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dmasterxd chapter 1 . 6/25/2017
I really love the descriptions and dialogue here. Story seems a bit slow for me to have too much of an opinion on it yet but that is to be expected considering the chapter length.

Alexis and Sophie are pretty interesting so far. Definitely can't wait to see where this goes. Nice start!
Darth Zannacross chapter 107 . 8/22/2015
Damn, at the epilogue all ready, how far we come, ( Cracks neck) All right lets do this.

Well, looks like Collin had a bit of regret for being a grade A Jackass but, far to late to feel any sympathy for him now, still glad he got as painful a death as the deaths he gave to others, guess it shows he was not a outright devil but still, you reap what you sow.

So at long last its clear the battle is over but the war has just begun( Looks at the title of the next book) Called it, lol. Waiting two years, what a drag, at least its not three years like Naruto had to wait lol.

Well, at least Vy and Evan and Leon and Keggy seem to be doing well in the aftermath.

Same with Roy and Leena, if Roy can survive Alex's tests lol.

Meanwhile, Jade is still up to something, and, is he talking to Leena's father? Good greif that, turns the table on a few things, anyone near Leena when she finds out this little fact is going to be in trouble, double so if its the father.

Well, at least Axel has been forgiven, even if the romantic spark has not reignited there is still hope lol.

And, glad Alexis and Ash are both ok after all the trauma, nice that Sophia called at the end but, regretful she did not take part in the final conflict, oh well at least she is still a friend. Well, not sure what happened to a few like Mia but, guess that's for another time.

So, we reached the end of the line with Anomaly, not the total end so, I will avoid doing a completely absolute review of the entire cast for the sake of only doing it once but, time for a overview lol. Firstly, I noticed you STILL have not finished the complete profiles after all theses years, arg, wanted to see a few like Seth or Sophia's lol.

Anyway, I think this is my favorite story on the site, with the exception of my own lol. The cast did rival Bleach or other anime at times but, while some did seem to at first seem to be overbearing, with he exception of some of the luckless east cost members nearly the entire cast felt fully fleshed out and had more achievements then most cast in other long running series like Bleach have gotten, poor Kiba from Naruto or Chad from Bleach wish they could be in this series so they could have something worthwhile to talk about lol.

Leena, Sophia, Ash, Alexis , Justine and more, while at first it seemed like you were nearly creating a Power Puff girls like group they managed to all stand out, and had cool action with a surprising amount of drama then one might suspect.

You also managed to make Seth quite the intense bad guy, a 100 chapter story and he never went through the villain decay that some like Orochimaru in Naruto or many comic book bad guys went through, haha, of course if he returns in the next chapter we will see how that changes. Did not seem to have the most depth, I guess he was just a power hungry jerk so he did his role well, and we will see if there is any more to that story.

Collen was quite a effective traitor bad guy, Axel was the fake traitor bad guy lol, Garth, was a bit of a fool in the end, he seemed to fail to see why trusting Seth would not end well lol. Some like Kat and Liz seemed to overlap at being Seth fan boys, some like Valor seemed underutilized, and Jade was just a tease lol, still hoping to see him use his Mystic Art or something before the end of the series hahaah.

Oh well, the cast did grow both physically and emotionally and the stakes sure as hell got tenser and tenser, the mark of a solid story.

I suppose that's enough for now, I will save the rest for when you finish the next story, I will start War soon but for now epic job with Anomaly, I see your next story is not finished yet but I hope you finish it because, cliffhangers are the worst lol. I noticed your a digimon fan, I am to, another reason I hope you manage to check out my Zilos story one day.

Well, hope that day comes but till then Ritiz thanks for the epic story, and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 106 . 8/21/2015
Ah, so the final battle starts with Alexis not giving up, arg, that's one hardcore brainwashing. Meanwhile, Seth is as vicious as ever but, thankfully for Evan Gabby decided to chance sides, or, just break free of Seth's hold.

I admit, I expected Collen to fall first and Seth to go all final boss form, did not think Leena would not even take part in his defeat, though, I wonder if he is truly defeated, if you don't see final bosses vaporize piece by piece they will come back lol.

Well, I guess Vy was the one who pulled the main hero power up Shockley, she was one of the lesser characters for such a while, I guess you did a better job giving a wide cast big moments then Bleach ever did lol.

Still, Gabby redeemed herself with a rather noble act, reminded me of when Sasuke took the near fatal blow from Haku, well, we will see if she got a lucky break as well.
On the other hand, we have someone who CLEARLY has no redemption at this point, you would think Collin would at least care about his brother but he is clearly pure evil, joy.

Well, Axel pulled off a even big hero moment, quite the role reversal, and a epic shot at redemption, to bad the true traitor is quite the monster, thankfully with a little help from Alexis and Roy they were finally able to subdue his rage, I admit it feels a tad bit anti climactic that Yoshiro just jumps in to off him but, I guess not as big a let downs as Aizen and Madara Uchia's defeats were lol.

Well, bad end for quite the bad guy, but at last its truly over, or is it? I still wonder if Kat and Seth survived, guess we will find out one way or another and, there is still Seth's boss, the Emperor? We will see.

But, a epic and grand final battle with fitting action and drama so, great job, see you at the finale.
Darth Zannacross chapter 105 . 8/20/2015
And so the big showdowns begin, Collen ranks up the jerk points each chapter theses days, Seth is not far behind though.

Seth just seems to hate everything and indeed has quite the god complex, him killing Evan's parents would make him on the same jerk level of Collen but, Collen is more annoying lol.

Well, both of theses showdowns have been great with both action and drama, that flashback sealed the deal with how much Collen was betrayed.

Well, quite hyped for how this showdown concludes so keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 104 . 8/19/2015
So, now its Dom and Kat, one stubborn tool, one , very deluded other tool, death to tools! Well, it seems despite the progress on both hero's, they needed a assist to seal the deal, I guess it shows how powerful the opponents were when Observers were needed to seal the deal.

Still, this late in the game and Axel gets that sudden revelation, a even darker past it seems. Dark Axel reminds me of a cross of both Hallow Ichigo and part of Allelujah split personality from 00 Gundam, intense indeed.

Oh well, at least both went down to teamwork, and in the end one can't help but feel bad for Dom, seems like he had a sad life.

Oh well, I know I won't feel bad for who is left, going to enjoy seeing Collin and Seth fry.

Another great chapter with worthy conclusions to the showdowns so great job, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 103 . 8/19/2015
And so the showdown begins with Seth ramping up jackass points, adding the old fashion hostage situation for Evan, good thing Vy showed up, Page seems free for the moment, Gabby showed a rare moment of kindness,

The showdowns started with the female hero's, one duel was more tragic then the other.

With no hesitation about killing mind controlled Alexis is quite the threat, but Leena has proven she can handle herself and has come a long way since they first fought.

Alexis even became Ice Man, or Ice Girl, but Leena's improved powers were able to pull through, heh, Leena nearly has a Falcon Punch of her own now lol.

As for Vy, Gabby got rather vicious in the end, rather hellbent on damming herself, almost like she hates herself for her own weakness.

Well, she made more then a few bad choices, and Vy found her resolve, and promptly got a resolve power up lol. Well, for now at least a bitter end to that traumatic relationship but, at least both Leena and Vy came through so, so far so good, at least Alexis is not dead.

Well, things are just getting started but for now great start to the final arc, keep it up and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 102 . 8/18/2015
Well, looks like Felicia was able to help one more time, man Ace is dumb to push that dead lover button lol.

Damn, now Ash is destroying Ace mentally on top of physically, guy has it coming for being a obsessed tool I suppose, I wonder what would happen to Ash if he told such things to Sasuke, lots of pain most likely lol.

Well, for all his power Ace still did not prove his tactics and it cost him. Well, everyone has steeled themselves for the final battle, Axel has doubly steeled himself to atone for his sins, sins that are not as bad as they first seemed, I thought he was annoying at first but Axel has grew on me lol.

SO, showdown time for real now, the pieces are set, now its time to see who has the odds in their favor and who will surive the endgame.

Another great chapter, looking forward to the finale of Anomaly, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 100 . 8/17/2015
Ah, a brief calm before the final storm it seems. The gods are planning something and seem rather full of themselves, guess we will see if that confidence is justified or not.

Oh well, seems Seth's selfish ambitions are starting to cause cracks in his group, Ace has been the whipping boy for a while guess he is getting tired of it. Did not see Ace and Dom having a bonding moment, guess Don is the genital giant type, with a seriously raw deal.

So, Ace suddenly got this new power? That feels, lucky for him and unlucky for well, everyone else. He and Ash have quite the long grudge match, guess this is where it finally comes to a head it seems.

One on one and with a power boost, Ash seems on the ropes. But, still a lot to do so, hope Ash can pull through. Only one way to find out so another great chapter with great action, keep it up till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 99 . 8/16/2015
Well, tense start to this chapter, Seth does like to try and rack up as many cruel points as he can get, good think Brick crashed his second party in the party lol.

Meanwhile, Collen really is a monster fighting everyone at once like that.

As sick as he is his brother still is the most evil one after revealing he had his own parents killed just because they were a annoyance, damn is he the Anti Christ? Guess we will find out, but at least Brick was able to humble him a bit with his powers, he pulled a third Hokage in sealing away some of Seth's power, and even managed to not die in the process.

Arg, Ben took his place though, damn, did not see to much of him but he seemed nice enough, and Collen REALLY needs to die now as he is quite the warped bastard. Thankfully Ash showed he is back from the brink just in time to make a epic save, to bad they could not finish the prick off but, oh well, getting closer.

Well, looks like it really is time for the final showdown, and sadly Gaff seems out as well, though not done for good as this, Gerad seems keen on making Gaff even stronger, we will see if him becoming a Observer will be good or bad.

Meanwhile, another intense chapter with great drama and fighting so keep it up and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 98 . 8/16/2015
Random time for a flashback, but helpful, now its a bit more clear why Gabby and Vy act the way they do. So Gabby helped Vy in her time of isolation, all the more painful when it went sour, I know how that feels, arg.

Well, Gabby is nicer then I assumed for a while, got glimpses of Mia and Hayley, nice recap of the stakes.
Darth Zannacross chapter 97 . 8/15/2015
So, Ash was at last stirred out of inaction, glad he cares enough about Alexis to not let her have a bad end.

So Seth's ambitions are starting to vex his followers, making it all about you is bound to produce bad blood, well, talk about wedding crashers.

This reminds me of the Spiderman 90's cartoon when Harry wanted to force Mary Jane to marry him, only the stakes are even more dire.

Well, Gaff clearly has major rage to unleash, and Liz is the first target, I thought he killed her last time but, now he sure finished her good this time. Well, she was always kind of a insane brat so, got what she had coming to her.

Well, we are making progress with the wedding obstacles but, Collen is taking things to the next level, even if Gaff was the one who killed Liz Collen seems even more heartless treating his teammates as trash, oh well, all the more reason to see him get taken down, another intense chapter so, keep it up, another great chapter.
Darth Zannacross chapter 96 . 8/14/2015
Damn, poor Gaff, he got a raw deal to say the least, yet another case of Collen showing how evil he is, almost getting on the level of Yuuki Terumi from Blazblue levels of cruelness, damn quite a big turn around from when he seemed like the stable one compared to Dark Axel.

Well, did not think Leena would just got to work after all that, and, did not think Collen would show his face so soon but, he is clearly one smug bastard. I mean, after being the biggest liar in the series he really thinks Leena will trust his word to spar the others? Er, hopefully she does not trust his word, that would, be, quite the mistake.

Meanwhile, in a hopefully less toxic relationship Evan and Vy seem to be getting along well enough till the Eclipse gals came crashing in. Lol, Liz has always been crazy, but, even if its like Yu Gi oh, at least no one played the Seal of Oricalcous or something. Well, at least she was able to beat Liz in that crazy race, and burst that girl's possessive obsessive bubble, even if she escaped to cause more trouble, just like damn Team Rocket lol.

Well, Amile was the true threat it seems but they were able to prevail with teamwork, and even have a nice bonding moment so, nice.

And, another unexpected touching moment between Gaff and Leena, never thought the two would have one but, betrayal makes strange allies. Well, Gaff knows his stuff, glad he helped insure Leena did not do anything stupid with Collen.

Ah well, another intense chapter so, swell job their. Quite looking forward to seeing where this leads so keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 95 . 8/13/2015
And so, back to the grim present, Collen is quickly becoming the biggest dick in this story, which is saying something.

Still, just as things looked rather grim, Brick moved in for the win! Glad at least some guys are not tools.

But most of all, I KNEW Jade would never go down like a chump. Come on, do it Necromacer, Mystic Cage that turncoat bitch he has it coming! Sigh, guess Jade does not get the privilege, hope someone does soon though.

And, so we find out the truth about Seth, and everything. Damn, things seemed to laid back at times but this all really is just one giant game? Never fun being pawns of gods, seems Seth agrees and wants to evolve his role, which spells trouble for everyone.

Well, Jade is just as cold as the true one from Abyss, though he had his reasons, now that we get a bigger picture I wonder what side the Emperor is on? He trying to defy the gods or is also their pawn? We will see, but , speaking of pawns seems Gaff wants to change sides, and damn, all that time trying to rescue his wife only to lose her, another reason to see Collen gutted I guess.

Well, another intense chapter, with quite the intense level of action, extra points for Jade showing his true powers , looking forward to where this goes so keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 94 . 8/13/2015
Well, we start off with Collen showing his true heartless nature trying to blame Justine for the murder, poor girl, having a crush on a lying psyco.

So, the truth about Leena's brother not even being in this world might be a game changer, or at least give Leena focus, once this traitor is dealt with, he really is without remorse it seems, all the more reason I hope he dies Mortal Kombat style, I kind of liked Allen, see him get killed like that, once more, Collen better not be walking away from this, ugh.

Well, intense chapter all right, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 93 . 8/12/2015
Well, things started innocently enough but, just as Leena was feeling good, Alexis is feeling way, way bad. God damn it, Felicia died and Sophia left, I don't want to be left with just the more, impulsive females, and since Alexis suffered enough all ready, REALLY hope Alexis can avoid tragedy.

But, once more, we cut to trail stuff, arg, what happened to Gaff and his wife? Anywho, Axel is not as soaked with blood as he thought? Well, good for him, but, the picture of the truth became quite clear, though, even more clear when Collen stabbed Roy.

Yup, Collen is the super traitor, seems like he is no brainwash victim, as he stabbed Roy so casually, damn, just as causally cool blooded as Aizen was.

Well, I do have a lot of questions like, a lot of the time it seemed if Collen was in position he could have just ended things rather swiftly with one well placed ambush, frankly I am not sure why Seth waited to do what he could have done for most of the story. Still, endgame indeed, and I thought the Showdown arc was bad.

Well, hope Valor and the others show up soon because, our hero's clearly need backup. So, damn, another epic chapter with top class drama, quite looking forward to where things go from here, and hope Collen gets one hell of a ass whopping for this.
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