Reviews for How to be Hardcore
flying drumsticks chapter 6 . 4/26/2008
I'm so glad you updated! This story is awesome, and I can't wait to see what happens next! Nice job on this chapter.

"I wondered vaguely what the mom who made the triangle sandwiches was thinking."

That made me laugh.
WriterGurl123 chapter 6 . 4/26/2008
I love Ska, the type of music is just so fun to listen to when you're bored or in a bad mood, you just listen to it and it makes your day. It reminds me of the 90's and I get all nostalgic, but anyways, back to the story.

I'm glad that Joe didn't pressure her to do anything, because then I would have lost all my respect for him. I think that Thomas likes her as more than a friend and is jealous of Joe, but I could be wrong.

Post More Soon!
flying drumsticks chapter 5 . 2/23/2008
I like this chapter! Reading this story makes me wish it was summer though... Anyway, I can't wait to read about the concert! Update soon!
flying drumsticks chapter 3 . 2/19/2008
Interesting chapter. I think I smell a fight over Lauren coming.

And by the way, you have an awesome pen name ;)
WriterGurl123 chapter 5 . 2/18/2008
I hope she has a fun time, but I also hope her mom doesn't catch her in the act.
flying drumsticks chapter 1 . 2/17/2008
Great first chapter! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this.
poetxoxgurl chapter 5 . 2/17/2008
really good keep writing!
WriterGurl123 chapter 4 . 2/10/2008
Very interesting! Maybe he is into drugs.
Princess Narcotic chapter 4 . 2/10/2008
Wow, I really liked this. It was really professionally written, like a real teenfic that you buy in stores! It was very realistically done, you could actually hear Lauren's voice in your head, and there isn't anything out of line with it at all. Well done! 10/10