Reviews for The Slant
half-sketched.staccatos chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
konnichi wa

This touched very close to me because I have three cousins that are autistic (with Mitochondrial Autism, which means that it's genetic - a sex-linked gene). All three of them are male, and probably a couple of my female cousins are carriers. Anyway, I have one of those cousins who got into an excellent, excellent school. He has to be up at five to make his bus because the school is two hours away from home; but my aunt decided it was way worth it because they had a record of being extremely successful. Now - you can barely tell he's autistic! Well, okay, you can tell. But you can have whole conversations with him; the only time you realize he's different is when [a] he smiles, [b] he's not in a conversation with anyone and goes off on his own. He's fourteen now, and probably the most touching moment was when, four years ago, he came up to me and wished me, "Happy birthday, Shoshana." It was just really touching.

My other two cousins are still too young, but one of them just got into that school this year; so we're all hoping for improvement.

Anyway, as I ramble on... :P Sorry. Just - thank you for writing such a beautiful piece that touched so close. It was really, really... I don't even know a word for it.

Ha det