Reviews for Do You Miss Me Now?
Lily Llynn chapter 1 . 4/6/2008
Aw fluff. (: Can't help but love it. (: Hehe. Love Adrienne (hilarious) and Ian (oh so cute). XD I do wonder how he snuck the chocolates into her room, however. (LOL) Love this, and love woodstock1969 for adding it and you for writing it.(: And I'm on my way to finishing reviewing everything in my archive, so hopefully i get to your suggestions soon. (:
Blue Bird Cry chapter 1 . 4/6/2008
Yumy! I love fluff!

It tastes great on Tim Tams. :)

Cute Valentines edition! I love the word 'banshee'! xD
LadyOfLiterature chapter 1 . 4/1/2008

Perfect fluffiness. Love Ad's internal monologue.
silvershadow23 chapter 1 . 4/1/2008

this is adorable. fluff, maybe, but still, adorable. lol.

really cute. P
BlueFireIce chapter 1 . 3/27/2008
While I was reading that I couldn't stop smiling. It was so adorable and cute and sweet and...oh I don't even know. Well I'm adding this to my C2Archive.
Diamandis chapter 1 . 3/27/2008
That was fantabulous. I LOVED it, it was very cute.
Moonlit Promise chapter 1 . 3/24/2008
Aw! That was so cute! Lucky girl! Very nice story. : ] I wish it was longer though, they'd make the cutest couple!
funky-gg chapter 1 . 3/19/2008
that was so sweet!
only pretending chapter 1 . 3/7/2008
I love this.

Ian was so romantic! What a lovely letter to get on valentine's day. :D
You know whoooo chapter 1 . 3/6/2008
Aw that was so... aw! I loved it! really cute! Great job.
Laura Schiller chapter 1 . 3/5/2008
Aww...I'm melting like white chocolate and cackling at the same time! They're both so quirky and funny and cute. I love this story!
strawberry-express chapter 1 . 3/5/2008
aww...very cute! :)
Falling.Again chapter 1 . 2/29/2008
That was just to cute!

It was still slihtly believable if you consider the part where a lot of us out there are like Adrienne and her dating issue.

I wish all guys were as perfect as Ian.

:) Happy belated Valentine's Day, I never got around to finishing the rest of this but now I'm glad I did!

My friend decided to rename it Doom's Day 'cuz I'm not exactly

its biggest fan.

SparklingStar25 chapter 1 . 2/23/2008
incandescente chapter 1 . 2/23/2008
It was sweet. :) A bit rushed at the end, but that's okay unless you wanna go for a major rewrite. My only peeve is that it seems as though Ad saw the letter on the dressing table, but didn't bother thinking how it had gotten there in the first place. Stalker much? Parent put it there? Those were the questions that were flashing in my mind even as I read the last part of the story.

I like how they bumped into each other coindentally, etc. But it felt a little unreal, how Ian could like her just like that after the brief moments together. Or perhaps to suggest the longevity of their relationship, a line like "Months passed, and they grew to know each other better" would further elaborate their status before diving into confession time for Ian. :) Yeah, that's what I think.

Anyway, continue writing!
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