Reviews for Black Rose: Jin's Requiem
Kagome3007 chapter 15 . 10/26/2008

THAT's where you end it?

GAH! How much does it sell for? Where can I get it? a;lsjf;lksajf;lksjdfj!
Killian Kila chapter 15 . 7/27/2008
Really? It's published? COOL! I'm going to buy it!
Killian Kila chapter 13 . 5/10/2008
Sixth chapter 13 . 5/9/2008
Another ticket from me~

You deserve more tickets XD

Anyway, this chapter is quite touching. Only why is it the end of fluff?

Sixth chapter 12 . 5/9/2008

Here's a ticket of a review The story is interesting and you did a good job with the charaters' emotions.

Killian Kila chapter 12 . 5/5/2008
omg! continue!
Killian Kila chapter 11 . 5/1/2008

I command you to continue!
Killian Kila chapter 10 . 4/22/2008
AWESOME! What's it mean though?
Killian Kila chapter 8 . 4/4/2008
AWESOME! Sorry, but you are a VERY good writer! Keep it up!
IcyLillies chapter 6 . 3/26/2008
oh snap! i didnt even realize that Cain showed up in this lol

he's pretty

hmm...i wonder who would win the Battle, Alizarin, or Cain

we should have them battle one day, lol

nice chapter!
IcyLillies chapter 5 . 3/26/2008
oh snap!

harassment! beat him up Xia!


very entertaining. awesome chapter!
Chris Rhyanne chapter 6 . 3/18/2008
Very, very good! There are a few minor spelling/grammar mistakes, but other than that, it's very interesting. Please keep writing!
IcyLillies chapter 4 . 3/3/2008
wow! this was good! i look forward to the next chpt! i love the spark moment between Jin and Xia btw. OH yeah! i can finally pronounce Xia's name correctly. XD
IcyLillies chapter 3 . 3/3/2008
funny, funny!

I love the dodge ball scene, i can picture it happening and everything XD
IcyLillies chapter 2 . 3/2/2008
poor boy in in denial. oh wait, he's not obsessed, he's just addicted, lol XD.

nice chapter, loved the action and stuff. ok, i'll read the rest tomorrow!

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