Reviews for If Not For You
KatieTheWriter chapter 1 . 3/30/2008
AW! I loved it! It was so good! I hope you continue this, and even if you don't I just adored it! SO funny, especially the part about Britney Spears and cheetos! Her clothes at the club sounded cute and trendy and I pictured the entire story! Amazing details and writing! Great job!

By the way, I love your pen name! I love that song. I have the remake version by Magnet.

And I am obsessed with "Amber" by 311. It's just the perfect song for summertime, and now you got it in my head!

Keep on writing!

Alyson.xox chapter 1 . 2/24/2008

I really enjoyed reading this story.

It's different then stories i normally read

so it kept me interested. It's very catchy.

makes me want to read more, and thats definitely

a good thing. Luella so far seems to be quite

different then me so it makes egger to continue reading.

The cliff hanger at the end grabbed my attention and it

was something i wasn't expecting.

Xox Alyson.

P.s Thanx for reviewing my Story!