Reviews for Die, Everyone's Doing It
Genny chapter 8 . 7/1/2009
Its strange

Everything she wants

She wants to be so radically different, so unique

she seems to think that she is the only one to feel this way, that everyone else is just a carbon copy

but she says it herself, she wants everyone to pay attention. She wants to make an impact on the world

but doesn't everyone? Isn't that what leads to girls posing nude in playboy? Politicians going mad for power...

your story just really makes me think

about what people want. What people think they want. And whether we actually want what we think we want, or if we just want these things because society has told us that these things will make us happy. Like, i often wonder if i like boys becuase society has told me i ought to like them.. Would i like girls if society told me i ought to like them instead? I think shoulder pads are ridiculous and ugly. Had i lived in the 80s i would probably love them.

Well anyway, brilliant story. Its not often at all that a story makes me think so much as yours
Gennnn chapter 1 . 7/1/2009

got me hooked already

I found so much of this story to be so true - like teens having an attention span of two syllables. Only, ive found that in my new school we have an attention span of one syllable

I loved the was you gave her the life changing experience, shaking her whole world up and contrasted it to the pencil on the ground. And then the way she sees the whiteboard marker as chemical lines. It really showed how she had changed to dramatically, while life around her just went on, and it was so subtle and brilliant

you are seriously so talanted

And i really feel as though i can relate to it, i came to that realisation a month or two ago. I decided to become the most brilliant artist of all time, and wrote myself a list of things to do before i die (of about 200 things)

oh sorry for that massive ramble

But brilliant idea, and brilliant writing
caitlin chapter 16 . 6/26/2009
This story is one of the most twisted stories that I have ever read. It makes me slightly sick, slightly anxious, and slightly horrified. But even though I don't agree with almost any of the views or ideas expressed in it, I find myself intrigued by the story itself. I can't stop reading it. It's tragic, disgusting, and horrifying, but the utter devastation of it and the mangled mess of characters make it hard for me to leave.

It's strange. I don't even like it exactly (no offense). It's too twisted for me to like. It's kind of like when they take your blood in the hospital. I don't like them to shove a needle in my arm and take the blood. But I can't help but watch the tube fill up with it.

Anyway, the point of this long-winded review is this:

Your story is one of the few that I have read recently, and certainly one of the few that I have read on this site, that makes the reader think and feel. There's a dark feeling all tied up to this story, and it challenges the reader. You are a great writer.
Bloodyren chapter 8 . 6/22/2009
I really like this story. More I read I can actually see what Delilah is going through. Almost relate to whats happening. This is very well-written.
silentsound chapter 25 . 6/8/2009
Alright, i'm a sucky reader and reviewer. I just realized, while going throuhg my old reviews that I never reviewed the last chapter. Which is a dick move. Anyway, fabulous fabulous fabulous. This story hasnt gotten enough credit that it deserves. You have crafted a masterpiece. And, you know, there are mistakes and some scenes that run too long or too short. There are grammer errors and descriptions that can be elaborated on or deflated. However, at the end of this story, none of that really matters because this is a kick ass first/second whatever draft. You have taken all these amazing aspects like: allegory, character development, symbolism, ect. and made this artwork that is unmatchable. I'm dead serious in everything I say. When I began reading this story, I was hooked from the first line, the first chapter, the first character. You were able to do what most authors are not: take everything that's in your head, or in anyone's head, and put into words...NOW, i've totally inflated your ego, so I want you to also not stop working hard, because we both know this story did not come out with a snap of the fingers. People have to work for this kind of product, and I dont want you to forget the hard work, dedication, and thought you put into makeing this story come alive. You are an amazing writer, and I hope I can write to this extent some day.

Thank you for this.
Jada Writes chapter 25 . 6/5/2009
The ending could not have been more fitting. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents.
sgwx chapter 25 . 6/4/2009
LOVED IT. I think the ending might just have been my favorite chapter, if that's possible. Thank you for a wonderful journey~
Nurse. Wanna-B chapter 1 . 5/15/2009
Beautiful, just fantastic, I love its poetry! Have you read anything by Ellen Hopkins? Your styles are similar, I love it.
AJ southern chapter 25 . 5/13/2009
wow. too much to process. all i can clearly think is *wow*
ConverseKicker16 chapter 3 . 5/13/2009
I know, lame excuse coming your way but...I've just been too busy and ANXIOUS to review; I love the story (typical) And I love the way you present the characters and situations...I want to see a little bit more action though...By the way, where do you find these BANDS! I've heard of two so far...anyway, hope the chapters keep getting better. -Chels
AJ southern chapter 2 . 5/13/2009
finally. something worth reading. Thanks :)
ShineLikeAStar chapter 25 . 5/7/2009
I am amazed at how wonderful of a writer you are. This is the greatest story that I have ever read. The ending fit perfectly with the story. I don't understand how there are tons of stories that have over a thousand reviews, when yours is probably the most magnificent of them all. It's got such a deep meaning, and I just love it. Please, please publish it.
N.S. Blanchard chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
You have a really amazing writing style. I also believe that this is a very original concept with great depth. I'm curious how you came up with the idea for this story? Do you share her beliefs about being "just a number"?
Selzilla chapter 25 . 5/3/2009
You did it and I love you for it. It was the most painfully perfect piece of fiction I've ever encountered in my crushed to pieces life. It was just there and the end. The final blow. Everyone's doing it. How do YOU do it? I don't even know what I'm blabbing about, but it ws perfect. So agnozingly right.

Just an addition, your this fiction inspired so many latent emotions and questions. It was just amazing the whole experience was breath taking. I want CAIN. Le sigh. It was truly fantabulous. Initially I was so skeptical about this. It held an appeal since it was different but I was apprehensive about the plot line. I now know I needn't have been. It was all so skilfully planned out.

It was perfect and I love you.
HurtMe chapter 25 . 5/1/2009
I'm going to try to write this final review without rambling, but I'm really emotional, so it's probably not going to happen. I went to read chapter 24 a few days ago, and realized that it had been so long that I'd forgotten the scene. I could have read the ending of chapter 23 and caught up, but I knew this was the end, and I felt like this story needed to be experienced as a whole. So I reread the entire thing. I love it just as much as the first time. But let me talk about this chapter before I get too wrapped up in the story as a whole. It took me a long long time to read this chapter, because I couldn't stop crying. This was very emotionally profound. It reached into my soul and made me feel real pain, and then real joy. I put in the "real" because too often, today's emotion is shallow, synthetic. This is not. I felt just as alive is Delilah. The ending was perfect. One might think that such a classicly romantic ending would be too boring for this story, but you made it work. You made it seem like it had never been done before, and it was created specifically for this situation. You made it feel like no other couple has ever been as in love as Cain and Delilah. And I find that extraordinary. Now I'd like to go back and talk about the story as a whole. I've read hundreds of stories in my lifetime, by many great writers. That being said, I think I can honestly say that this is one of the best (if not the absolute best) story I've ever read. I don't know if that means anything to you, but it's the best way I know to express how much I enjoyed this. I did like the ending. It puts a new spin on everything. This is what I got from it, though this is certainly influenced by personal opinion: You are tiny when you look at the big picture. You will never achieve some great feat that will change the world. In that sense, you are completely unimportant. But that doesn't matter. Because there are people that love you, that need you. You make up who they are just as much as they make up who you are, and that's a good thing. I guess this is the ultimate facet of "all you need is love". This story is just incredible. You've taken a beautiful concept and written it so exceptionally well that the reader is forced not just to understand it, but to take it with them in life. This is something I will remember. Your skill as a writer is superb. If you haven't gotten the message yet, I think this is most certainly worthy of being published, and if that's something your interested in, this story has the potential. The story's over, so I can't leave you hideously long reviews anymore, but if you'd like to talk so more you can email me at cute_lil_chasity . So much for not rambling
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