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Darth Zannacross chapter 67 . 22h
Showdown time, seems Ace is the reason Austin's darkness exploded, guess that makes one A more of a jerk, and one more of a sad tool, oh well.

Damn, seems Ace is more messed up then I figured, this Adrian guy who reminds him of Ash, this leaving to the "God Realm" talk about some bitter waves.

Still for all his insanity he still got owned once more, Ash showed who is the boss, alas Nathan is not as easy to pull a fast one on, damn warp magic. Oh well, Nathan seems a lot more reserved about killing, at least because of some mastermind plot going on, to bad Ace.

Well at least Felicia is less bratty after all this and showed some gratefulness for all Ash has done so many the relationship will improve from here, hopefully.

Still, the foreshadowing Nathan laid down got me worried about just what is going on, guess there is only one way to find out. Oh well, till then keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 66 . 7/25
All right, rematch time in earnest. Well, he is one stubborn viking, but even his might is not mightier then teamwork , mostly, well, maybe its just as mightily since, they were at a in pass and his plan still worked, for now, arg.

Oh well, seems Ace seems like he has a " Ace" up his sleeve, though, or more like a hostage. Well, time to see if Ash can prove his worth.
Darth Zannacross chapter 65 . 7/24
You know, even if the public now knows who Justine is, you think they would not be so dismissive of someone who has superpowers, ugh, stupid masses.

Well, sadly its another chapter were a lot of the females are getting on my nerves, Justine wants to be a hero yet wants to trash anyone who disses her, Felicia still comes of as shallow at times, though I don't have to much love for Austin, still.

So, as tough as Not Thor was last time, now he has groupies, dandy. Well, hopefully things will work out better this time, we will see how much it takes to get past Kim and Oliver. Till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 64 . 7/23
The dark grudge match, AKA Collen and Graff's feud resumes it seems, at least Evan's mind powers let him survive enough for back up to arrive.

Meanwhile Tristan seems like a pain, while Yao is a clown like always, at least Roy and Ash were able to handle that punk, so at least its not all bad.

Still, Gaff is, interesting, seems like he is a man who goes down his own path, though he can't be that great for what he put Collen through, still, a monster with a code of honor is better then one with no honor, or something like that. Heh, almost reminds me of Akuma at this point, uh oh.

Well, the hero's live to fight another day, but we see that this " God Realm" stuff can't lead to anything good, is the true boss Pain from Naruto? Does that mean the true threat is Madara Uchia? Lol, guess we will see, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 63 . 7/22
And we start off with Alexis making her appeal to Ash, personally I would pick her over Felicia, less bossy lol.

In anycase Evan seems to be able to hold his own with Liz, though she seems even more crazy and sadistic then Kat, good greif. Still, her wood powers are impressive, is she to related to the bloodline of the First Hokage?

Damn broken wood powers lol, in anycase the others are closing in for backup, hope they can arrive in time, with Gaff stepping in things seem to be heading in a ugly direction swiftly.

We will see but in the meanwhile, bonus points for Roy faving FF7, let us hope that the remake does not ruin it lol, we will see.
Darth Zannacross chapter 62 . 7/20
You know, Felicia is starting to be one of " Those" women, its fine to feel a little anxious or jealous at tomes, but sympathy rapidly erodes when you start to enjoy making someone who is suppose to be your friend suffer just to " test" them.

Meanwhile, Leena seems to have given up all romantic feelings for Axel if she is pinning for Collen now, oy.

Also, I wonder if Vy is going to come back with everyone to fill them in on what they found out with Leon about the truth of Eclipse, that would get the crew up to speed.

And now we have this Veska girl, who also seems bratty, good greif, not the best chapter for women it seems hope she is not another threat for the heros.

Still as bratty as she was, Felicia really is getting unbearable, if even Serph can cool off hope she can snap out of it before it gets out of hand.

Arg, its like a contest between her and Veska between who is getting on my nerves more, those like them who treat men like dogs to bow before them is most, irritating. The fact that someone that is so bratty is a Observer, this can't end well.

And then on top of that we have Liz, who, strangely is not as irritating as many of the girls that are suppose to be on the good team, for now at least.

Oy, not a good chapter for women indeed.
Darth Zannacross chapter 61 . 7/19
Well, things are slowly rebounding from all the tragedy last time, I suppose Felicia's, antics are quite good at lighting the mood lol.

Still, now we got another bossy gal in Eclipse? Ugh, as if Kat was not enough, this Liz seems like her only with the mannerisms of X men's Rouge, dandy, more targets lol.

Meanwhile, Felicia is being quite the tease, arg, and on top of it all we have Austin again, quite the petty one he is. For some reason he reminds me of Porky from Earthbound with just how petty he is, lets hope he does not get quite as fanatical as Pokey, we will see.

And so, Thor has joined Eclipse? Or, a knock off, maybe one of the rejects from the Lost Viking games? Well, he does not hit as hard as Thor but this Urlic guy seems like no slouch, Justine could use one of those razor capes that Zero from King of Fighters used, that would make bad guys who tried to use the cape as a weakness pay dearly lol. Arg, hope she can make the sexist pig pay, he is just asking for some payback ownage.

And, we have Yao being screwed, we will see if he is a dead man walking soon enough but with Seth wanting to " Become gods" this is starting to remind me more of Xenosaga, and that just might mean major pain and death for all incoming, we will see, till then keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 60 . 7/18
Well, this was quite the intense showdown, Brick does come off rather cool after that fight, though, the real Juggernaut might come for him if he keeps pretending to be him lol.

Well, lots of nice fighting and a lot of intense drama in this showdown, they really are bringing in all the stops, and we find out that Mia is Alpha and Leena is the Omega eh? ( Wonders if Xenogears is about to descend) lol, nice revelation, a sensible way of letting Leena get some main hero action.

Damn, Mia really is talking like Venom or Carnage, maybe what is inside her has the nature of a Symboite? We will see, but despite Leena's efforts it was not enough as, it seems this burst of insanity did lead to tragedy, Nash seemed rather cool, its to bad he felt he had to atone, arg, at first it seemed Mia was going to seriously meltdown in every way possible, good thing that Leena learned Force Push at just the right time, Yoda would be impressed, maybe once Nash becomes a force ghost they will chat about it.

Well, sadly Mia is locked up all Elfie lied style, just as Axel s coming out, revolving door policy, good greif.
With all the tragedy, lets hope are German accented former nut job really has gotten better and is not all Two Face or Norman Osborn or things will be even worst. Well, another epic intense chapter, well done, till the next one.
Darth Zannacross chapter 59 . 7/17
Ah, we start of today with seeing just how brutally strong, and increasingly unstable Mia is, damn. Still not enough to threaten Seth , how lucky for his minions I guess, talk about being a in a protection racket, oy.

Meanwhile, I see this chapter digs in to what makes Mia tick, or more like what is making her so ticked off, heavy stuff indeed, she clearly has a grudge, hope no Sith are around to convert her, Seth just about fills that role anyway lol.

On top of that, from what it seems Leena's father is no saint if he had a hand in forcing Mia down this path, its almost like a artificial Hallow or the Nine Tailed Fox from Naruto, I wonder if Mia just has to become friends with her Soul? Well, something tells me it won't be so easily.

And, since the Emperor seemed to push this all along, sure solidifies that Scott is the prime jerk here.

Well, Serph had a few nice moments, but now dreading Mia is going to end those nice moments, permanently. Well, another nice chapter with great fights and drama, looking forward to where this leads.
Darth Zannacross chapter 58 . 7/16
Huh, did not think Serph would try and date Mia after reforming his ways, poor Desiree, oh well he got shot down anyway lol. Ugh though, Mia's mood swings remind me of a cousin I have, like having to clear the deck, good greif. Anyway, more banter between the crew, glad Alexis is in the clear, but now it seems that she got out only for Felicia to get in to something worst, double so since the dark truth about Seth, her father's business and everything else is becoming clearer.

Well, with this chapter ASP is even bigger, going to have as many members as the X men at this point, oh well, guess we will see what Nash and Jade's, and I guess Seth's aims are, till then another nice round of fighting for the " test" with some funny moments, till next time once more.
Darth Zannacross chapter 57 . 7/15
Oh god, Dist is in this to? Waiting for the other God Generals and Van to show up to be the masterminds at this point lol. Well, I wonder if we are going to start seeing Replicas running around lol.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens with Leon, and the plot of the entire city, something sure seems rotten, but that makes the situation all the more deadly, good thing for them Vy is so willing to help despite how risky a situation it is.

Meanwhile, damn, Seth really is taking action, things seem to be escalating to a new level , especially with the things he implied.

I do say I find that Eclipse must have lackluster security if Leon was able to get in so easily, I suppose he had insider info though. Well, I suppose having Amelie, who seems to have taken notes from Gara, albeit the salt version, is not quite lackluster defenses.
Both her and Spanish chick Gabby seem quite intense, though Leon and Vy were able to hang on, even if by a thread, to pull things off.

And to top it off, Seth's ominous attack got intercepted, good thing for Leena, though it just raises more questions, like the raising of that army, Seth wants his own Brother hood of Mutants, er, Anomaly's eh? And to top it off, Scott Slade, the Emperor might be the true Master Mind, is he really Darth Sidious? Guess we will find out, but another epic chapter so great job with the fights and the drama and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 56 . 7/13
Ah, mostly a recap chapter after the last intense chapter but, even still had a lot of cool things. First off, Jade for the save again, glad the repressive actions are overruled, I suppose they are not free but with Seth around it is more or less a war, at least for now its only a two sided war at the moment.

In the meanwhile we got introduced to Titans East, er, I mean East HQ. Not to sure what to make of Kristen Ben and Tom and the " Win Twins" so far, we will see.

Meanwhile, Leon is back for a rematch it seems, and we got a nice fight with Vy, I wonder just what Leon is going to ask, doubt it will lead to anything pleasant, we will see. Well, things are coming together so another solid chapter.

And on top of it all, I wonder who Sophie uses in Mario Kart lol.
Darth Zannacross chapter 55 . 7/13
And we start off with a battle for Serph's true heart, loyalty to those driven by madness in hopes that they will come to their senses, can be one painful road if the hopes are false. Anyway, Dom might as well be a super Tyrant from Resident Evil with how tough he is, still, thank the elemental Gods for back up it seems. Though, Tyrants usually follow orders when Dom seems hostile to his own teammates, then again, the first one was not fond of Wesker lol.

Meanwhile we resume the tragic duel between Leena and Alexis, which, might be even more tragic if Felicia does what I think she does?

On top of that the sibling spat is rather intense, not sure who to feel sorry for since The Emperor does not sound that noble himself, well, at least Desiree used some nice moves to stall for Sophie to make a dynamic entree of her own.

Well, in the end Felicia went from going dark to saving the day with her powers and talents, and so now Alexis does not have to stay around with all the jerks, though, something tells me Seth is not going to take this well.

In anycase, she pulled a epic reversal on Dom, seemed to turn the tide of battle to say the least. Mixed outcome I suppose, Alexis is free and Serph has stopped trying to be all Blue Cosmos on everyone but now he has to deal with his sister being a psychopath to.

Well, quite the epic chapter so nice job once more, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 54 . 7/12
Well, Serph is getting all the more delusional, hopefully Jade will keep a tight shift on this dance of madness.
Seems even others like Felicia's dad are calling Serph out in his irrational hate, maybe he will get cut down a notch before he causes more harm, we will see.

Meanwhile, Power Ranger cameo, excellent.

Damn, Desiree really has had bad luck, being sold more or less in to slavery, damn debt, must have been one as high as the debt system in Xillia 2, sigh.

Still, Serph has even more bad luck it seems this chapter with a bombshell of a chapter, so, his sister had a more direct role then he assumed, and seemed to have quite a lot of hate, this can't end well. On top of that we have, Dom, so far seems like a experiment, maybe like how Aizen created Wonderweiss, a pure entity of destruction?

And on top of that Alexis is still running out of time to fulfill her duty before time is up, ah and at top of that Desiree is a closet Anomaly, juicy, this can't end well. Well, Serph might very well go full pyscopath after all of this news, we will see but till now nice fighting and drama so another great chapter, till next time keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 53 . 7/10
Nice interlude to see how Justine got her passion for justice. Seemed to have a nice father and what not, though conflicted, reminds me of how Peter's parents acted in the Spiderman reboot movies, with better writing lol.

And we see glimpse of the Emperor, Scott is a rather mundane name for a emperor, but I suppose with enough power you can pull anything off, even Snoke, ( glares at new Star wars movie)

Still, seems the happy movement ruined as the truth of their father forces him to make a harsh blow, now it reminds me of the Black Cat, one of the versions lol.

Well, at least we seen how many of the cast was at a younger point, makes it even better to see where it goes from here lol, keep up the great work.
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