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Liisha2theMoon chapter 4 . 3/1/2009
I think I'm going to make a playlist for this story... the music keeps getting better and better. Maddy is such proof that people are needy robots. It's pretty funny actually. How she pops up every now and then to prove Delilah right. She reminds me of myself when I started skipping class. It seemed stupid when you thought of it, the second you aren't where you're supposed to be it becomes easy, and once you assimilate yourself back the next class or the next day it's like nothing even happened. Ahahaha, good times.
Liisha2theMoon chapter 3 . 3/1/2009
First off; Say This Sooner is an AWESOME song. Issac makes me sick to my stomach. Especially when I think of all the people I know just fucking like him. Until you actually realize it, you are an object. And the second you figure it out, you can except it and remain stationary, or you can move around it. Her family... actually reminds my of my friend's. Not sure why, because it's not nearly as bad... but in a since she is Deliliah; The one thrad of insanity and the second it breaks everything is totally pointless from that point on.
Liisha2theMoon chapter 2 . 3/1/2009
SO I just finished reading through chapter 23... and I'm going back though to review. “Tell me, Delilah,” He stared down at me, much taller than I had originally thought, “Are you dangerous?” I have to say that this pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the story... almost like a statement of theme. This really foreshadows so much. I got my friend to read this yesterday and when she called earlier we talked about the Cliff metephors for over an hour. It's funny how different people act when they're the final step from the edge.
Liisha2theMoon chapter 1 . 2/25/2009
The title, the summary, and the first chapter pretty much sums up how I've been feeling for about the past 4 years. "My parents were never really together, just living under the same roof and breathing the same air" is how my parents have been forever and will be until I get out of the house and my brother becomes independent (Which is physically impossible). I'm really feeling this right now.
Madeline Bicoa-Ryne chapter 23 . 2/18/2009
Okay. I'm caught up now. Now you HAVE to finish the next chapter. I'm not gunna help you procrastinate anymore P

You can finish it tonight since you can't possible have work because I'm working and they don't allow us to work together anymore. For reasons that I simply can't understand... Okay... Maybe the reasons are obvious. Eh. Oh well.

Wow. I'm kinda shocked by Cain's changes. At least, I'm shocked that he's making them obvious. I figured he would've shot Delilah himself after all her whining and worrying and forgetting that he ALWAYS ends up being right. I guess he knew she'd finally remember to trust him. He knows everything. Usually.

Cain's hair is gone! How tragic...
Madeline Bicoa-Ryne chapter 21 . 2/18/2009
Ahaha. I remember talking about the tree falling in the forest.

And the chicken came before the egg not because God created everything whole, but because if there was no chicken to incubate the egg, it'd be dead and we'd have no chickens. Haha.

effervescent-sentiments chapter 1 . 2/17/2009
The promise of action has my interest peaked. I haven't read anything action-y in a while. :)

Great writing - I'm not entirely sure you picked up the whole meaning of "insignificance" or "nothing matters" - but I think once you've written the ending you can go back and capture the "essence" better, if you know what I mean.

Can't wait for more.
HurtMe chapter 23 . 2/15/2009
I'm not really sure what to say at this point. I've already expressed how in love with this story I am, but I feel like it's blasphemous not to review again. There were several things that struck me about this chapter, but there's one in particular that I'd like to address. The concept of Delilah not being able to explain her life away in metaphors anymore. I remember when that happened to me. When I realized that pretty words aren't enough to get you out alive, but you just don't have anything else. I have a notebook that I carry in my purse, in which I write quotes that are too touching to be forgotten easily. I have three quotes from your story, and I'm probably going to read this entire story again, just to get some more. I know there's some good ones in here. But I would like to share with you the quotes I already have down, just so you know exactly what it was made me FEEL this story. The first is this: "This probably isn't love; something that's supposed to be beautiful, heart-rending, something sung about endlessly. Twisted, masochistic, and broken aren't meant to be part of the equation. Love means thinking of his lips on mine, not his fire eating my hands." I feel so close to every word you write, that it's almost like you're writing to me personally. But moving on. The other two quotes that I felt like I had to record are from this chapter. "So pessimistic. I wasn't a glass-half-full person myself, but this went beyond that. This was broken glass. This was intentionally cutting yourself on the pieces. This was suicide, something we'd never considered an option", and the related "Survival's only necessary until living becomes redundant." These lines, this entire concept actually, is so true, so poetic, and yet so heartbreaking. If I ever kill myself, those lines will be on my suicide note. No, I'm kidding, don't worry. You will not be responsible for my suicide. Lol. But seriously. This is up there on my list of the best things I've ever read, and I have read a LOT. But I think I expressed all this in my last review. I don't mean to be redundant, I just want you to know how much I truly appreciate the artistic genuis of this piece of literature. I'm glad to know that there are still some people in this world that can write a teenage love story that's unique, that expresses the darker side of emotions, instead of the happy feel good "boy meets girl and they live happily ever after."
Faith Adeline chapter 23 . 2/14/2009
Great chapter. I loved it. Well written. I can't wait to see what happens next, so be sure to update soon!

notyourbiz chapter 23 . 2/9/2009
im like crying its sad they have to go out with aboom k? update soon please
codyismypup chapter 23 . 2/7/2009
You are brilliant. Wow wow wow the amount of awesomeness in this chapter was just...yum or something.

Just so many things in this made me think, 'brilliant connection, this girl should be on some show promoting this book' so many things that you have brought up here I've never even considered before. so thanks?

All I could think about during the hair cutting part was the scene in Bourne Supremacy? or one of them, where they're running away, and he has to cut her hair realy short, (sound alike? bahhaha) to be unrecognizable to the po-po. Then they have sex.

Gah, it's me gusta. I love this story. I'll miss it a lot! -tears-

on to the reply to your reply...

OH! Me TOO! I always feel that your parents will do the same! I'll email you, and a relative will somehow answer it with a 'who are you, she passed away blah de blah blah' (lol) and I'll cry hysterically. My online twin!

Well the offer is still up...seriously. More snow here than anyone EVER needs. Ridiculous. Sledding? Psh yeah, the whole reason snow EXISTS! I broke my wrist when I was seven sledding. Good times. -nods-

M, definitely. Except...I fit EVERYWHERE. I'm Pour it into the cracks, solidize it and BAM! Oh geez now I have a great image in my head of myself in those stupid jello commercials doing that stupid wiggly dance. Really. You don't see me doing that wiggly dance when I eat jello. SO degrading. dad told me that since we're not doing any type of vacation this year... so that he's willing to bring me to a shitload of concerts this year. But HEY, dude, you can TOTALLY go to whatever concert you want. Liar. You're just lazy, mahaha.

DUDE! NO! I refuse to believe that you know who Innerpartysystem and William Control is. I thought I was the only person in the planet who knew who they were. Well, besides the bands themselves. Well, they might have discovered who they are yet but that's a totally different thing goin on there.

Okay...scary movie commercial is on and I'm freaking out. Ugh.

I loved the part where Delisandwich was all 'yeah and we had lots of sex cuz there was nothing else to do. It felt good. Yay!' and I was all 'WOOT SEX! BORED SEX IS FUN!'

(hm Mad World by Gary Jules, 'or Tears for Fears or whatever that band is...much?)

Ever read Catcher in the Rye? The phoniness...ness...reminds me of this...or this reminds me of that. (specifying is my friend)

okay. update soon. MAKE SUM NOISE YO!


aw she'll always have Gasoline. And I'll always have Johnny Depp on my walls. Even when I'm married. Mah husband will be like 'um...can you please take him off the walls?" "No. Never."

ALRIGHT G2G. email me so we can have strange conversations again. runs... with scissors at a.t.t DOT cum. lol. (bahhahaha)
TinyMusicalShore chapter 23 . 2/7/2009
So I'm finally going to review. I have read this whole magnificent story and I'm only now reviewing...

But anyways. I was so excited when you updated. My friend Eternal Essence, of which you might have heard from, and I are so addicted to this story. And Cain. Both Eternal Essence and I so freak out whenever we hear Gasoline. We're just that into him! We're addicted, what can I say.

So before this review turns extremely long i will tell you how utterly awesomely amazing you are. My view on life has changed from this story!

Please update soon, or both Eternal Essence and I will have to hunt you down and whack you with small binders :)
sherbetsi chapter 23 . 2/7/2009
i cant really remember feeling anything different. it becomes part of you and its only when you think about it do you realise its there. You blend in because thats easy but you never truly fit in. Or you do what i used to do before my best friend moved country and you drink and you party and you live it all. See it, believe it, feel it and just go wild to forget and become reckless.

In the end all we're all told about consequences what happens if the consequences dont matter, that they arent the end of the world that we're taught to believe. They just 'are', like everything else in the world because nothing is completely good or bad. People are like a tray of water that you drop different amounts of black and white paint into - you swirl and it goes like tie-dye and thats how you tell the good and the bad in a person.

I wish id found this story in its beginning. Its good, strikes me deep and there's so much of it just.. get. Cain and Delilah are near breaking point and i cant wait to see what happens.

sian x

ps i have an uncanny ability to get carried away with releases. Too much happens in my head and i guess i dont let it out enough, how can i if no one else gets it?

pps im not some crazy suicidal emo/gothic chick.. im a blue haired pixie with my feet on the ground and my head in the sky. i am the same but i think
Twist Their Emotions chapter 23 . 2/6/2009
This makes me sad. Because I know there's no happy ending and I know it's coming soon. Beautiful dialogue and monologue as always.
meowza chapter 20 . 2/6/2009
okay - so i forget to give you this song that i think will work perfect with the whole roof scene - if that's going to be the end anyway, although i have a feeling it will be since at the very beginning delilah was on a roof about to jump off? something along those lines. anyway, here:

Baby Girl, I'm A Blur by Say Anything
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