with their grandfather. He's got a way about him...

Hm, I just realized a non sequitur...these will be the first royal children in Lilla Jordsönian history who will not be attending classes at the castle or in local public schools...yet another 'first' for Christian! LOL...

Anna-Laura's else will they get to know the family? But at 14 months old, the trip will be far harder on them than on an adult, and trebly so for Leslie and Christian trying to take care of them on the trip. Actually, about the only way I think that they could make the trip relatively comfortably is to use a private jet like Errico has., someday, Christian is going to *HAVE* to buy his own jet for such travel between Lilla Jordsö and the South Pacific, or the jaunts to his European offices. Other than the US office, what will be next for Enstad? Stockholm? Amsterdam? Paris? Hm...Paris...that would give Leslie a chance to drop in on Solange and Tattoo's kids! According to the Wikipedia page for the Learjet 35, it has a crew of two and can seat 8 passengers; the Learjet 36 variant has two of the seats removed at the rear to accomodate extra fuel storage for longer-range flights. Cost in 1996 dollars? $3.1 million... It's entirely possible Christian could find a used one in good condition for a reasonable amount of money that belonged to a national air force or air guard, a company, or even to Errico! lol! that he could pick up when it was retired from first line service. Production ended in 1994 on these planes, so only used ones would come up on the market... But, still...six passengers...Christian, Leslie, Ingrid, and the half of the travel time, and four times the comfort, of using commercial airlines on these trips...

Hooray! Christian has finally met Daniel! Wu and hu!

Ha! They got that deadbeat dad married to his runaway cousin...oh crap, he might get the kids back...although I highly doubt it...

Actually, it is entirely possible that the Swedish authorities would terminate their parental rights. I don't know if they have done anything to merit some prison time (as opposed to a few days in jail) under Swedish law, but it's entirely possible they did other criminal activities (rob a bank, deal illegal drugs, steal cars, etc) that could keep them locked up awhile. At the very least, I was really hoping that the kids could come to live in the castle with Daniel and the Enstads. It would be much better for them to be raised in such a truly loving environment. (And give you some excellent stories to write!)

Cool, I'm glad that Adriana picked the right time to come into Roald's life (and tame him down a bit...LOL)

Ya know, they'll probably speak a combination of English and jordiska around the castle for everybody's sake-to keep the Enstad English going, and to improve Leslie's and Adriana's English (as well as let Christian use his native tongue for more than just telling Ingrid what to do...LOL)

Oh...Madi...that must be Arcolosian for Mother. Michiko must have made an appearance on the island to visit one family, so that will show up in a story in the other sequence on the other site. Cool...

Cool, Natalia has adjusted to Kristina's appearance... I bet seeing Christian again will do her good...

Jeez! Magga... 'Rudolf's single again!'

I hope Christian will be able to hear the story of how the Enstads met their cousins soon...

Ah, good, I guess he did tell Christian...

Ha! Here we go...time for a heart-to-heart... 'with someone he can truly trust'...that's awesome...he can't even talk to his parents about this...

Good idea, if the snowdrops turn out to be a suitable plant for what Christian has in mind. I'm looking forward to this conversation... (and a good idea for Leslie to visit the cemetery when no funerals are going on!)

The twisting in his stomach...I bet it's kind of a jealousy over what Christian has with Leslie, but also an unstated desire for having that with Louisa, who would be his one true love.

Good, Rudolf can plant the snowdrop shrubs. Excellent...

Hm...guess Anna-Laura was having a talk about what to do with Gregory...I'm sorry that wasn't working out...although that might leave her free to marry the Duke (he should be a sufficiently distant enough cousin and I don't think they are going to try to have kids at their ages, or even if they could, since she's probably past child-bearing age now (she's over 50 now...).

Heheheh...yup, a lot of little kids prefer the music cds to what we grownups like to listen to...oh well, I'm sure I did too at that age (or would've in preschool). Nice of Gerhard and Liselotta to send along the Katrina Kattunga cd! (Is that a person's surname, or does it mean something like Katrina's Cottage?)

This is a great discussion, about his concerns of having a temper. I'm glad he's doing it...

Good...Camilla no longer bothers him...excellent...

That's poetic...whatever is left of Christian's mother would very much nurture the snowdrops...

Oh wow, the twentieth anniversary of her passing is coming soon...I can't believe it's been so long... you bet your bippy you should wait for the most reputable magazine in the country to call and talk to them!

Oh and what has he realized that has been bothering him for several days?


Yup, it's the usual clarity of hindsight...20/20, and all that...

Yes, these will be hard lessons to take, and apply them in the future...especially if he ever gets a chance to be with Louisa again... (which I do so hope!)

I hope Rudolf can get through tonight's talk pretty well...

Crap! LILJAN! Oh nuts, now what? Or maybe if we're lucky this will be a random one-off encounter...

Yeah, up-and-coming is just what she wants, and suits her... (activating eye-rolling mechanism)...

Yah! He got away from her...and LMAO! Fate is definitely laughing at him... and I think Louisa just might be a person who could help him with his anger problems and impatience by letting him learn patience as she learns the culture...tres cool!

Wu hu! Fun with Louisa and her parents... Are there going to be any awkward scenes where they ask her about the prince? I'd guess so...

Oh krap doodles! It's Kristen...mebbe Fate should strike a hard, fast blow, and throw Rudolf and Louisa together now, while they are still here... Kristen's gonna set Louisa back decades... :(

Kristen, you stupid jerk... Hm, there's no way SHE will ever find a good guy...she's rotten to the core!

I hope she does get to go to all of those countries as well...especially with Rudolf!

Yes! Kristen DOES deserve to be slugged in the jaw! And if Louisa 'still sounds like a six-year-old', then Kristen sounds like a ten-year-old (I think they are four years apart, aren't they? mayhaps I be wrong bout that...)

Good zing, mom!

What Kai sees in her? Lots of stuff! Someone to be with for now and forever, someone the girls like...oh, I'm so sorry they are going to be so badly hurt...unless you kill Kai off and give Louisa the kids...that's pretty bad, too...not nice of me at all... and Kristen IS a Bwitch!

YES! SHE SAID IT! ! ! ! Wu and hu! HAHAHAHAHA~

She shocked the hell outta Kristen...and got a bit of respect, too? Holy Toledo, batfans!

29 forever...taking a page from Jack Benny, eh? snort...Vanity, thy name is Kristen LeBwitch!

Hahahah! I hope she sends her off to a gay bar...serve the crumb right!

Europe is not necessarily safer than the States...major pockets of problems everywhere...

Um, Timothy, Kristen IS an empty-headed teenager...

It is nice of her to give Kristen the directions to Jets. I hope she has a good time despite herself...

Hehehehe! Yes, Erika will know two languages and Louisa's stupid sister will only know one! ROFL!

Trying to impress Louisa? (feeling my eyes bug out) Or maybe she's trying to find a way to steal Rudolf or Kai...naah, probably not...

Jealous of sister's smarts? (again the eyes pop out)

Wow...there might be hope for her relationship with Kristen yet...especially should Fate bring her and Rudolf back together again! (crosses all his fingers and toes and eyes into knots for luck on that)

Oh yes, I think Chocolate and Cinnamon are probably enjoying this apartment...

Oh...the gowns...didn't think about them...this will be stunning...

Yes, maybe something did happen to prevent them getting in contact...crud crud crud...

Yup, mom figured out she still loves Rudolf...

I'm glad Louisa had a great time with her family. Her folks are really nice people.

WOW! Here comes the big chance...Fate is linking them back up for the party on the 20th!

Oh no...this is going to explode in EVERYONE's faces! Magga's gonna come down on Louisa, and Rudolf will intervene, then ask to talk to Louisa, and show his true feelings, and Louisa will reciprocate, and Kai...Kai and the girls will go home, completely broken-hearted...unless by some weird quirk of fate he connects with Anna-Kristina, then the girls will still get to be close to Louisa...

And then I can just see Fate dropping the bombshell of Magga's lesbianism and her relationship with Gudrun...

Must get published! Must get published!

OMIGOSH! And Christian and Leslie will be there as well...Christian and Leslie might be in the position of granting fantasies to Rudolf and Leslie and Magga and Gudrun and Kai and Anna-Kristina and dang I'm getting way over my head here...

Heheh, glad they were helping Rudolf plant. Interesting that Christian is now also caught in shorts...LOL...

ACK! The chapter ended...oh boy, I cannot wait for the next chapter! Hurry hurry hurry...

Gordon, very happy with this well done chapter!
PDXWiz chapter 22 . 8/6/2008
Wu hu! A Magga appearance! Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous!

This is a great cause, and I'm glad you are continuing to feature it as

an important part of Magga's life. After her family, and her Gudrun, I

do think this is the third most important thing in her life. Very, very

worthy cause indeed!

Fröken? Does that mean Miss?

I think Camilla wants to meet the other members of the cause, just to

be seen...I'm sorry Mr. Olsson didn't realize she was just paying him

lip service...

Ha! I'll just bet he has an idea...while I do sincerely believe Rudolf

might like to take up this cause, I think he's looking for something to

do that Camilla wouldn't want to attend... Actually, I think that Louisa

would very happily join the cause as being something worthwhile.

Rats...too bad she rejected the idea, although I had expected it while

Mr. Olsson was describing it. I know Rudolf is disappointed, because I

got the impression he was trying to spend less time with Camilla.

OMG! She INSULTED his planting efforts...this is something EXTREMELY

important to Rudolf. You know, of course, only family is more important

to him (and Louisa, if he'd admit it). This is going to lead him to a

chance to dump her! Wu and hu! And she's also shooting her mouth off

about their lack of physical intimacy...

Hah! Time together to make things, she just wants to have

more hot sex with him and befuddle his mind/try to win him back...

Interesting that Magga seemed to be sympathetic or even supportive for

Rudolf...of course, this is her big charity, and frankly, Camilla threw

a big wrench into it...

Yah! They fixed all the windows!

Ya know, I think Louisa would be better for that social director

position, even though it is more up Camilla's alley, simply because she

would be willing to throw herself into it wholeheartedly. And it would

also look good in the eyes of the people as well...

No matter what you decide that Louisa would support as a charity, I have

complete confidence that she would enthusiastically support it both

from a financial perspective, attending its events, and lending her

name to it.

Hey, cool, he's forgetting where the old door used to be! That's the sign

of a well-done job...

Good lord! She shouted his name at the castle gates? What is wrong with

her? She's insane! And all those appearances at his planting projects...

Frankly, I think she's stalking him and must be dealt with...

I think she quit her job so she could spend more time with Rudolf (albeit

in this case, stalking him) and to make it easier for them to get

married (as if that would happen, I can see that there is no way in

hell that would ever happen now! Wu and hu!)

Now, he just needs to get back in touch with Louisa...but that's gonna

be hard to set up. I'm sure you'll handle it deftly!

Yes, how is she finding out that info? Bribing the secretary, perhaps?

That would also explain how Rudolf never got his messages from Louisa,

and perhaps also how she never got his messages... Oh boy, she is really

going to get herself in major trouble...and if this ever hit the society

page of the Sundborg Nyheter, I dare say she'd become as persona non grata

in Lilla Jordsö as Ingela...

Oh ho! So...Jon-Erik took over Camilla's old job in payroll...well,

someone had to do it, since she certainly wasn't going to! The bimbo...

Aha! That's how the bastidge's sister found out...he was hacking Rudolf's, Christian needs to fix that leak, or at least, Enstad

Datoservices needs to!

LOL...hacking into the school computers to change his

Ferris Bueller-ish of him!

Yah! Christian and Leslie will attend Briella's wedding to Daniel! I'm

always happy to see their appearances in this story and on Lilla Jordsö!

And then...and then...he'll fix Jon-Erik's hack-job...

Hm, I like the fact that the family is patient with Adriana's efforts

to learn and speak jordiska. She'll succeed yet... I would guess her

constant efforts are probably farther along than Leslie's. Now that I

think about it, I wonder how the English-learning efforts of Jonathan's

Lilla Jordsö-born lady fried is doing...and how their relationship is


Very good, Rudolf...if the summer secretary is actually in Camilla's

employ, then she'll send a copy of his schedule to her. Then it will

appear that it wasn't a case of hacking, but a case of a bribed employee

who will be out of a job and finding it hard to receive employment

after messing with the beloved royal family...

Wow, more space than Roald and Adriana have...well, I do agree that it

is a space fit for a prince. And a princess named Louisa...but we're

getting ahead of ourselves with that fantasy...

Yes, it would be good for them and a child. And I do like that he

again brings up the image of Louisa...he still can't shake her.

Yah! Chatting with Leslie! Wu and hu...and maybe Christian, too?

Yeah, I guess it is Rudolf's turn...I'm glad Anna-Kristina has turned to

her mom for advice...spend as much time as you can with her while she

is still around, good girl!

Wu and hu! The trips are walking! Awesome! Oh, neat, a mention of

Ingrid, thanks!

Boy, it sure would be neat to see the royal website...

Ah, here it goes, it comes out now...

Good, Christian trusts the folks at his Sundborg office to take care of

the castle computers...

OMG! Pitching someone off a battlement...ROFLMAO! That's funny...and

even more so, because I had that mental image of Rudolf doing that

very thing to Camilla when you wrote about her coming up to the castle

gate and being a loud, obnoxious visitor! You read my mind again...or

wait, technically, that would be ME reading YOUR mind! LOL!

Yes, it's become stalking..and Christian read my mind! Hehehe!

Jörgen and Niklas will be good for the job...have they been there since

the beginning? I don't really remember off the top of my head as to who

he hired in the beginning, although I do remember it was some of his

coworkers from the computer at the hospital...(or at least one...and I

think he was the one that Christian went to the British car show with,

and later, to Germany and driving on the autobahn...)

A pile of fishtails? That's an interesting turn of phrase. Is it a

common Scandinavian expression, or did you coin it? If you did, it's


I don't know how he did it, either... Ten times? That's even more than

I've ... well, anyway, Rudolf is an amazing guy :)

Rudolf, I am so very glad you clearly see how wrong this thing called

Camilla is for you...sorry, I keep thinking of an old film I saw in

school, A Lady Named Camille, a hurricane which wreaked havoc on the

Gulf Coast back in the 60s (and was powerful enough to get the name

'Camille' removed from the hurricane name-lists!) Sadly, the idea of

Camilla as a nasty force of nature has a pretty strong hold on me...

Fru...and what does this mean? Mrs?

Turning the country's wheels...hehehe...great phrase! Again, I wonder

if you coined it or not...very good!

Yeah, Anna-Kristina will be a good choice to help Fru Ingvarsson get

the job caught up...and why isn't his schedule there? Maybe it was a

case of the hired help was also on Camilla's payroll...

OMG! She DID do it! She WAS on Camilla's pay! Or...just merely on the

incompetent side...

Yes, the regular secretary is a good person to trust with discussing the

possible hacking (as well as Gabby) because she is a good employee and not

working for Camilla...she will quite understand the paranoia of Rudolf

because of his desire for privacy, which runs in the family (Christian,

Rudolf, and Rudolf's brother Gerhard)

I imagine that the secretary has the number for Christian's office close

at hand for when their expertise is needed...

I bet the marigolds and pansies will look very pretty in the traffic

islands. Again, something else I'd like to see in real

really have me hook, line, and sinker with your special world that you've

created here!

Good, Niklas can fix the computer and find out what is up, and meanwhile,

the two guards will help protect Rudolf from Hurricane Camilla...

Oh cool, and the guards help by transferring the empty pots from the

islands to the car...

Oh crap doodles! It's HER! Red alert, and let's borrow Harry's little friend...

Yup...take the ferry to Scotland and NEVER COME BACK!

Let's see, I think the real jerk is CAMILLA! And I'm not surprised she drives

a blue Jag...she likes to BE NOTICED, after all! And I won't be surprised

to see her come back...

Of course there are lots of places he can stop for food and drink...dang, she

is turning into a whiny brat, isn't she? You are doing a great job to make

me totally hate her...Thanks! :) LOL

You dumb self-centered biotch! OF COURSE HE'D RATHER BE WITH THE PLANTS THAN

YOU! He gets far, far, far more pleasure from them than he ever has with you,

dummy! And she's too stupid to recognize it, so when he admits it, she gets a

real shock...

I worry that she might go as far off the deep end as Teppo's family did...

Will she try to kill Rudolf or someone in the family, or perhaps Louisa? Or,

have Jon-Erik do it for her...

Crap! It WAS the summer secretary! Is she going to blab the secret away? And

yes indeedy, Rudolf might find things out, now!

Of course, it might just be an act, we do know she is very good at putting

on an act and lying quite well through her teeth, so maybe Jon-Erik DID hack,

after all...

What's the real word? LMAO! Good one, Gabby!

Yes, it IS the secretary! Oh boy, but this is going to be good when it hits

the fan now... I wonder if they can send the secretary to jail for spying on

the royal family, link Camilla, and send her to jail for a spell...Camilla

would be damaged goods that no charity would be interested in hiring, and

the Thornblads would actually disown and disinherit her and kill her support...

It won't take Rudolf too long to help Fru Ingvarsson get caught up, and then

he can puzzle into the mystery of Petrona Lind...

She heard her talking to Camilla...major clue! BUSTED!

Phone messages...for Rudolf, perhaps? Oh my, could these be the missing calls

from Louisa's attempts to talk to Rudolf? BOMBSHELL!

Yes, Gabby should talk with her... her work was truly substandard. And I bet

she can wheedle the truth from Petrona Lind, and bust Camilla... But really,

if you are working for the royal family, your work should be 110%, I believe.

Frankly, I think she tried to get the job as much for the thrill of being in

the castle as well as working for Camilla. Ya know, I can't wait to see the

look on everyone's face when everything comes out...should be most amusing!

Yeah, make Petrona Lind cool her heels...hehehe!

Yeah, she better swallow visibly, she's gonna get raked over the coals here...

BUSTED! BUSTED! BUSTED! A spy, indeed! I was right! Although I still don't

know how Rudolf's calls to Louisa didn't go through... If Miss Lind was the

one who dialed them, it's easy to see how the calls 'didn't go through'. But,

I thought Rudolf himself dialed Louisa personally...

Maybe Camilla bribed someone at the phone company to block calls from the

castle to Louisa's phone? So, if somehow Rudolf had called from the office of

a charity, or from Gudrun's house, Louisa would have gotten the message...

Certainly easy enough to not put Louisa's calls to Rudolf through, even if he

was in the castle...

She did it for friendship, not for how did she get the job

at the castle in the first place?

Yes, a big con artist. Well, Petrona has been thoroughly used by Camilla...and

maybe she'll help cook Camilla's goose here (or, considering it's Lilla Jordsö,

cook her silver-speckled trout...)

So, will Petrona tell Camilla she was found out? Will Camilla show up at the

next island-planting project? And what will Rudolf say to her, how will he say

it to her? And what about those other messages? He needs to look at them and

see how many are from Louisa...

Yes, fancy meeting her here, indeed... Groovy, he can have it out with her,

finish up today's islands, get Daniel and head on back to the castle...

Whine whine whine...trick him into sex...ya bimbonic tart! The jig is up! You

are toaster strudel muffin! HA! HAHAHAHA!

Yeah, you better be skeered of him, ya blonde bimbonic tart! GROWL!

Yes! He ended the privilege of her using his first name! YES! Wu and hu! Put

her down in her proper station...heheheh!

If she focussed on her artistic talent...well, she could do something worthwhile

with her life...

Yes, brazen temptress, beggar, whiner, social climber...all things he hates...

and you were too stupid to know yourself, know what he didn't like, and utterly

and totally wrecked any chance you had with the man you claim to have loved!

She certainly seemed to think doing charitable work was beneath her...hell, I

half suspect she'd try to get the whole family to end their charitable

contributions and give her all that 'wasted' money to play with...sounds just

like her, after all.

Yah! Daniel's here! I'm just sorry he had to witness everything... Oh well, he

has had his own experiences with jerks like Camilla in the person of his family

who dumped those poor, innocent kids on him...

Cool! Daniel is the voice of wisdom and saw how real Louisa was...

ACK! What about all the messages!

Great, great, great chapter! I'm just sorry to see it all end...I loved how you

got rid of her... Well, Camilla will be seen...on she goes to any

parties that Rudolf and/or Louisa happen to be at.

Thanks for one of your best chapters! Lots of good laughs, good angst, love, and

a happy ending (from my perspective, since there's no way in hell he should have

wound up with Camilla! LOL)

Harry2.0 chapter 22 . 8/6/2008
Well, now Rudolf knows how that little lady (and that is being polite) got his schedule! At least he had the sense to contact Chirstian to see if there was a possiblity of a firewall breech (and it was nice to see him again, since most of the time we only see him in the Fantasy Island material!). Now, its time to seriously think whether or not Louisa is truly the girl for him.
jtbwriter chapter 22 . 8/6/2008
Thank you...for finally blowing the smoke out of Rudolf's

eyes...and exposing that bitchy Camilla! Now for goodness

sake I hope Rudolf finds out what else the receptionist

did! And can Louisa grow up enough to forgive Rudolf?

I hope so...but I do love Daniel's speaking up to him..

just the thing he needed! Thanks for a very engrossing

story-now what?:)
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