Reviews for How to fix America, an outsider's guide!
MrFlames chapter 1 . 2/26/2008
You make some points, I won't say whether they're good or not but they're certainly there. Nevertheless, with the tone you take through most the essay, despite its moments of even-handedness, you still go over like an oil spill.
jccrazy chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
When I first saw this essay, I figured it was from country like France or Russia who hates us, and just a chance to criticize the 'evil empire' that America is becoming.

But, it wasn't, and I'm glad that at least someone is on our side, and is willing to give some actual ideas for improvement, rather than communism or socialism, which is sadly becoming the case for France, Germany and Russia.

Unlike the presidential candidates for this year, you actually can give an idea on how to improve, rather than just "pull out of Iraq, change we can believe in," and idiotic crap like that. I may disagree, like the election being moved to Saturday idea, but at least its something I can think about.

Moreover, you actually did some research and KNOW something about America and its history. And thanks to you, I actually know a little bit about Australian government. :-)


P.S. I liked your compulsory voting idea. If more people voted, we'd probably be able to do away with all the complaining that people do about why their presidential choice didn't get elected.